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Orihime's thoughts.

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How could they?!Orihime ran down the street with tears streaming down her face. Her mind couldn't believe it, her heart couldn't HANDLE it. She clutched her chest where her heart was. It hurted so much. Why was this happening to her? What did she do to deserve this? She couldn't think of one thing she did that was utterly wrong. It wasn't fair.

Life isn't fair. Those words ran through her head over and over again. Orihime handle being by herself, so she ran to the only person that she knew would never hurt her and always be by her side.

She arrived at Tatsuki's front door and rung the bell. In a matter of seconds, Tatsuki swung the door open and tackled Orihime upon seeing her distressed appearance. Tatsuki's hug tightened while Orihime sobbed hysterically.

"Come on, let's sit down." Tatsuki rubbed her back soothingly. Orihime went to sit on the cough as Tatsuki closed the door and went into the kitchen to grab a glass a water for her troubled friend.

Tatsuki came back with a small glass of water and Orihime thanked her for the water as she gulped the whole thing down. The purple haired girl watched her best friend hastily drink the water.

"Feel better?" Tatsuki sat down next to Orihime on the couch and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. The said woman put the empty glass down on the oak wood table in front of the two. She nodded slowly, feeling a lump in her throat and felt that she couldn't talk.

"What's wrong? I've never seen you like this before." Tatsuki wrapped her arms around Orihime in a comforting way. Orihime's eyes were red and puffy and she was sniffling like crazy. Her hair and clothes were a total mess too.

More tears spilled before she even opened her mouth. It was too hard to even talk about, but she needed to tell Tatsuki, no matter how much it hurt. Tatsuki and her never kept secrets from each other. Not one secret has been kept between them so far and no secret will ever be hidden.

After five minutes of silence, Orihime was finally ready to speak. " I-Ichigo was k-kissing Rukia a-and didn't even notice m-me standing there! I-in my house n-nonetheless ! I can't b-believe he would do s-such a thing!" Her words came out is broken sobs and she stuttered endlessly. " T-They didn't notice m-me until I dropped m-my g-groceries." Tatsuki left and came back with a tissue box and a trash can.

"I-I ran as soon as t-they looked up." Orihime broke down and couldn't talk anymore. She was too heart broken to speak. She took a handful of tissues and blew her nose. She repeated the process of blowing her nose and crying her eyes out.

Tatsuki's face was dark. She was ready to kill an army. Ichigo better watch out or he's in for a deadly surprise. She glanced at her broken friend. She wouldn't go now though, Orihime needed her and she was going to be the for her.

"That little bastard! Don't worry Orihime, I'll take care of him later." She tried to sound reassuring. "Wait! No...please don't hurt anyone!" The orange haired beauty turned to face her. Tears were still falling down on her flawless skin but her eyes were pleading. Orihime wouldn't want anyone to get hurt because of her. But Tatsuki was irritated with this.

"Listen Orihime, I know you don't like to hurt people ( or anything for the matter) but have you thought about how much they hurt you? I can't stand seeing you so heartbroken and it was all because of him! He deserves at least some pounding in the face and a kick in the genitals." Tatsuki was standing up at this point, looking down at Orihime.

Orihime sat there silent. She wiped her tears away and stood up to pull Tatsuki into a tight hug, who quickly wrapped her arms around Orihime's shoulders. They stayed like that for 7 minutes and seperated when someone ring the doorbell. The two of them knew that only one person had the guts to come to her place after what they had done.

Orihime tensed at the fact that she knew who it was. She hung her head low, letting her hair fall onto her shoulders and her bangs falling free to cover the upper half of her face.

Tatsuki's hands turned into fists as she opened the door with a 'smile' on her face, pretending nothing was happening. "Hey Ichigo, what's up? " She crossed her arms across her chest and leaned against the door frame, to make sure he doesn't see Orihime standing in the room.

Tatsuki could tell he was avoiding eye contact, he was looking at everything but her. He nervously shifted around, making it obvious to anyone that he was totally uncomfortable.

He hesitated to answer. He was mentally debating with himself about whether to tell the truth or shrug it off. He knew Tatsuki would not be that patient so he sighed in defeat, deciding to tell the truth. "Oh! Nothing much... Just, have you seen Orihime anywhere?" He was still avoiding eye contact as he suddenly found the trees very interesting to examine.

Tatsuki was mad and glad that he wasnt looking at her right now or he would have probably pissed his pants seeing the horrid glare she was giving him. "why do you ask?" It was really difficult keeping your voice calm when talking to someone who deserved to be stabbed over a thousands time and stay alive, feeling the pain and suffering. Yeah, she felt like doing that now.

"I...I did something that hurt her and I-" He should be wishing that he should have been looking at her while he was talking because the next thing he knew, he was flying across the pavement and his left cheek started to swell.

"YOU SURE AS HELL DID! HOW THE HELL CAN YOU DO THAT TO HER?! YOU DIDN'T DESERVE HER IN THE FIRST PLACE! I CAN'T BELIEVE I LEFT HER WITH YOU ANYWAYS! YOU OUT OF ALL PEOPLE! HECK, EVEN ISHIDA WAS A BETTER OPTION THAN YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Ichigo didn't dare stand up. He knew he was only going to be knocked down again but only harder. He also knew that he deserved every harsh thing that was thrown at him.

"I know and I came to apologize to he-" Tatsuki abruptly cut him off. "APOLOGIZE?! WHAT CAN APOLOGIZING FIX IN THIS ANYMORE? NOT ONLY ARE YOU AN ASSHOLE YOU'RE ALSO A FUCKING IDIOT! I SERIOUSLY CAN'T BELI-" Tatsuki stopped upon feeling a gentle hand on top of her right shoulder. She knew Orihime was telling her to stop and she stepped back, letting them talk the rest through.

Orihime stepped out into the opening, laying her eyes on the fallen figure in front of her. "Kurosaki-kun" Her voice was quiet but audible enough to hear her voice crack. Ichigo whipped his head up to have his eyes fall on his beautiful used to be girlfriend. The both of them already knew it was over.

His eyes widened as he looked her over. She was total mess but she didn't care. He knew she had been crying because her eyes were still red and puffy but here she was, smiling at him. He didn't miss the honorifics and the way she changed from Ichigo back to Kurosaki-kun either. He had a look of shame on every inch of his face. He shut his eyes and looked the other way. Kurosaki Ichigo had done this to the beautiful, warm-hearted Orihime Inoue. It was HIM that did this to her. It was all his fault she, they ended up like this.

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