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Chapter One: Forgiveness Must Be Earned

'Is this truly the end for me?' Sephiroth thought as he felt his body dissolved into the Lifestream, Masamune still held tightly in his hands. 'Defeated by a former friend and erase from existence by the very thing that gave me power?'

As he felt himself dissolve from existence, his life flashed before his eyes, all his memories the good and bad along with all the emotions he felt during the past. As he watched them, himself laughing and the cries of death from the people he slaughtered, he felt a single tear of regret fall from his eyes.

'What have I become?'

"I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to rule this planet." A memory of himself spoke to him as if to mock him.

'Of course, the very thing I fought against, the very thing I hated. An enemy that strikes down the innocent.' Sephiroth stared into nothingness as his body was almost completely gone. 'To any great deity that hears me, please grant me forgiveness.'

Suddenly his felt his body stop dissolving, in fact everything around him seemed to stop in place. Before he think about what happened, a woman's voice, powerful and beautiful sounding, spoke to him.

"Forgiveness is something that must be earned, One Winged Angel, it cannot just be given."

'Then let me earn it.' He spoke back in his mind, wanting nothing more than a chance to be forgiven for his sins.

"Let me ask you this then, One Winged Angel, are you willing to do anything to be forgiven?"

Without a second thought, he said. 'Yes.' Then a bright white flash took over his senses and he found himself drifting in what appears to be a sea of mist. 'Where am I?'

"The Mist that keeps the dimensions apart from one another and only certain beings like myself is able to bypass this Mist."In his mind, he saw a rather weak looking black hair teen wearing black robes sweeping the floor.

'Who is this?' Sephiroth asked. "A being of a pure heart, one that would never strike in the name of evil and does nothing but heal others."

He then saw the teen suddenly get punched by a couple of rough looking men and kicked on the ground before they went off, laughing as he picked himself up. The sliver hair male felt anger course through his veins as his instincts from when he was alive kicked in, wanting nothing more than to hurt those men.

"But his personality makes him an easy target to people who simply doesn't understand him and he takes it all to protect others."

He watched as the teen healed his wounds and continued his sweeping as if nothing happen but the look of sadness in his eyes is clear.

"And in the future, one of those men will take it too far and I do not wish for a fate like that to fall upon a kind being. You, One Winged Angel, will help this boy grow into the very thing you once were. A hero. Do you accept this One Winged Angel? Will you help this boy become a hero?"

Sephiroth stared at the teen and, honestly, he couldn't see how he could make this teen into a hero. He was weak, average looking, and uncertain of himself.

But he wasn't one to give up and this was his one chance at forgiveness.

'I accept.' Suddenly he was greeted by a very familiar sight, Junon, and he was on top of the Sister Ray, the very last place where he fought Genesis and Angeal... well when he wasn't trying to kill them.

Before he could speak, an orb of light appeared in front of him and within was a large book with a note on it's front. Taking into his hands, he looked at the note.

This will explain everything you need to know.

The book looked oddly similar to Loveless and he raised an eyebrow at the title. Zanpakutos. He sat down and laid Masamune beside him, beginning to read the book.

And he read and read and read as the centuries in the outside world reverse itself.

80th Southern District: Crimson Grounds

A young boy hid underneath the ruins of what used to be his home, praying that he wouldn't be found. However his prayers went unanswered as a hand shot through the rubble and grabbed him by the neck and hauling him up, seeing a man with bloodstain teeth grinning at him.

"Found you my little meal." He drew a knife and cut a small cut in his cheek, making the boy whimper in pain, and licked the blood off it enjoying the taste. "Oh its been so long since I've had such young blood and I'm going to enjoy every second of it."

'Please someone, anyone, save me!' The boy thought as the man pulled back the knife to plunge it into his neck but suddenly the man disappeared in a black flash and in his place was a black feather on the ground and a confused Hanataro.

Hanataro's Inner World

"Where am I?" The man said, confused at where he was at. One second he was about to get a decent meal and the next he's here, wherever here is. A shadow then fell over him and he turned to the owner. "Who the fuck are you?"

"My name doesn't matter," The figure said, summoning his seven foot blade. "all you need to know is that I am your judge, your jury..."

"Fuck you!" The man charged but it only took one swing of his blade and the man was sliced into nothing. "And your executioner."


After finding a high enough tree to sleep in, Hanataro tied himself to the tree so that he wouldn't fall off the branch he was on and in his hand was the black feather. 'Whoever saved me, thank you so much.'

Placing the black feather in his hair, he leaned back against the tree and let sleep take him and as he closed his eyes, he could swore he heard someone say something.

"Your welcome."

Well that is the first chapter of Venia which stands for forgiveness in latin. I thought that would fit the story since Sephiroth is doing this for forgiveness for his sins and before you review, yes there will be more Final Fantasy characters in here, but I'm not saying who, yes the next chapter will be longer but won't be here for a while at least.