Alibaba is pretty sure this isn't what his first time is supposed to be like.

Girls are supposed to be—well. Girly. Soft. Pretty. Slender? He thinks. Kinda like he remembers his mom used to be, all cuddly and soft and warm—

This one—this… Elizabeth. Thing. She's(?) not like that.

He's definitely sure kisses aren't supposed to be like this. Not that he has a lotof experience, but he has enough, he swears he does! He definitely decides he doesn't like the paint women wear on their lips, though, by how Elizabeth's smears his face and tunic and, uh, how the hell is he going to get that washed out?

Dammit, Aladdin looks like he's having a lot more fun—

"Ah, don't look away," Elizabeth purrs, and Alibaba gulps, his eyes flickering right back to the woman-creature slithering between his legs. "Just keep your eyes on me, always—"

He thinks he passes out at some point.

He also thinks he won't count that one as his first time.