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Tsukiko stared at her twin in half-interest as Ryoko demonstrated the perfect posture for the new members that recently joined Archery. The new lot oo'ed and aw'ed at the idol's perfection. Tsukiko just observed the newbies as they continued watching their mentor. 'Why do they think being perfect is so cool?' Her brows furrowed a bit. 'Perfection is so boring. There's nothing left to work hard for once you're perfect.' She stared at a few students disapprovingly. She could tell that at least 2 students were going to quit because they were intimidated by Ryoko's perfection.

Once the meeting was over, the twins stayed back. "Was L'equitation cancelled today?" Ryoko asked, fishing for her phone in the process. Tsukiko hummed in response. Ryoko pulled her out phone with a purple case, the number '18' on the back. She checked the time and scrolled through a few texts. "We still have time before Ulqui-Nii decides to go home. Want to have a little match?" Ryoko slipped her cell into her bag and grinned at Tsukiko who shrugged.

The two walked out into the field that belonged to the Archery club. Ryoko handed her twin a bow and some arrows, pulling out her own afterwards. They eyed a target sitting a good few feet away from them. Then as if having done this a million times, they both pulled back a small piece of wood, releasing it in a split second. It flew quickly and hit bullseye. Tsukiko sighed, dropping her arms to her sides. "We've done this many, many times Ryo. It'll always be a tie."

Ryoko's smile faded as she tilted her head to gaze at her twin. She noticed the sudden drop in her attitude and was a bit startled. "Is something wrong Tsuki?" Ryoko gently placed her bow and arrows down before stepping towards her sister who was doing the same. Tsukiko's mouth curled into a small frown.

Feeling her frustration, Ryoko decided to distract her older twin. "Wanna go out for some icecream?" Tsukiko half-smiled in appreciation but wasn't in the mood. "Sorry Ryo, no sweet-tooth today." "Tch." Ryoko clicked her tongue as she grabbed her phone again, sending a message to someone. A few minutes later, Yata came running to the room the girls had left the field for.

"Oh, what are you doing here Yata?" Tsukiko watched as he bent over his knees panting. "Ryoko a...message" He wheezed inbetween pants. "Anyways," He began as he finally started to breathe normally again. "Come with me Tsuki." He grabbed her hand and pulled her along outside. "Wait, to where? Ryoko?" She was utterly confused at the moment and looked to her sister for answers. Ryoko smiled and waved. "Sorry! But I have plans with Kyoya today."

Raising an eyebrow, Tsukiko was slightly surprised by the sudden plans but went along with it anyway. "Alright, have fun with the carnivore." The younger twin's face scrunched. "There you go again, referring to them like that.." Ryoko shook her head. Tsukiko stuck her tongue out playfully. "Kyoya and Grimmjow are pretty agressive, I'm sure you've noticed." "Kyoya's not THAT agressive." She retorted. "You've seen the way they glare at each other. Must be nice to be in a love triangle." Tsukiko flinched as Yata flicked her forehead. "Well too bad, no one else can have your attention." Yata remarked with a pout as he gave Tsukiko a bear hug.

"I wish it was as romantic as it sounded," Ryoko grimaced. "Anyways, I gotta go. Yata, take care of her for me!" Said male paused his hug assault on Tsukiko and saluted to the younger twin. "Will do!" Tsukiko pushed him off and pinched both of his cheeks. "You're such a dork." She gave a small tired smile. He grinned at her but quickly froze. He hugged her softly and held her, noticing something off. "What's wrong?"

Ryoko walked to the bathroom to clean up before meeting Kyoya. Standing in front of the clean sink and mirror that the school provided, she washed her face thoroughly and used her towel to dry off. She tied her hair into a bun and made sure there were no loose frays. Once satisfied with her look, she turned to leave but was met with cold eyes and a smear of red lipstick on her cheek. Ryoko glared and took a step back.

