Sometimes, when she thinks he isn't looking, she'll watch.

Morgiana knows that most of the time, Alibaba doesn't notice her, anyway—especially not when her eyes are on him, following his every move, the determined, solid fall of his feet as he follows through each new sword form. She grimaces on his behalf when Sharrkan sends him sprawling, feels her lips quirk just a bit at the edges when he drags himself upright all the same, not even stopping to dust himself off before throwing himself back into his training all over again.

Just like that, she's reminded of why she watches Alibaba, why she can't stop letting her eyes wander to him, and why she hopes (really, honestly hopes, like nothing she's hoped for in a long while aside from maybe going homesome day) that maybe, she'll feel his eyes wander to her, too.

(The difference, of course, is that she'll always notice.)