Ok, this came from something I just happened to mention in "Come And Knock On Our Door". I got intrigued by the idea of the ultimate sex toy or a neuro-toy, something so advanced it could tap into your brain, latch onto your skin and for awhile you'd have access to working and completely sensitive genitalia in this case a penis. And who'd have more fun with a cock than Amy Pond. I guess ths may count as a futanari fic, but I'm not sure. It's a little strange and it might be an acquired taste but I think its fun.

We start in medias res...

"Ok boys, here's where it get's a bit weird."

"Ready, Amy?"

He held the ordinary looking dildo in front of me and it flopped a bit comically in his hand. It looked like any other toy except for the fact that it was flaccid. Otherwise it was just...normal, He and Rory were sitting on the bed on either side of me, naked and breathing heavy and we hadn't even started yet.

"I am so fucking turned on right now." Rory said stroking my inner thigh.

"So, now the way this works, Amy, is we set a sort of baseline orgasms. That's going to help the toy figure out how you come, why you come and when you come. Once it figures out how your body works it will attach itself to you, connect through your nervous system, your brain, your genitals. What we want is both a clitoral and vaginal orgasm so your cock can get all the necessary stimuli it needs to process you. Nothing too complicated, just your average, everyday run of the mill brain powered, grafting sex toy. Understand?"

"Yeah...I understand, I just really want both of you right now." I was reclining on the bed propped up by pillows watching them watch me. They'd been so attentive and both so incredibly eager to get me in this position.

I had mentioned, casually I thought, about how it might be fun to peg them both and you should have seen their eyes light up! Next thing I know we're diverting to some planet the Doctor knew where you can pick up neuro-toys. Now, of course he didn't say that's why we were there. Oh, no he said it was because the rare Crystal Ice Palace was melting and we would be some of the last people in the universe who ever got to see it. Of course once we arrived he quickly made himself scarce. When he did reappear he and Rory started whispering to each other and the next thing I know I'm being treated like a queen. 'Is there anything we can get for you, Amy?" "What say next place we go is Amy's choice?" "Amy...do you think maybe we could try something different tonight?"

That was how we ended up here. Lips swollen from marathons of kissing, cheeks pink, laboured breathing and two very prominent erections...soon to be three.

The Doctor put his hand between legs his thumb massaging my clit. My body twisted at his manipulations.

"Ohh, Doctor..." His hands, his hands, always his hands! So sure, so spot on, he had learned my body just as Rory had and when they teamed up like this it was often too much. It made me wonder sometimes, did the instrument want to be played as much as the musician wanted to play it?

"Doctor, you said I was first." Rory protested.

"Damn it, alright, Rory, alright." The Doctor made a frustrated growl and I loved the idea that they were fighting over me. "Between her legs."

The Doctor handed Rory an ordinary dildo and he situated himself on his belly before me.

"Now remember, Rory. Both types of orgasms-"

"Doctor, I know how to make my wife come." he said testily.

"Boys, boys..." I said worried for a moment a fight might break out. "We've got time, ok? Plus you're starting to make me nervous."

The instantly looked sheepish and both offered me a, "Sorry, Amy."

"Now, apologize to each other." I directed.

"Sorry, Doctor." Rory said first, he pushed forward from his laying position to the Doctor and they kissed.

"Sorry about that, love."

"Alright then, proceed." I said.

"Amy, I'm just going to run this over your skin." he said, showing me the base of the toy. "It will determine the prime location and will latch on to you. Don't be alarmed. You probably won't be aware of it for awhile. Just lay back and let Rory do his work. Just come, darling. That's all."

I nodded and as the Doctor kissed me Rory started the gentle task of getting me off. His tongue was soft and eager, rhythmic and skilled. The Doctor focused on slow, sensual kissing, his tongue probing in and out of my mouth teasingly. The thing about the Doctor is he can kiss, I mean really kiss. I figured it that first time after the Weeping Angels but since then I've gotten more observant and he's gotten even better if that's possible. As Rory once said, "It's not just that the Doctor makes you forget to breathe, it's that he makes you not care that you're not breathing."

Rory penetrated me with the ordinary toy slowly but steadily , focusing on my lips but avoiding my clit. The Doctor moved his focus on to my breasts. His tongue worked it's way around my nipples first one then the other as Rory's gave rapt attention to me elsewhere.

My voice started to climb higher, it didn't take long, they both had such expertise when it came to my body by now. Rory moved the toy in and out while the Doctor casually mumbles against the underside of my breast, "Here she comes." After that he took his mouth away and returned his attention to the neuro-toy. He'd been hovering it over my groin like a divining rod and suddenly it seemed to have found it's place. I watched as the Doctor's hand was ever so slightly jerked down and the toy connected to my skin. I didn't really feel anything, I was too wrapped up in Rory as he brought me closer and closer to the edge until finally I squealed my way into my first orgasm.