"You could use some lipstick for those poor pale lips of yours." Loly smirked at her. Ryoko grabbed her towel and wiped the lipstick off her cheek. "Thanks for the offer but I prefer not to use makeup." "Well that's a shame. I thought you always needed it." Loly shook her head in feign sympathy and sighed. "Just trying to help a girl out." "Save it, you need it more than I do." Ryoko grabbed her things and proceeded to leave but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

Ryoko frowned as she angled her head slightly to glare at Loly. "What more do you want?" The irritating smirk of Loly's was absent as she stared coldy into Ryoko's emerald eyes. "Who's that orange-haired bimbo that's been around Ulquiorra-kun?" The youngest Schiffer could hear venom laced within her words. Her own eyes hardened as she brushed Loly's hand off as if it was filth. "No one you should concern yourself with. If you so much as breathe near her.." Ryoko shot her the coldest stare she could muster, seemingly shaking up the upperclassmen who tried to hide it. Ryoko then smiled and skipped towards the door. As she exited the bathroom she failed to notice someone walking by so the two collided.

"What the fuck? Watch where you're goin'!" A familiar voice rang in her ears. Grunting as she stood and brushed the dirt off her clothes, she glared at the vulgar boy. "It wasn't my entire fault! What are you even doing here? The Grimmjow I know doesn't hang around after school." She scoffed and picked up her school bag, checking the contents for any damages.

He ran a hand through his bright blue hair not looking at her. "Detention.." He grunted. Ryoko snorted and ignored the glare he shot at her. "And since when do you go to detention?" Raising a questioning eyebrow at his reply she looked at her phone for the time, assured that she had a few minutes before meeting with Kyoya. "That's non'ya business." He roughly ruffled her hair and walked away. She glared at his retreating back. "Tch.." Ryoko watched as he turned the corner a bit quicker than he would normally. "Just what's with him?" Ryoko grumbled angrily as she desperately tried to fix her bun.

She went on her way to meet Kyoya but couldn't help but think about her conversation with Loly. A scowl adorned her facial features at the thought of the lecherous girl. She pulled out her phone and quickly contacted Tsukiko. After a ring or two, Tsukiko's voice came across the line. "Hello?" "Loly has already noticed Ori-neechan." "Seriously? On the first day? I'd expect nothing less of that stalker." "We'll have to keep watch on Loly and Orihime. Considering the fact that we have Ulqui-Nii and his friends it'd be suicidal to mess with us." "Yeah but Miss Princess of the school thinks otherwise." Tsukiko snorted. Ryoko rolled her eyes. "Honestly though, how delusional is this girl? How much clearer can it be? The fact that Ulqui-Nii will not feed her greed for attention." "Ryoko, watch yourself. It's known that we aren't on good terms with her but any badmouthing could stir unnecessary things up." The older of the two scolded. "Grimmjow must be rubbing off on you." Tsukiko lightly teased. "Shut up, that idiot is too busy flirting with other girls to be around me. Even if someone did hear me, there wouldn't be much they could do. Once word gets to Loly, she can't do anything to us, we're Ulquiorra's sisters and the school's idols."

Tsukiko sighed and shook her head disapprovingly. "Still, let's not throw more oil into the wildfire. What do we get out of it? Nothing but pointless bickering. Let's drop it kay?" Ryoko pouted. "...fine..." "Good girl!" "Shut up." "Heh. Anyways, we'll do something about it. I'll call Hallibel-san and Nel-chan." "I'll tell Starrk and Szayel then." "Alright, see ya." Tsukiko hung up first and Ryoko dialed Starrk's and Szayel's numbers informing them of the incoming trouble. They both agreed to keep an eye out and Ryoko said her thanks.

Just as she hung up she caught sight of Kyoya waiting for her at the gate. He smiled at her and waved. She grinned and jogged over. "Sorry! Did you wait long?" She stopped beside him and he shook his head. "I had a club meeting. I was hoping you weren't here before I was, I'd feel terrible." He chuckled sheepishly. "So where are we going?" "The cinema and dinner afterwards, is that alright with you?" "The cinema sounds great! But about dinner, I'm sorry, I promised to be home for dinner today." She smiled apologetically. "No it's fine! I understand." The taller male placed his hand on her back, urging her forward slightly to be on their way. A petite figure was watching the two from inside the main building. "Perfect, make her fall for you."

