Sherlock leaned forward against John, his tongue trailing up Johns neck. John let out a long moan as his face flushed and his arms wrapped around Sherlock's shoulders. Sherlock's hands started lifting up Johns shirt revealing his stomach when John stopped him right there.

"Sherlock, wait. What are you doing"? John asked him.

"John, come on this has been meaning to happen ever since the time at the pool when I was taking that bomb off of you. Now you cant tell me that you weren't interested in me because it was you who asked if I had a boyfriend, meaning you did have a interest and still do now." Sherlock said remembering all of it.

John sat up and gently pushed Sherlock back. John got up and walked out to the kitchen. Johns hands were slightly trembling as he poured the boiling water into his cup setting the tea bag inside it. Sherlock walked up behind John resting his hands on Johns shoulders.

"John, your trembling, did you have another nightmare."? Sherlock asked smelling the tea.

"Its always the same, starting off good then ending with my comrades pinned down calling for my help. But no matter how fast or how long I run for I don't get there in time." Johns grip loosened on the cup.

Sherlock reached down grabbing the cup before it had a chance to smash to the ground. He placed the cup back on the counter and wrapped his arms around John. John turned around in Sherlock's embrace to face his Vampire flat mate. Sherlock lowered his fangs and moved his mouth towards Johns warm pulsing neck.

"If it's the war you miss so much let me give you a taste of that thrill again." Sherlock said his fangs inches from Johns skin.

John froze and let Sherlock sink his fangs into his flesh. Instantly when Sherlock started sucking some of the blood from John, he felt the rush he had been missing. The drive to keep going again. John arched his back against the counter as Sherlock moved his hands around Johns hamstrings lifting his legs up and turning towards the bedroom again. In a flash John whipped his head around landing on Sherlock's bed. Sherlock tossed his shirt to the floor crawling on the bed towards John. The blush on Johns face grew more intensely, the closer Sherlock got to him. John started lifting his shirt up taking his time, partially thinking he was going mad by doing this.

Sherlock helped John remove his shirt observing Johns skin. John was the one to make the first move wrapping his arms around Sherlock pinning him to the bed. John slid his hands over Sherlock's icy skin and shivered from the cold. Sherlock noticed this and grabbed the blanket throwing it over his chest so John wouldn't be as cold. At once Sherlock sat up abruptly almost banging heads with John as he did so. Sherlock looked over to his closed bedroom door and heard Mycroft's voice on the other end.

"Sherlock will you unlock the door there are some important matters I would like to discuss with you, and John as well." Mycroft said deducting that John was in there with Sherlock.

Sherlock turned his head clenching his jaw at the door when John pulled Sherlock into a kiss distracting him from the door. It worked and Sherlock had John pinned against the headboard of the bed, John was starting to get mildly aggressive. Biting Sherlock's lip harshly trying to pour out his lust all over Sherlock. Sherlock started nipping at Johns skin hearing him whimper and gasp. The door was broken down and Sherlock turned his head seeing Mycroft's shocked expression while he almost dropped his umbrella from his hand. Johns face turned bright red from embarrassment while Sherlock removed his teeth from Johns nipple throwing a blanket over John pushing him back onto the bed.

Sherlock got off the bed grabbing his shirt throwing his arms into the sleeves as he approached Mycroft walking him out the now busted door to the living room. They both sat in a quite awkward silence for about 20 seconds.

"Mycroft what is so important that you had to disturb me."? Sherlock asked annoyed and slightly temperamental.

"I came to send you a warning Sherlock." Mycroft's tone was serious as usual.

"oh, is that all well you could have just left me a note then brother." Sherlock took it casually.

"Sherlock this is serious, I have men downstairs to escort you, John and Mrs. Hudson to a secure facility until we find the person who wants you dead." Mycroft stared Sherlock down.

Sherlock finally took this somewhat seriously, but considering how many human skulls he would be able to bash in with out as much as batting a eye. He felt it was safe enough to not have any round the clock guards on hand.

Suddenly Sherlock heard a slight disturbance coming from his room where John was. Sherlock sprang from his chair and ran into his room stopping in his tracks. John was there alright, along with Todd who had his left hand over Johns mouth and the other hand around Johns which held his gun pointed at Sherlock. Sherlock actually rolled his eyes at this almost predicting it and feeling it to be cheesy in a way. Sherlock dashed over grabbing the gun tossing it over to the wall. John still stood there frozen. Todd slashed at Sherlock but missed and Sherlock pinned him to the ground calling for Mycroft to get his men and seize Todd.

Todd was taken away and Sherlock ran over to John who was still standing in place unmoving. Sherlock wrapped his arms around John. John snapped back into reality and instantly looked over to where Sherlock used to be and sighed in relief that Sherlock was not hurt.

"wow I was right after all." John said into Sherlock's shoulder.

"And what is that John"? Sherlock asked.

"you risk your life to prove your clever as always." John said trying to not laugh.

Sherlock chuckled almost uncontrollably. John chuckled a bit nervously and stepped back from Sherlock. Instantly Sherlock's laughter stopped and he starred at John. John gave Sherlock a look and shrugged at him. Sherlock looked at John puzzled.

"your upset that I risked my life again." Sherlock stated lowering his shoulders.

"No that's not it Sherlock."

"then what John"? Sherlock asked taking a step forward.

John gripped Sherlock's shirt pulling him closer. "Turn me Sherlock, please that's all I ask. Just turn me.." Johns hand was trembling.

"John, no its dangerous."

Instantly Johns trembling hand stopped and he looked up at Sherlock. Sherlock rolled his eyes and took in a deep breathe.

"Fine, but this is going to hurt."

Sherlock drew out his fangs and craned Johns neck lowering his mouth closer to John. Sherlock bit into John letting his venom spread through Johns body causing John to clutch onto Sherlock. John slumped to the floor and Sherlock was right there holding onto him. Slowly Johns breathing was getting shallow and his heart was starting to slow. This tortured Sherlock literally hearing and feeling John die in his arms.

"Sherlock, remember..I want this.." John said weakly.

Sherlock kissed John on the lips, hearing Johns heart stop in the process. Sherlock wrapped John even tighter in his arms as he tried to force the tears back. A few silent moments later Sherlock's crying was disturbed when he felt a hand on his cheek wiping the tears away.

Sherlock moved his hair out of his eyes to see John staring up at him with red piercing eyes just like Sherlock's.


"Hello Sherlock." John said smiling, his fangs in full view.

Almost makes me sad to finish these, but i hope you all like the story along with the ending. Chow for now :)