"Good girl," the Doctor soothed. "Very, very good, love. Keep going, Rory, it's best if we don't have a break between the two."

Rory turned his attention to my clit sucking gently removing the dildo from me completely and tossing it to the side.

I looked down at the neuro-toy which the Doctor was no longer holding and I reached my hand down to touch it but the Doctor batted me away.

"Not yet, Pond, it's not ready. But isn't it pretty?"

I gazed at it, it did look rather pretty, jutting up from me, alien, but intriguing. I couldn't feel anything yet.

"Kiss me, Doctor."

He obliged and I returned my hand to his hair gently scratching his scalp.

"I can't feel it yet, Doctor, is that normal?" I asked between kisses.

"Yes, love, it needs one more good strong orgasm from you. Can you do that? Can you come for us nice and hard and wet?"

I started to squeeze my thighs around Rory's head while the Doctor massaged my breasts and whispered into my ear.

"Are you excited? You see how it' already matched itself to your skin tone? When it's finished you won't even be able to see the seam."

He was right, it did look like it belonged to me.

"What's going to happen to it, Doctor." I moaned putting my freehand in Rory's hair. "Yes, Rory, yes don't stop, don't stop."

"It's going to disappear, one second it will be there and the next gone. These toys have about a 6 to 8 hour lifespan, I believe I got 8 just to be on the safe side."

"Oh, God, I'm coming again."

I pointed and flexed my toes and shoved myself harder against Rory's face. He groaned appreciatively and started to stroke my thighs as I gyrated to him. I felt the Doctor's eyes on me watching me and I gave him a very sincere show of rubbing my breasts, my stomach hips and thighs as the orgasm Rory gave me started to fade.

When it was over I lay there eyes wide, staring up at the ceiling trying to recapture my breath. I was vaguely aware of my boys kissig, sharing the taste of me with each others.

They hadn't come yet but both seemed a bit exhausted as the crept up on either side of me. We all kissed, nuzzling faces, necks and cheeks when lips were occupied. However everyones eyes were directed to one place and one place only. Both of the at one point or another extended their hands to touch it but faltered.

"Can you feel it, Amy?" Rory asked.

"No. I mean I feel that somethings there but I'm not really aware of it. Do you all feel yours, like at every moment?"

The Doctor and Rory shared a chuckle.

"Umm, yeah, pretty much always aware of it all the time, every moment of every day." Rory filled in and the Doctor nodded in agreement.

"Hmmm..well maybe it's not working." I said a bit sadly.

"Give it a chance, Pond. So impatient. Why don't you go take a real peek at it, eh?" The Doctor suggested and I suddenly felt more enthused.

"You're right! Can I go look at it now? Is it fast on?" I asked excitedly

"It's on." the Doctor grinned. "That cock is yours for the next 8 hours. So, what are you going to do with it?"

"I want to see it!" I exclaimed. I wasn't tired at all and I scurried out of bed excitedly and over to the looking glass in the bedroom we shared. There it was, a flesh colored, my flesh colored penis. To my relief everything of mine was still there and there were no balls to speak of. With that sorted, I could take the time to admire my new and temporrary genitalia. I wiggled my hips and watched it move when I moved, sort of flop a bit back and foth. It felt like it was a part of me, like it had always been there. When I moved my hips again I was aware of the coolness of the air on the skin, it made goosepimples rise up all over my arms. I wondered idlylly could I pee out of it.

There were some experiences that really could only happen with the Doctor. This was so much better than some plastic strap-on that would probably just keep slipping and bobbing about, something I couldn't even enjoy at all. This, this had some real potential. I wonder how much a thing like this costs? Was the Doctor embarrassed when he bought it? Or has he done this time of thing a dozen times before?

"It's not very big." I complained as I looked at myself in the full length mirror. "I thought it would be disturbing, but I'm not weirded out at all. Rory, what about you?"

I turned to face him. He and the Doctor were still on the bed. The Doctor wore the most inscrutable smile on his face while Rory was gazing at me, breathing heavily, mouth slightly open.

"I thought that time there were two Amy's was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, but I stand corrected." he said.

"Huh. You think so? I was expecting something kinda big." I widened my stance and put on my best bloke face. "You know something massive I could kind of smack you boys in the face with."

"You haven't touched yourself yet." the Doctor said quietly.

"Hmm?" I said having turned back towards the mirror.

The Doctor grabbed Rory's chin and gave him a deep kiss.

"Close your mouth, dear, you're catching flies."

"Doctor, Amy has a penis and it's really fucking turning me on."

"Yes, Rory, I know." the Doctor said with amusement.