Orihime jumped onto her new bed with a big sigh. Her first day wasn't so bad but she had a touch of homesickness. "I miss Karakura..." She mumbled into the pillow she buried her face in. "Tatsuki and everyone..." "We can invite them any time." A deep voice made Orihime jump and she sat up, staring at Ulquiorra in the doorway. A towel was around his shoulders as his hair was wet but not enough to drip. Sitting up, she scooted over and patted an empty spot on the bed motioning for Ulquiorra to sit. "Hmm..." She sat facing Ulquiorra who sat on the edge of the bed, her eyes closed shut as she thought of any ideas.

"Oh! Since it's Summer, should we all go to the beach?" Orihime asked excitedly. The look in her eyes resembled those of a 6-year old. "Sounds like a great idea!" Tsukiko exclaimed as she ran into the room and jumped onto Orihime giving her a hug. "I'm in for it!" Yata agreed, leaning against the door frame. Noticing Ulquiorra's hesistant look he walked up to the upperclassmen grabbing him by the shoulders. Yata cupped a hand to his ear and whispered, "You'll get to see Inoue-San in a swimsuit." He smirked. Ulquiorra's pale face turned slightly pink as he shot the younger boy a hard stare. Yata and Tsukiko bumped knuckles discreetly. Hook, line, and sinker.

"C'mon Ulqui-Nii! Ori-neechan misses her friends and it's blazing hot out, might as well go to the beach." Tsukiko urged. The two girls looked up at him expectantly and Yata was wiggling his eyebrows. "Stop that." Ulquiorra deadpanned and Yata smiled cheekily. Pinching the bridge of his nose he sighed. "Fine.." he grumbled. The three cheered. "Thanks Ulqui-kun!" "Thanks Ulqui-Nii!" "Thanks Ulqui-Nii!" Ulquiorra grabbed Yata's face, "Don't call me that." "Y-yes Ulqui-Nii" Ulquiorra threw him face-first onto the floor. Tsukiko snorted and Orihime was freaking out.

"Neh Ulqui-Nii, I have to talk to you." Tsukiko poked his arm repeatedly until he responded. Ulquiorra turned to walk outside and Tsukiko followed, leaving Yata on the floor in a pool of blood and Orihime on the bed, panicking. Once the door was closed Yata stood up, wiping the blood off his face. "A-are you alright?" Orihime weakly reached out. "Yeah I'm used to it!" He gave her a thumbs up while sticking his tongue out of his mouth. "U-used to it..?" She sweatdropped.

While they were in the room, Tsukiko reported to Ulquiorra about Loly and Ryoko. "She's already asked about who Orihime is. It's only been the first day Ulqui-Nii! Knowing her, Loly would do something dangerous and reckless. We've already called Hallibel,Starrk,Szayel, and Nel and asked for their help to keep an eye out. We're not so sure about Nnoitra, Grimmjow, and Yammy though. I doubt they'd care enough." She spoke unusually in a serious tone. Ulquiorra's eyes narrowed a fraction. "Can't you blunty tell Loly 'I have no interests in you' and get her out of everyone's life?" Tsukiko huffed.

"It's not that simple. Though we have the superior family business, we can't do much to disturb the school. Loly will cause a commotion and Father and Mother would be ashamed if word spread such as Schiffer heirs causing trouble in school." He explained with strain. He wasn't fond of the idea at all but thats how life works. "So you're telling me we'll be the ones being scolded for her dumbass?" Tsukiko angrily questioned. "Besides, when did you care about what Mom and Dad thought of us?" She asked, the mood having become rather sober. Ulquiorra shrugged, "Either way, it's trouble for the Schiffer name." "Hmm.." Tsukiko hummed absent-mindedly. "The most you can do is use your Idol title to your advantage." With that, Ulquiorra walked off.

"Idol huh..?" She pondered silently. Just then Yata poked his head out into the hall and stared at her. "Inoue-San wants to talk to you." He opened the door wider and walked out. She blinked and entered the room closing the door behind her. "Ori-neechan?" "I..I need your help." She stared down at her hands timidly. "Sure, what is it?" Tsukiko sat on the bed and the girls faced each other.

