Sherlock and John had just arrived back at 221B Baker St, from a all night case full of adrenaline filled chasing through the streets and mind boggling puzzles that put even Sherlock to a stalling point. "John I'm telling you that the innocent victims never kill themselves leaving notes for other people to follow. Its just not done." Sherlock said still stingy over the case. "Sherlock, try to keep it down Mrs. Hudson's sleeping we don't want to wake her." Sherlock goes silent an puts his coat up on the peg and starts walking up the steps. John instantly follows him up the stairs. They get up to the door and Sherlock opens it for John. John takes a step inside the door, Sherlock places his hand on Johns chest keeping him in place. "Sherlock"? John looked over to Sherlock questioningly. "John, someone's been in here." Sherlock leaned into John discreetly. Instantly John went for his gun in his belt. Sherlock's hand caught his wrist stalling John. "Just wait a moment John." Sherlock said listening for any noise in the flat.

A slight banging came from the kitchen of their flat and Sherlock and John went inside, guns drawn over towards the kitchen. Sherlock was the first to enter the kitchen seeing the cause of the ruckus. John followed taking a second look in disbelief. They stared at a kid around 15 years of age huddled in the corner looking extremely pail and shaking bad. John saw the fridge wide open, the raw package of steak was ripped open looking sucked dry. John looked into the kids black eyes as a small drop of blood from the steak dripped off his bottom lip. Sherlock kept his gun pointed at the stranger in their kitchen. "Are you alright"? John asked taking a step towards the kid. He curled his arms tighter around his shoulders. "I'm thirsty.." The kid said in a strained voice.

John grabbed a bottle of water from the counter seeing that he looked dehydrated. John handed the bottle to the kid who grabbed it sucking it down. "no I'm still thirsty. I" Sherlock stepped forward observing the boy in front of him. "your clearly dehydrated, partially disoriented and shaking. Your on narcotics, snorting since your arms are clean of any injection wounds." Sherlock lowered his gun putting it behind his waist again. Johns gun was already put away while he studied the kids reaction to Sherlock's words. The kid staggered to his feet leaning against the fridge. "Still…thirsty." the kid repeated as he closed the refrigerator door. He slowly made his way towards John and Sherlock. John grabbed the kids shoulder as he saw him loose his balance "easy. What's your name kid,"? John asked him making him more steady. "My names Todd, Dorian. Sir" Todd leaned against John feeling his legs were unstable. John could feel Todd's rapid cold breath on his neck. "Oh god Todd your body is cold. Lets get you over by the fire to warm up" John said lightly tugging on Todd's arm. Todd moved his lips closer towards Johns neck opening his mouth a little more. Johns eyes went wide "Todd what are you doing"? John asked alarmed at this.

Todd's mouth got dangerously close to Johns neck, John took a frantic step backwards. "Todd stop" John warned him. At once Todd pushed on John smacking him against the counters edge. John cut his arm on a knife that was near the edge of the counter. John rolled over to Sherlock holding his cut arm. Todd clutched the counter panting and gagging. Todd grabs the knife seeing a small drop of blood on it licking it off. His glance turns to the blood on the tile floor. Todd crouches down licking the blood off the floor. Todd hears Sherlock wrapping a cloth around Johns arm. "You have overstayed your welcome Todd" Sherlock's voice was like acid towards him. Todd starred at Sherlock who had his gun pointed at him again. "John stay there I'm calling Lestrade to take this one down to the yard, He's too dangerous to handle on our own." Todd looks panicked as he sees Sherlock grab his mobile from his pocket.

Todd runs towards Sherlock dodging the bullet Sherlock fired at him tackling Sherlock, hitting the mobile out of his hand. Sherlock struggles with Todd amazed at his strength over him. "Your making me do this you know that" Todd said while holding Sherlock down. Todd looked up when he hears another voice enter the room "Sherlock, Sherlock what's wrong I herd a thud with your mobile" Todd freezes. Sherlock is able to almost get Todd off of him when John jumps on Todd pulling him off of Sherlock. Sherlock watches in horror as Todd turns on John. "No John" Sherlock shouts. John stares into Todd's black eyes, he sees the fangs in Todd's mouth as he growls at him. John screams when he feels Todd's fangs have sunk into his neck.