"I think my brain is melting at the possibilities."

"Yes, Rory, I know. Let's help her get acquainted with it, shall we?"

The Doctor stood up from the bed and I watched him approach me in the reflection.

He put his palms to my shoulders and I leaned back against him.

"You look quite pleased with yourself." he said kissing my neck.

"What's not to be pleased about, got my boys, got my wee tadger, gonna get fucked." I laughed and struck another pose that I thought was masculine. "How do I look, Doctor? Not exactly swinging wood, but I like it! Hey, can I have a slash out of this thing?" I asked giddily.

"You know, love, I don't think you're giving your cock enough credit, like I said, you haven't touched it yet." He brought his palms up to my breasts and squeezed my nipples harder than normal."

"Ahh! What was that for?" I complained mildly.

"Ohh, sorry dear, did that hurt?" he said mockingly his hands moving down to my hips and across my belly.

"It just surprised me is all. It actually felt really good. I just want to know why you did it?"

"To get your attention. You weren't listening to what I was saying and now you are. Aren't you bad girl?" he breathed into my ear.

"Umm...yes." I started to focus more on what we looked like in the mirror. Those surges of attraction and arousal I had earlier started to return as the novelty of the penis ebbed being replaced with its reality. I wiggled my bottom against him and he groaned.

"You're not letting yourself connect to it, Amy, and I think I know just how to help." He held up his large palm in front of my face. "Lick it." he said commandingly.

I did as he said while he growled what a good girl I was in my ear.

"Thought I was a bad girl." I said.

"You're both. You're a little bit of everything tonight aren't you?"

I giggled softly and turned my head to the side as he nuzzled my face.

"Ok, Amy, I have to warn you..this is going to feel really, really good."

He dropped his hand to my cock and wrapped himself firmly around it. It wasn't like anything I had ever felt before, ever. My hips lurched forward and I put both my hands on his wrist.

"Take your hands off me, bad girl and let me get you hard."

"Wait...that was...just hang on a second, Doctor."

It wasn't what I expected, I thought the sensations might be duller, more muted. I think I was still somehow expecting it to feel like he was just stroking a silly, cheap, plastic attachment. But it wasn't. This felt as real and as electric as when Rory had his mouth on my clit. Little shock waves went rippling through me, up my spine, flushing my spaces, shooting to the ends of my fingertips, swirling in my belly and tickling my clit.

"Take your hands off me." he said again dangerously in my ear.

I let my body again go a bit limp against him, wanting him to continue but vaguely afraid my head might explode. My heart was thundering, my blood was pounding in my ears and I felt the slightest bit lightheaded.

"Doctor, hold me up, I feel like I'm going to faint."

I felt his strong arm come around my waist securing me to him, that was a relief at least.

"You're not going to faint, trust me, you're just getting accustomed to it. A rush of new sensations, activating dormant pathways in your brain, new hormones flooding in, your vascular and circulatory system rushing blood to places that are entirely new. Your body is just doing its own version of a hard reboot. You can do it, simply a matter of dominating the will and powering through. So, on we merrily proceed."

I heard his words. I understood them but I just didn't think I could do it.

"I can't process...I can't..."

"Yes, you can. We haven't even started yet. What happened to all that big, big talk about pegging our pretty asses?" He was stroking me gently yet firmly.

The cock, my cock felt so natural, like it had always been there and I finally felt what it meant to get hard. I saw and felt it gradually lengthen and stiffen by degrees. The Doctor was nibbling at my neck, kissing and sucking, every move, ever kiss, ever stroke urging me forward.

"Rory, can you see this?" he said stopping the intimate kisses he had been leaving on my face and neck to turn us a bit towards my husband. "Look who's got her first erection."

Rory practically leapt off the bed and wound up on his knees in front of me. He didn't ask, he didn't pause. He just wrapped his mouth around me and started sucking.

That was when I did a sort of scream, I hadn't intended to, it just came out. I shut my eyes tightly and quite inspite of myself went even more limp against the Doctor.

"Easy, easy, Amy." the Doctor soothed. "Come on, we'll help you get some control, we all had to learn. Rory, stop for second."

"I don't want control." I blurted out.

"But I just started!" he mumbled around my cock.

"I know, but it's her first time, she's a bit weak-kneed. I want to get her onto the bed."

Rory looked up apologetically and took his mouth away.

"Sorry, love, I'm just a bit carried away."

And then, it was like a switch flipped. Everything started to make a bit more sense and this feeling of calm washed over me. But not just calm, lust. All of a sudden Rory on his knees and the Doctor standing behind my, holding me about the waist were about the two most handsome and hottest things I'd ever seen. And I wanted them, I mean I wanted them badly. Not in the way I normally did, I didn't want to tease them and toy with them to get what I wanted. No, no wordplay not even any foreplay, I just wanted them fast and dirty, well maybe not fast.

