The Doctor withdrew his finger and gave Rory a smack on the arse.

"She's calling you, mate. Rory's a bit nervous." he teased.

"Shut are you!" Rory responded.

"Never said I wasn't."

"Boys, boys, you're both pretty and there's plenty of me to go around." I said as I beckoned to Rory again and soon he was on top of me. It felt good to have his lips on mine again and I ran my hands through his hair grabbing tufts and tugging lightly.

I felt the Doctor wrap his lubed hand around my cock, When he'd changed positions I didn't know.

"Amelia, spread your legs a bit more. Rory, sit up and then slowly ease back, I'm holding her for you."

Rory obliged, giving me one last kiss before slowly sitting up. The Doctors hand felt warm and strong around me and even just getting the tip of my cock inside Rory had me whoop in ecstasy.

"Easy...easy you two. Go slow. All the way down, Rory" the Doctor advised.

Rory sank down on me and hissed through clenched teeth.

"Damn it, you feel so real, Amy."

"I am real. For tonight I'm real. Now you just work those hips and look pretty, ok baby?"

He scoffed and then moaned and then did just that.

This angle was so wild. On my back, gazing up as my husband rode me, feeling him clench around me, watching his lovely face knowing he wanted to pump harder but was afraid he'd hurt me.

The Doctor was on his knees whispering a stream of words in Rory's ear, what sort of filth he was saying I couldn't even imagine but I so badly wanted to hear. He felt so good. My big, strong, Roman felt so good bouncing up and down on my cock.

I pushed myself on my elbows and the Doctor immediately left Rory's side to slide in behind me.

"Let me prop you up, love." he said and soon I was leaning back against his chest.

"My, so very helpful, aren't we?"

"That's my job. I'm the Doctor, I'm here to help."

He let his tongue, warm and wet trace the shell of my ear as he brought his palms up to cup my breasts.

Rory was moving on top of me faster than before, leaning his body backwards as he supported himself on straining arms. I watched the muscles in his abs tense and release with each stroke, I watched my cock disappear rhythmically inside him, I watched his mouth work wordlessly as he gasped for breath.

"That's it, fuck it, Rory. Take everything you want. Take all you can handle." I said.

I got it now, I got why they said things like that. I understood the power of someone getting off as they forced their body down onto yours again and again and again.

The Doctor nibbled at my neck making little Mmm Mmmm sounds of his own but he went deliciously silent when I whispered to him, "You're next."

I reached forward and gave Rory a loose handjob which helped to set him off.

"Amy fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Rory moaned and my toes curled happily at his words.

"Rory, let me change positions!" I said somewhat frantically. There was a lot of that tonight, really frantic decisions.

"Ok...ok..." he said with breathless reluctance. "How do you want me?"

"On your back. Legs in the air. Doctor, pillows now!" I said as Rory climbed off of me.

I sat up and scrambled to my knees as the Doctor handed me several pillows.

"Raise up, Rory. Hips up."

He obliged and raised his legs into the air as I wanted and I shoved the pillows beneath him. I grasped him by his ankles and thrust into him. My hair was plastered to my forehead with sweat, my breath coming out in puffs and pants as I powered into him again.

Rory was groaning with abandon, his face had gone a delightful shade of pink and he had two handfuls of the bed sheets.

"God...Doctor...she's...fucking hell...!"

The Doctor was at his side immediately, on his back as well, kissing him and nuzzling his face. I couldn't hear all of their conversation only an occasional words here and there.

"...really good..."

"Looking forward to it myself...I..."


"Don't be each other..."

'...really taken to it..."

"Like a duck to water..."

I watched as the Doctor made light scratches over Rory abs and chest and he sucked on his earlobe. That combined with my cock seemed to do him in.

"Amy, I'm coming...come inside me, please."

The Doctor's mouth eclipsed Rory's cock as he came. He gripped me from inside and I orgasmed inside him, coming to rest briefly against his still raised legs. The Doctor gave Rory a lazy blowjob and I stepped out of the way so he could lower his legs and so I could watch. As rumor had it, (Rumor strictly from Rory, mind you) the Doctor gave fantastic blowjobs. His mouth was, as my husband called it, "artful"

"I don't care how many centuries he's been travelling around the universe, Amy. He has devoted at least ten of those years to perfecting his oral least ten."

He'd said that in front of the Doctor one night as we'd lay there in post coital bliss. He'd blushed at the compliment and tweaked Rory's nose.

Now, I wanted to try him out...well after a bit of a rest.

Rory was whimpering as the Doctor brought him to another less intense orgasm.

"Please, Doctor...I can't...not again." he said begging for him to remove his lips.

"Alright, Rory, though why we can't push things I'll never know. Why would half of your species be multi-orgasmic but the other half not. That simply doesn't make sense. I could train you, you know."

