A/N I am re writing the Pilot and his Lady for NaNo write. The last version mocked me - a lot. I hope you like the new version, and I would appreciate your comments. If anyone would like to help keep me on track, I would appreciate it. I also hope my grammar and punctuation have improved.

Jeniacabasspara sat on the marble floor of her father's office with shoulders hunched and cross-legged. As she rolled her ball in circles, she looked very much as if she'd lost her best friend. Every time Bara glanced over, he quietly chuckled at his ten-year old daughter. Her dark hair hung loose around her dirt smudged face. Her dress still bore the stains and smudges that she had accumulated from playing in the courtyard. It was moments like this that he was reminded of her mother. It was the little things, from the tilt of her chin when she was being defiant to her hunched shoulders when she was sad that made her mother still feel alive. She had even inherited the same habit of twisting her hair when she was sad just as she was doing now.

"What's wrong Jenia; did you have a fight with Midach?"

"No, Papa. He is at the main house packing. He says; Lord Barvecular is returning home. He says; we are all going back to Gallifrey. Everyone but Mama Nola and Misha is leaving."

"Does he now? Well, he's right about one thing; all the Time Lords are returning home."


"It seems that there is trouble, and the government as recalled the Time Lords from across the universe to go back and defend Gallifrey."

"Are we going back too?"

Her father rose from the desk and came around to his beautiful daughter. All ten years of her life showed in her sad eyes. In that second, he made a choice that he had debated all day. He held his hand out and took her little hand. "Come with me, daughter." He led her out in the garden, to the carved stone bench under the olive tree. Outside the garden walls, they could hear the life of the city. He pulled her between his knees and brushed her hair back, smiling gently at her. "Jen, do you know what makes us different from Lord Barve and his family? Why instead of being allowed to observe and investigate new worlds, I record what he sees and what he does?"

"You are not Time Lord, Papa, and I will never be a Time Lady."

"That's right: we come from a very minor house, too small for my attendance at the Academy to ever be considered. That and we are from the Southern continent. I couldn't wait to take your mother off that planet. We have seen a lot of the universe with Lord Barve. When your mother died, and I met Mama Nola. You know that our laws do not permit marriages to humans. Lord Barve could have destroyed me when I married her, but he didn't. As long as we were off-world the government left us alone. But, with the troubles, they expect me to abandon your step mother and baby brother, take you home and help defend them. If I tried to take them with us, the exact government that wants me to die for them would kill Mama Nola and Misha. They want that even though, we aren't treated the same as Time Lords. We are not going to do that. So; tonight we are leaving on a ship bound for a planet called Earth. We look like them and sound like them. Your stepmother is human, so we will hide there and live our lives on her home world. You can tell no one. When Lord Barve and Midach see that we are packing, they will assume that we are leaving with them. But we'll be gone, do you understand."

"Yes Papa." Jenia brightened. "I never thought about becoming a Time Lady anyway. I just want my family."

"You will always have your family. Now, say nothing to no one and go back to the house. No one must suspect."

Jenia kissed her father and skipped out of the garden, back through his office and headed back to her home. Vestna City never felt so much like home. The thought of returning to the galaxy of Kasterborus and Gallifrey had terrified her. Having never seen her home world, she felt no tie to Gallifrey, and she didn't even like Midach

She turned the corner for home, humming a song Mama Nola had taught her, slowing her pace a bit. She was about to pass the Nagaus house where a strange creƤture stood guard. It always made strange sounds at her. Something at the corner of the walled garden, a shadow of a humanoid, caught her eye. The presence of strange humanoids meant nothing to Jenia. After all, it was Lord Barve's job to observe how aliens interacted with each other while her father recorded the findings. Her curiosity too much, she headed to check out the shadow . Jenia went twenty feet into the alley when her inborn ability to sense danger kicked in, but before she could react, the time scoop net dropped from above, snatching her from the only life that she knew.


Tommy Grant trudged out of the barn with two chickens hanging upside down from his nine-year old hand. He hated ringing their necks, but it was part of life on a nineteenth century farm. His father always chided him for having a heart that was too gentle. Having accomplished the deed, he delivered the dead birds to his mother for Sunday dinner. Her roast chicken was the best in the county making his guilt short-lived. Once he delivered the birds to his Ma, he headed for his next chore; retrieve the cow and her new calf from the east pasture. Tommy passed his little sister playing in the dirt, walked past the garden where his older sister was picking greens for dinner. His gentle heart didn't flow all the way to his sister, and he couldn't resist lobbing a pebble at her head. He took off running when he heard her squeal and yell his name.

The late afternoon sun hung low casting long shadows across the dirt yard. Pa would be bringing the horses in from the fields soon. Tommy needed to have the cow and calf secure in the barn before Pa got back, or risk a whipping for slothful behaviour on a Sunday. He entered the edge of the pasture and headed for the spot at the edge of the woods where the cow would take her calf in the late afternoon heat. He was midway through the knee-high pasture grass when a shadow passed overhead, but when he looked up, the sky was empty. Shrugging at his own silliness, he increased his speed to get across the rest of pasture. One hundred yards from the edge of the woods, the shadow was back. When he heard the terrified bawl of the cow and her calf, fearing a bobcat, he took off running - straight into a net.

The Vot guard moved among the frightened prisoners with a whip, unafraid of using it as they herded them to a waiting shuttle for the short trip to the waiting war class ship hiding behind the third moon of Lyra. Thirty terrified humans along with another thirty humanoids moved numbly, frozen in terror by the aliens that now controlled them. Taken from different centuries, and different worlds, they were almost as afraid of each other as they were of the Vot. Nearly a dozen children huddled together. Snatched from their parents, they could only shuffle along behind the nearest adult. Among the band of children stood, a ten-year old Gallifreyan taken out of time, standing ramrod straight, her pride tinged with fear. As they stood there, the guard worked his way down the line injecting them with something. Suddenly the captives understood each other and the clicks of the Vot, who simply said: you are our property, you will obey.

A small human boy leaned into Jenia. She looked down at him, smiled and then sent a mental scream for help across all of time and space.