Judal doesn't let many people touch his hair.

Kougyoku is a bit different, though. She's not terribly good at it, and tends to tug and pull at all the wrong times when she tries to braid it, but she actuallytries, and Judal kind of likes that. She likes his hair well enough to want it to look nice, and that's good enough for a lazy, muggy afternoon, sprawled out in her bed after listening to Ka Koubun fret for an hour.

"What's it like?" she asks suddenly, her hands threaded close to his scalp. It feels good, when her nails scratch against him like that, and Judal thinks he's probably purring. "Kissing Si…in general, I mean."

He sort of chokes.

Well, for all of a second.

Kougyoku's transparent at best, a trait she doesn't share with her brothers or even her cousins. Judal wonders how someone like this ended up in the Kou Empire, but then again, she's just as strong, isn't she? The djinn under her command serves her well, and it's hard to think of anything but praise for the girl in that regard. In 'love', though… ugh. She's an idiot.

"You want a lesson?"

"No!" She's as red as her hair, now, and dammit, she's pulling on his hair, which makes him inclined to growl. "I m-mean. That's… not necessary. I'm just curious." Kougyoku clears her throat. "For future reference, when I finally do marry a king."

Assuming you do, Judal wants to say, but bites his tongue as he twists his head to look back at her, smirking. "It's not the same with everyone, so if I tell you about him, you'll just be disappointed later on."

"That's not what I asked—"

"You almost did." You like him. You want me to tell you what it's like being with him, and I don't want to because I don't want to share.

"Don't tell me, then." She tosses down the plait of his hair with a snort. "I'll know eventually, and far better than you."

You won't.

She won't know about how Sinbad's hands feel brushing over his cheeks, tangling back through his hair, tipping his head up and kissing him with a mouth that's so warm that Judal wants to melt, wants to beg for Sinbad to let him stay and let him be kept as much as he wants to keep Sinbad. Kougyoku won't know, and Judal won't tell her, but he turns around all the same, their noses bumping in his haste to steal a kiss to the corner of his mouth, and he grins at how red she turns, and how she nearly rolls off the bed with the idea of escape clearly in mind.

"It's better than that, but just as fun."