"Ahhh Sherlock, Sherlock get him off me. Oh god get him off"! Sherlock grabs his gun and fires, he sees Todd slump off of John. John clutches the bite mark on his neck trying to stop the bleeding, Sherlock hurries over grabbing a towel putting it to Johns neck. "Its going to be alright John just a few stitches probably and a tetanus shot." Moments later Sherlock looks over to see Todd up and glaring at him, licking the blood off his finger as he wipes it from the bullet wound in his side. Sherlock covers John in a defensive way aiming his gun at Todd. Todd doesn't seem phased by it anymore, his eyes still black holes blaring into Sherlock. "I tried to be nice, but you two are just too tempting. The gun will only piss me off more, I'm also still very thirsty Sherlock." Todd licks his blood stained lips eyeing Sherlock's neck.

Sherlock's hand starts to tremble as he sees Todd's prominent fangs just barley touching his bottom lip. Todd growls at Sherlock and lunges forward, feeling a bullet through his leg but keeps going until he hears the voice over the mobile again. "Sherlock, we are on our way just hang in there" Todd grabs the mobile throwing it at the wall. "Shut up"! Todd says as he sees the mobile smash against the wall cutting off Lestrades end. Todd and Sherlock stare each other down, Sherlock gets up and walks towards Todd. "Don't be naive I will shoot you again and I will kill you if you do not surrender right now Todd." Todd moves his hands out like spread wings "Take your best shot Sherlock" Sherlock fires hitting his shoulder. Todd hisses and Takes a stride towards Sherlock, Todd is suddenly finding himself underneath Lestrades men. Todd hisses and yells at them to get off of him but they restrain him slapping cuffs around his wrists as two officers bring him to his feet.

Lestrade comes in looking at the scene before his eyes, John on the floor towel pressed to his neck, bloody, Sherlock with his gun aimed at a kid now in cuffs. "Perfect timing Late as usual Lestrade" Sherlock growls in frustration at Lestrade. "Take this kid down to the yard" Sherlock grabs the kids collar. "No he stays here. that's final" John was taken to the hospital as Sherlock and Lestrade sat in the chairs facing the couch where Todd now was sitting, hands still cuffed behind his back. "you better hope that John makes a full recovery from you biting him or you will find yourself in a body bag for what you did to my flat mate." Sherlock says in a eerie calm voice to Todd. Sherlock looks over at Lestrade who's eyes are wide. "Sherlock you cant threaten to kill a kid like that"? Todd chuckles nervously. "Cant I Lestrade"? Lestrade moves Johns chair away from Sherlock a few inches creeped out by the look in Sherlock's eyes. Sherlock's stare comes back to Todd who's eyes are freaked out slightly. "You might want to do something with that bullet wound in your side Todd, you could bleed out." Sherlock says clasping his hands together just below his chin. Todd gets up but Lestrade pushes him back down getting the first-aid kit. Lestrade opens it and rummages through it looking for gauze. "This may hurt Todd" Lestrade says to Todd who doesn't look scared at all. He bandages up the wound, stopping the bleeding.

Todd started to shake again, Lestrade looked at him concerned. "Hey, are you ok"? he asked not liking the way he was shaking. Sherlock could see Todd was starting to gag, his throat was straining as he leaned forward spitting into the floor. Sherlock looked down at the nearly dry saliva and back up to Todd. "We have a great rehab program here in London you would like it Todd." Todd shook his head in frustration "I don't need rehab, I need a long satisfying drink Sherlock. A very long one." Todd felt a pain in his chest as he leaned forward in pain curling up on the couch moaning in agony. "ow, ohh I need b- I need a drink, somebody get some please." Lestrade grabbed a water bottle for Todd who downed it anyway. "No good. No good oww" Todd groaned again.

