Ja'far can't fault Sinbad on his generosity and penchant for inviting people to Sindria, let alone within the castle. Not really, at any rate. He's a good man at his core, and sharing his wealth comes rather naturally.

What he can fault Sinbad on, however, is his poor planning and allocation of resources todealwith so many people (and by people, he means children).

Sharrkan is bad enough—add in a disciple as asinine as he, and destruction is inevitable. Ja'far casually crosses a pair of zeros off of the monthly budget, courtesy of Alibaba.

Normally, Masrur is a godsend, never mind his habits tending towards lateness, but now, with a student of his own that tags at his heels—an untrained, unbridled Finalis, at that—the damages can't help but skyrocket, and Ja'far finds himself biting a hole in his cheek to keep back his chastising (the girl is rather sensitive, after all).

Finally, it seems Magi tend to have a sort of built-in mechanism to tear things apart, especially beneath Yamuraiha's hand and her general enjoyment surrounding water. (Ja'far mentally calculates the costs of water damage alone, and smiles (twitchily) through Aladdin's apologies all the same).



"If you bring another one home, there's no room in the budget for you to go drinking this month."

Nothing puts a firm cap on spending and children's frivolity like alcohol.