Orihime was silent for a few seconds, trying to collect her thoughts. Taking a deep breath, she began. "I..still think about K-Kurosaki-kun." She whispered unintentionally. Why was it so difficult to say his name? Tsukiko silently waited for her to continue. "I know I shouldn't but I-I just..I can't stop.." She buried her face in her hands, her voice getting weaker by the second. Tsukiko gazed sadly at the older girl. Just as she was about to reach out Orihime moved her hands and continued. "B-but..when I'm around Ulquiorra-kun, I feel so much lighter. The pain subsides for as long as he's there. I get happier when I'm with him and I want to be with him. I get disappointed at the smallest things that I wouldn't normally think about and vice versa I become so happy when he notices the smallest things about me. I don't know what to make of this!" Orihime ruffled her hair in frustration.

Tsukiko, who was turning away, was trying to hold in her laughter. This is too cute. She turned back to face Orihime and emerald eyes met chocolate caramel ones. "Ulqui-Nii makes you feel better right?" Tsukiko grabbed Orihime's hands and asked animatedly. "Y-yes" She nodded. Tsukiko grinned cheekily," You enjoy all the moments you spend with him." Orihime nodded again. "You don't want to him to leave your side." One final nod. Tsukiko patted Orihime's head. "Congratulations, you have a crush on Onii-chan!" Tsukiko gave her a thumbs up.

"W-wait! What?!" Orihime blushed furiously. Tsukiko nodded vigorously. "All of those symptoms you described is the common Crush-disease! I call it, Doki-Dokitis!" Tsukiko exclaimed dramatically. "I-I don't know..the breakup I just had with Kurosaki-kun, I don't think I'm ready to like anyone else.." Pain flashed in her eyes but Tsukiko hugged her. "It's alright, I understand. But from what you said, Ulqui-Nii distracts you from the pain. Don't you think so?" She looked up at her with sparkly eyes.

"Plus if you guys get married we can become sisters!" Tsukiko giggled. "M-Married?!" Orihime's face lit up like a christmas tree. "Hehe, just joking! Think about it Ori-neechan. Ulqui-Nii isn't a bad pick, you should know more than anyone." She winked. Before Orihime could respond the door flew open and the girls met the sight of Yata grabbing onto Ulquiorra who was dragging the younger boy behind him. Yata was currently trying to pull off Ulquiorra's clothes with swimming shorts in his other hand. "Get your trash off of me" Ulquiorra glared while pushed Yata's face away. "Just put these on!" Yata shook the shorts in front of Ulquiorra. Yata had already pulled Ulquiorra's shirt up halfway, showing his abs. "Oh my..."Orihime hid her face in a pillow and Tsukiko smirked. She jumped onto Ulquiorra making the two guys fall in the process and Tsukiko joined in the stripping of her brother. "Tsukiko!" Ulquiorra growled, embarrassed that this was also happening infront of Orihime and just plainly irritated.

Although he was strong, going against his sister who was almost as strong as him and another person resulted in his lost. "Ori-neechan! Whad'ya think?" Tsukiko pulled the pillow away from her and pointed to shirtless Ulquiorra with swimming shorts. And deadly aura. "It's for when we go to the beach! Of course, you'll try on a swim suit and show it to us as well." Tsukiko smirked deviously. Orihime peeked through her fingers deeming it safe enough. Her eyes scanned Ulquiorra up and down. He had that many muscles? Orihime mentally slapped herself. What's wrong with me?!

"I-It fits you U-Ulquiorra-kun!" She squeaked with red cheeks. The deadly aura seemed to disappear but Ulquiorra turned to Yata, who was proudly beaming, and threw him into the ground face-first. A small pink hue settled around Ulquiorra's cheeks and he exited the room, returning to his own. Tsukiko laughed and picked up her boyfriend. "He enjoys your compliment. So how was that for sights?" Tsukiko wiggled her eyebrows at Orihime. Her cheeks were flaming and she grabbed a pillow again, slamming her face into it.

I feel like this needed some cheerin' up since it was so serious earlier. Sorry guys! Another long update D: Actually, I joined a dance performance group so I ended up not having time ;-; but y'know, I can just stay up late as hell to finish chapters like the norm. ITS PROGRESSING. I'LL DO MY BEST.

L'equitation is French horseback riding. Considering it's a rich school there's bound to be some foreign language up in there.