Sherlock just starred at him very confused by his reactions. "looks like its going to be a long night Lestrade might as well make yourself comfortable." The night dragged on for Todd and the detective and Lestrade. Finally the next morning came around and Todd's moans and groaning ceased, he became silent only to whimper every now and then. Sherlock looked over at Lestrade asleep in Johns chair rather uncomfortably. Sherlock turned his head when he saw the door open seeing John. "John your ok"? John nodded, a gauze bandaged the bite mark on his neck. Sherlock could tell John was off, not exactly himself. "John are you ok"? Sherlock asked as Todd looked up weakly at John. "I'm fine Sherlock, great actually." John turned his head when he saw Mrs. Hudson coming up the stars, she had a get well card in her hands for John. Mrs. Hudson opened it for him gasping as she got a paper cut. Todd sniffed the air smelling the small amount of blood. He rolled off the couch still in hand cuffs. "Oh dear me, a paper cut, I'm sorry" John looked from Todd to Mrs. Hudson in a sudden panic. Suddenly Todd was on his feet running for her. "Give it to me"! he screamed. John pushed Mrs. Hudson back as Todd snatched her drop of blood on his tongue Todd dropped to his knees breathing slowly. "Mrs. Hudson get downstairs now and take care of that please." John said not taking his eyes off of Todd still on his knees.

Mrs. Hudson went down the steps very confused and frightened, Sherlock grabbed Todd's hair pulling him up. "How dare you try to attack my landlady" Sherlock roared into Todd's ear seeing Todd tremble from Sherlock's hostile voice. John cleared his throat "Sherlock let him go and wake Lestrade now" Sherlock let him go regretfully and shook Lestrade awake. Sherlock could see John was holding something behind his back. "John what is going on with you"? Sherlock asked not getting Johns intentions. Sherlock herd a pair of feet on the steps approaching, Sherlock rolled his eyes when he saw Mycroft in the doorway right beside John. "Brother, what are you doing here"? Sherlock asked annoyed now. "I'm here as a witness, John contacted me early this morning and he filled me in on what has happened on our way here." Sherlock shook his head. "ok then" John took a step towards Todd as Mycroft closed and locked the door. "Todd, I have something for you" John spoke gently as if to a hurt animal. Todd looked at Johns arm behind his back. "What is it"? Todd asked curious. John held up a bag of O negative blood sloshing it around a bit. "You know what this is don't you Todd." Todd was stunned looking at the blood in the bag deep red and waiting for him. Sherlock instantly looked at John harshly. "John its just a bag of blood what are you trying to prove here."? John scoffed "Sherlock, you read don't you, do the math in this equation when we see his reaction." Sherlock tensed up.

"Come on Toddy boy you want this don't you. Mmm smells good and bloody" John said teasing. At once Todd got up and charged for the bag, Sherlock and Lestrade tried to hold him back but Todd slowly started dragging them along as he growled and hissed at the bag. His eyes mad again and his fangs dropped scratching his lip up. Todd reached for the bag with his mouth, John backed up. "Lestrade un cuff him now" John ordered. Todd was un cuffed and shoved both Sherlock and Lestrade aside eyeing nothing but the bag. "Here" John tossed the bag in the air, Todd leaps up snatching it holding the loop warm bag in his arms cradled against his chest frightened someone would take it away from him. Todd made a mad dash to the kitchen looking for something to open the bag. Lestrade approached Todd "You want me to open that for you"? Lestrade asked politely as he could. Todd handed him the bag still holding onto it with his fingertips. Lestreade cut the top corner of the bag. A bit of blood dropped onto Lestrades hand, Todd licked it up seeing Lestrade was now pale with fear at his intensity for blood.

Todd grabbed the bag drinking it, slurping loudly. Todd backed up against the fridge. He sunk to his butt as he sucked the last bit of blood from the bag. Everyone watched as Todd had his eyes closed, his breathing was normal again and no longer shaking. A few minutes later John walked over to Todd. "hey Todd can you open your eyes for me"? John asked. Todd opened his blood red eyes starring into Johns blue eyes. "You're a Vamp.." Todd looks at all of them, his fangs down again. "A Vampire yea"