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Chapter Two: Humming Along

Life in the Southern 80th District was a far cry from easy. In this district, the term "eat or be eaten" was taken to a whole new level as many of the people who lived here are cannibals due to lack of food. The ground was too tough for any edible plants to grow and animals are either too skinny for a good meal or would eat you if they're hungry enough. The people, however, were even worse. They wouldn't hesitant to kill a baby if it meant that they would get there next meal and would even resort to eating bits and pieces of themselves to survive which is the one thing everyone in this district shared. A will to survive.

Hanataro was no different, except for the fact that he didn't eat other people and was trying to escape the district. With his home destroyed and what little food supply he had gone, the child knew that he had to leave before he ends up in someone's stomach. Hanataro wasn't the most impressive figure in the District as he was skinny with dull blue eyes, black hair and about the same height as a human four year old.

However that didn't make him dangerous since not even him could survive long in this hellish place without taking lives. The innocent looking child took his first life about a day he first woke up here and only killed as a last resort since that day. Most of the time he would run and hide which worked nearly all of the time but there were times that he had no other choice but to end someone's life.

Climbing down from the tree, he pulled out a map he stole from a corpse and looked at his current position with certain spots marked in blood... not his of course. He needed it so he used any blood he could find to mark important locations and landmark. Hanataro stared at the map with an intense stare before saying.

"So I should head that way." He went south and continued for about ten steps until he realize that the map was upside down and proceeded in the other direction.


Munching on a small animal he killed and cooked, Hanataro talked to himself as he looked over his map. "So I have to either go through the Blood Rose Bridge which is safer but takes at least two days to reach or risk going through Hell's Pass which is closer but more dangerous." He sighed as he went over his choices.

This wasn't the first time Hanataro talked to himself, being alone for how long will do that to someone especially a child when the only people are to talk are always trying to have you for a meal.

Eventually Hanataro decided on the longer but safer way and went on, making sure that his lucky black feather was still in his hair.

With Sephiroth

The sliver hair man was looking through Hanataro's memories and was surprise that he managed to survive for so long. However this should show that he was a fighter despite his appearance but Sephiroth thought that he could worked on that when Hanataro got somewhere safe and was able to make contact with him. Judging from what he read from the book, it would take a while for the two to be able to freely talk to one another but he was willing to wait.

However he would try his best to protect Hanataro when he could as the black feather acted as a defense that would transport anyone trying to harm him here and Sephiroth would deal with them.

Other than that, he had no way to speak to Hanataro other than in his dreams but that was enough for him.

Two Days Later

The Blood Rose Bridge was well known for the roses that were the color of blood that spread as far as the eye can see. Along with that, if the roses were cut they would actually bleed real blood. Hanataro made up a theory that a massive battle happen here and the amount of bloodshed was so much that there was a blood reserve in the ground that kept the roses alive and help them grow.

It was also an idea place to travel since the only path through the roses was a massive stone bridge that was built high above the ground. There was no hand holds or any place to climb onto the bridge and it was completely empty of any cover to hide behind, aside from a few skeletons of people who died of starvation, which made it impossible to lay any traps.

Hanataro walked on the bridge, humming a song he once heard from someone before said hummer got there neck sliced from a hunting group.(a group of cannibals who would share kills) Witnessing death was as common as seeing trees to him but he stilled feared it and avoided killing as much as possible.

The sun was being blocked by clouds so it wasn't too hot on the bridge but his stomach growled, remembering him that he hasn't eaten a full meal for about a day now. Hunger was a normal factor for him so he ignored it and went on. Within Sephiroth frowned, ignoring one's hunger wasn't a good choice to make but considering the lack of food and how easily the boy was about to do it, he supposed that this wasn't the first time Hanataro went for a period of time without food.

One Week Later

After a full week of traveling, he had finally made it into the Southern 79th District, better known as The Golden Hell. Here, if you had enough money, you could relax and live in peace but if you didn't then you would be pluck off the streets and sold as slaves. Hanataro carefully avoid anyone including other children due to his experiences in the 80th District, you could never know when someone could kill you.

However, unlike the previous district, this one had food and water which was clear by the amount of sellers that littered the streets each one yelling about what they have.

'This looks good.' Hanataro thought as he expertly stole an apple and two oranges from a cart while the owner argued with a customer. Stealing was another required skill to live in the Crimson Grounds aside from killing and Hanataro was pretty good at it. He took a few more fruits from different carts before retreating into an alleyway to eat his spoils but just before he took a bite, he heard something and tensed up.

However he relaxed when he saw a group of children, some younger than him and some older, appear out of nowhere and all of them staring at his food. With a sigh, he took a single apple and said, "Here you can have these. I'm not that hungry." A complete lie if his growling stomach was any sign but the children thanked them and ate the fruits while Hanataro walked off, finishing off his apple in seconds before looking for more food, humming the same song from before.

Sephiroth smiled as he watched what happened through Hanataro's eyes. 'A boy turned who can kill to due to his upbringing of blood and death, but still has a gentle heart. He does have great promise.'

He then began to hum the same song that Hanataro was humming and soon Hanataro's inner world hummed to its tune.

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