Rory motioned for both of us to come into his arms, we did and he nuzzled the Doctor's face.

"You want to train me, do you?"

"I think you could do with some, yes Rory, all humans could."

"What kind of training are we talking about?" I said stroking Rory's chest.

"Oh, I'm totally open, a little orgasm denial, a little light bondage, a little not-so-light bondage. Would you like to crawl for me, Rory? A pretty black buckle around your neck?"

Rory chuckled and kissed the Doctor.

"Maybe, love."

"What about you, Amy? Could you do with some corrective spanking?"

I shivered a little remembering the few times he'd taken me over his knee. I never quite knew when it was coming. It was a wonderful role play that would pop up out of nowhere. The last time we'd gotten back from an adventure I'd gone off to shower, Rory to make dinner and when I'd come out of the bathroom the Doctor was sitting on my bed.

"You scared me!"

"You know you have to answer for what you did today." He'd said and I felt a thrill run up my spine.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked. I'd been holding my dressing gown loosely closed but at that point I'd let it fall open.

His eyes had then roamed over my body, still damp from the shower.

"You most certainly did and now you have to be punished."

"Anything you say, Doctor." I said slinking towards him.

"Wait a minute, before I put you over my knee, get your toy."

I had to stop myself from leaping in the air. Not only a spanking but a toy as well!

"Which one, Doctor?" I'd said opening the drawer near our bed.

"Just pick one, Amelia. I haven't got all day!"

I'd grabbed one, dropped my robe and lay across his lap.

I loved this game. I loved it even more when the Doctor's broad hand connected with my arse as he expressed his disapproval with me. And I liked it most of all when Rory walked in and saw me, face flushed, and pink bottomed as the Doctor worked a toy in and out of my pussy. Best. Punishment. Ever.

"She's gone off into a fantasy, I think." I heard Rory say with a laugh.

"Trust Pond to drift off into a sex fantasy in the middle of having sex. Amy!?"

"What sorry, I was a million miles away."

"Obviously." Rory said.

I reached across my husband and touched the Doctor's chin.

"Ready to put those lips to work on something other than talking."

The Doctor looked hesitant.

"Actually, I was hoping...could we..."

"He'd like to get started with the main event, I believe." Rory said helpfully.

I looked at the Doctor sympathetically. He really was nervous.

"Come here, you." I said beckoning to him. "Out of the way, Williams." I said giving Rory an affectionate shove.

"That's right, use me for my body and toss me aside." Rory said as he scooted out of the way.

The Doctor crawled across the bed and into my arms. He started kissing me softly but insistently.

"I really want you." I whispered to him. "I don't know if I've ever wanted you so badly and that's saying a lot, trust me."

"Well, have me." he replied softly. He easily turned us over so I was on top. I wanted to worship him the way he did mine. I started kissing up, starting at his hips bones, then up his stomach, letting my breasts graze across his erection. He groaned and let his fingers run through my hair. I continued nipping at his ribcage, running my tongue over his nipples, happy to never let him know where I was going next. I returned to his neck, kissing the stubbly skin there before giving him a lick behind his ear.

Finally, I was ready, ready to have him, ready to claim him for my own.

I grabbed the lube and without breaking eye contact popped the top and drizzled a few drops onto my cock. I lazily ran my hand over it, feeling the slickness, imagining sliding easily inside him.

I thought he'd be chatty, goading, teasing but instead he was silent, eager but patient and just the slightest bit submissive which from the Doctor is incredibly submissive. I kissed him, hungrily and sweetly and positioned myself just outside his entrance, insistently pressing in.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yes, Amy."

I pushed in...slowly. I wasn't bigger than Rory, I'd checked, but I was still worried about hurting him. He was just so goddamn tight.

"Oh, Doctor, is my cock too big for you?" I cooed half teasing half serious in his ear. "Want me to take some out?"

"No." he grunted.

"I see why Rory is so fond of you. You're so tight and warm. Tell me what I can do for you, Doctor."

It was easier to start a rhythm now that I was accustomed to it with Rory.

"Kiss me." he said softly.

I did as he asked, bringing my pelvis against his. I felt his erection, hard and firm against my abdomen.

"This is sooooo wizard." the Doctor groaned. "I've done a my life...but I've never, ever...done this."

"Complaints?" I asked.

"No, no, no...just a little deeper, love."

"Am I not hitting it for you, Doctor?" I said furrowing my brow.

"Not complaining, you feel wonderful I just-"

"Hang on," I said. I stilled inside him and he wiggled beneath me wanting me to continue. I adjusted my position and reached both hands for the headboard. "I think maybe I need the proper leverage."

Using the headboard as support I pulled out of him slightly and then thrust in again.

A soft high pitched whimper of pleasure escaped his lips. He tightened around me and opened his legs a bit wider.

