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Angel-Demon hybrid

Jamie's house

It was a quiet Friday afternoon after school. Jamie was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. It has been around five years since he first met him. He was only ten when he first saw him. If you are wondering who him is, it is none other than the winter spirit Jack Frost. Jamie and Jack have been friends for a while now.

Apparently Jamie was the first person to ever see Jack because he believed in him. If he didn't believe in him, he would not be able to see him. Jack was a tall boy who stood at around 5'10'', had snow-white hair, pale skin and ice-blue eyes. He always wore a blue hoodie and brown pants and no shoes. He had with him a staff that looked like a shepherd's hook that allowed him to control the frost and snow.

It has been about a year since he last saw Jack. Jamie missed him a lot. Over the years he discovered he had feelings for Jack. He found out that he was in love with Jack. He has a major crush on him. He was too shy to tell him though. He was worried about being rejected.

Jamie sighed. He could hear his parents fighting again. He wished they would just stop. It was getting on his nerves. Finally after a few more minutes hearing them yell at each other, Jamie got up and put on his shoes. He grabbed the book he was reading and went down stairs. He shouted to his parents that he was going out for a bit, but they were to busy yelling at one another to care. He sighed and left the house.

Jamie walked over to the park where he walked into the forest to a pond that was there. It was at the pond that he first met Jack. He remembered it very clearly.

Flashback- five years ago

Jamie and his friend were walking in the forest exploring. They were planning to turn back before one of them said they spotted a pond up ahead. Soon they all arrived there. It was a medium sized pond that was completely frozen. Jamie's friends, once they explored the area, decided to go home.

One of them asked, "Hey Jamie. You coming?"

Jamie said, "No. I think I will stay here a bit longer."

"Well. Okay. Just be careful." With that everyone else left. Jamie sat down on a rock that was close to the edge of the pond. He took out a book that he was reading and begun to read.

A few minutes later, he heard a sound. It sounded like a twig snapping. He got up and looked around. The sound sounded like it was close by.

He shouted/asked, "Hello? Anyone there?" There was no response. He looked around once more before he sat down again. Then once again he heard a sound. This time it sounded like someone was walking in the snow. He got up and walked to where he thought the noise came from.

He asked again, "Is anyone there?" There was still no response. Then more sounds of someone walking in snow came by. Jamie began to freak out. He looked around him and saw nothing. Then out of nowhere, something pelted him in his back. It was a snowball. He quickly turned around but saw nothing. Then again he got hit in the back.

Jamie began to back up. He soon tripped over a branch that fell down. The sounds were getting closer and closer. That was when he bolted up and ran in the direction of the pond and then in the direction home. Because Jamie kept looking behind him, he failed to see what was in front of him and ran into something.

Or someone.

Jamie didn't have time to scream before the person he ran into got on top of him and covered him mouth with a cold-to-the-touch hand. He winced at the feeling. He then began to struggle but the person straddled him, pinning his legs down and using their free hand to pin his up. He then felt the person's breaths on his ear. He shivered. He tried to look at the person but only saw snow-white hair.

The person said, "Shhhhh. Don't worry. I won't hurt you. Just calm down." Jamie did what this person said and tried to calm down. He was failing badly. The person sighed and got off him, pulling him into their arms and gently rocking back and forth, running their fingers through his hair. Soon Jamie calmed down.

He pulled back to see what the person looked like a gasped. The person looked no older than eighteen years old. He had snow-white hair, pale skin and ice-blue eyes. He was wearing a blue hoodie and brown pants. Laid on the ground next to them was a staff that looked like a shepherd's hook. The teen looked at him.

The teen said, "So I guess you can see me?"

Jamie nodded and said, "Yea. Why? Should I not be able to?"

The teen said, 'No. It's just that you are the first person to be able to see me in 300 years. It's kind of refreshing. My name is Jack by the way. Jack Frost."

Jamie could only stare in shock. He asked, "Jack Frost. As in the "Jack Frost?" The one who could summon snow whenever he wants to?"

Jack said, 'Yep! The one and only! So what's your name kid?"

Jamie replied, "My name is Jamie. Don't call me kid."

Jack laughed and said, "Okay. Say Jamie, want to hang out a bit?"

Jamie replied, "Sure."

End flashback

Ever since then Jamie and Jack have been the best of friends. Jack let him meet Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth fairy, and the Sandman. It was so cool. Then Jack had to go fight against this evil guy called Pitch. That was the one time Jamie had ever been afraid of Jack. The reason is because at one point, Jack had become a completely different person than he was before. He had become angrier and had one time hit Jamie in a fit of anger. Jack was never the same when that happened. He tried to avoid Jamie but Jamie would have none of that. He followed Jack whenever he could until he finally got Jack to shut up and listen to him.

Jamie was broken out of his thoughts when a hand came out of nowhere and covered his eyes while an arm warped around his waist, pinning his arms to his sides. He was pulled against a muscular body. He let out a gasp when he felt a pair of lips touch his ear and cold breaths were blown into his ear.

The person said, "You're still as jumpy as ever. I would think that after the first time you would become more aware of your surroundings."

Jamie asked, "Who are you?"

The person asked, "You forgot? It has been five years since we have known each other and only a year since we last saw each other. Are you telling me you forgot who I was? I am so hurt Jamie."

By then Jamie knew exactly who the person was. He began to struggle and shouted, "God damn it Jack! How many times have I told you not to sneak up on me like that? You know I hate it when you do it!"

Jack Frost began to laugh as he let go of Jamie, but not before he licked the back of his neck and blew on it, causing Jamie to shiver. Jamie quickly turned on him and buried his face into his chest, crying. Jack immediately stopped laughing and wrapped his arms around Jamie. He gently rocked him back and forth. Soon Jamie fell asleep from crying. Jack sighed and picked him up bridal style before flying back to his house and gently putting him on the bed. He crawled into bed with Jamie, pulled the covers up, and went to sleep with Jamie still with his face buried in his chest and his arms around him.

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Angel-Demon hybrid