"Don't apologize, on your feet soldier and bend over," I directed Rory narrowing my eyes at him and quirking a smile.

With his mouth gone from my cock it rose up, hard, to press itself against my belly and I wrapped my hand around it, stroking lazily.

Rory's eyes went wide and he seemed ready to comply with the invitation but the Doctors calm voice broke in.

"No, Rory, don't listen to her, she's flushed with hormones now." he actually sounded a little worried but I didn't really care. My blood was still racing through my body, my heart was a wild orchestral drum and when I looked at them all I saw was what I wanted. Is this why men acted so crazy all the time?

"Do you always feel this ravenously horny?" I asked them.

"Probably not exactly what you're feeling right now, Amy." the Doctor said...cautiously? I didn't know and didn't care. "The toys actually come in sizes and dosages. I got you a slightly above average size but I must not have paid precise attention to the accompanying dosage. My mastery of the Kreethin language is a bit rusty. Probably should have boned up a bit. Pun intended and immediately regretted." he rubbed his palms together worryingly.

"Meaning?" Rory asked.

"Meaning your wife has enough synthetic testosterone running through her right now to lift the TARDIS over her head. Or rather she thinks she does. It's not about strength really, it's about sex drive. Come on, Rory, we have to stay ahead of this. Wear her out."

"Now, that's what I'm talking about, wear me out, boys!" I said "I just want you both. I don't know how...I just...FUCK!" I leapt at the Doctor. He had to brace himself as he caught me unexpectedly. I kissed him a bit savagely and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Hold me up." I commanded him and with shocked eyes he obeyed. I leaned back a bit with his support and grabbed hold of his cock and my own. I started frotting us together, groaning and grunting at the contact.

"Rory!" I called out.

"Umm...yes?" he sounded a bit meek. I think it matched how the Doctor felt.

"Get over here and give me that cock of yours."

I reached my freehand behind me and relying on the Doctor to hold me up started masturbating Rory. I now had both their cocks in my hands and I moaned happy but eager and unsatisfied.

"Doctor, what's happening to me?" I asked as I shoved my tongue in his mouth. He tried to answer but I didn't let him come up for air at first.

Rory was groaning behind me, thrusting his cock in and out of my hand and I gave him an encouraging squeeze every now and then.

"Pond-" the Doctor began as I yanked my lips from his and gasped for air.

"I'm so hard, Doctor. Can you feel it? Rory felt it. His mouth was so warm and wet and I want it again but you pulled him away from me." I gave his cock a firm a squeeze to emphasize my point and he gasped.

"I did...I did...why did I do that? No! I know why, because we have to have some sort of order here, Amy."

"Mmmm order is no fun. You know what sounds like fun, laying you flat on your stomach, spreading those tight cheeks and making you groan like an animal. Hmmm? You want me to, don't you, Doctor? That's why you rushed us off to this planet. You've been dreaming about me taking you haven't you, Doctor. The good, kinky, Doctor would never, ever have the patience to be a boy who waited would he?"

He shook his head with an emphatic, 'No.' and I grinned at him.

I just as quickly turned my attention to Rory, shifting slightly in the Doctor's hold, trusting him to support me I caught Rory in my sights. God I could smell him, I could hear the blood pumping through his body and I finally knew how all that delicious pressure felt as it built up in his groin and cock.

"And you, husband. Keeping secrets of your own. You never told me you wanted something like this. Never even hinted about it. You want me to fuck you, Rory? You want my cock? This is a one night only thing. All reasonable offers accepted, no one will be turned down."

The Doctor tried in vain to gently shake me off but I clung to him like a sloth.

"Oh, I don't think so, Doctor. You can't get rid of me that easy! Because you know what? I just realized something."

"What's that?" they both asked in wary unison.

"I'm in charge. This is your fantasy, this is what you wanted. Your Amy, cock in hand and raring to go."

I slid down the Doctor's body and watched as he gulped, his mind calculating the implications.

"I'm ten feet tall and bulletproof boys and I'm really, really horny. Bed! Now! Both of you, on your backs and don't make me ask twice."

They both seemed a bit too shell shocked to even think of arguing with me and I watched with unbridled glee as they silently filed over to the bed and laid down.

Oh this was going to be fun, loads of proper, strange, wild fun. I put one hand on my hip and the other on my cock, surveying all I owned and giving them a promising smirk.

"Ok boys, here's where it gets a bit weird. Saddle up."

More to come later, obviously. I always need a smutty distraction when I'm writing something serious like "Epistolary". So, how did you like this? Reviews would be appreciated, welcomed and loved. Thanks for reading!