"That's it, Amy, that's it. Oh, please fuck me." he begged. It felt so good, so powerful, so sexy to have him beg me. I started pumping into him and the Doctor reached up to cup my breasts.

He shut his eyes and to each one of my movement he made a little; "Mmmphh." sound.

"Come on, Doctor. You blokes always like to have your egos flattered mid coitus. Tell me how good I'm doing."

"You're doing so good." he said promptly. "Fuck me, Amy."

"Are you going to come for me?"

"Not yet, not yet, not yet." he murmured.

God, this wasn't easy. Did blokes have some extra muscles in their backs or hips or something? And the upper arm strength, blimey! I was panting, breathless, sweaty and when I started to slow down he gave me a smack on the bottom encouraging me to continue.

It felt fantastic but I had to stop for a second.

"Can we switch positions, Doctor?" I asked.

"We can do anything you like, Amy."

Oh he was putty in my hands now. Ooey-gooey and oh so pliable. I could have asked him anything.

"Can I get you on your stomach?"

"Umm gladly."

I noted the hesitation but he didn't really protest.

I pulled out reluctantly and as he made to turn over I gruffly told him to, Hurry up.

He looked at me a bit unsure, glancing over his shoulder, so vulnerable. Manipulation or not it made my heart ache a bit.

I bridged my body over his and whispered to him quietly.

"Only what you're comfortable with. You know I love you."

He nodded.

"Love you, too. I'm fine, really."

I eased inside him again moaning at the feeling.

"Doctor...this may be one of the best ideas you've ever, ever had."

"I agree. Fuck...spank her Rory, it gets her going."

Rory's obliging hand connected with my bottom and it did indeed spur me on, resting my weight on the Doctor I didn't have to worry about supporting myself. I could go deeper and move faster. I hit his prostate and felt him tighten around me.

"That good?"


"Little bit louder, Oncoming Storm, all I heard was a whimper."

"Yes, Amy, yes." he managed but I could tell it wasn't easy for him. I watched him grab a handful of bedsheet. I kept up a steady rhythm as Rory smacked my ass enthusiastically.

"Don't slow down, Amy, he's getting pretty close." Rory said.

"So am I." I grunted out.

"You know what he likes. He likes a bit of a hip swivel every few thrusts." Rory advised excitedly.

I took his advice and the Doctor responded immediately his breath coming out in a rush as he started to push back against me.

I interlocked my fingers with his and slowed my thrusts just when he wanted me to speed up.

First he protested.

"No, Amy..."

Then he started to beg.

"Please, please..."

"Pleading are we?" I swiveled my hips again and he shoved his face in the pillow and let out a kind of muffled yelp.

I loved this. Loved having a cock. Loved having my two boys begging for it and if this was about to end, then I wanted it to end with a bang.

"Come on, Doctor. Hands and knees."

He scrambled to obey and I gripped his hips and started pumping into him with gustow. His head lowered his hair flopped with each movement from me and I watched as the most delightful red flush crept up to color his neck. His torso, his back, the curve of his shoulders, the movement of his shoulder blades, it was all so beautiful, I could watch him like this forever.

I pulled back a bit just so I could imprint the image of my cock moving in and out of him in my brain. Who knew when or if this would happen again.

"So tight, Doctor. You're going to make me come. Do you want to come first."

"Please..." he said but it was barely more than a breathy request.

I angled my hand to grasp his cock and started stroking him in counterpoint to my thrusts. He went silent and then there were a series of "Ahhh aahh ahhh..." rising higher and higher. I felt him flex both in my hand and around my cock as he came. His body cycling through phases of tensing and relaxing before he finally went a sated limp.

"Come, Amy." Rory said slipping his hand between my legs. He put two fingers around my swollen clit, worrying it between them.

"God knows you've earned it." the Doctor said hoarsely still positioned on all fours.

Now I had both pressures swirling inside of me and I kept pumping into the Doctor all the while grinding on Rory's hand. I don't know which part of me came first and I didn't care. This gave a whole new meaning to multiple orgasms. It seemed to go on forever. It seemed like it wouldn't ever stop and I started to not care if this was the way I died.

Then I got what felt like brain freeze and then I don't remember anything else, until I woke up cradled between Rory and the Doctor on the bed.

I opened my mouth to speak and coughed instead, then I tried again.

"Was I dreaming?" I asked weakly.

The Doctor smiled and the concerned look on Rory's face melted away.

"You see, I told you she'd be fine." The Doctor said.

"What happened? I had a dream that I-" I lifted up the covers which were pulled up to our chests and peeked down at myself. Nope, there was actually a penis there. "Ok, that wasn't a dream."

"No, Amy, it wasn't a dream." Rory laughed and turning my chin up to him he kissed me.

"What happened?" I asked again as the Doctor kissed my cheek.

"You got stuck in an orgasm loop. It can happen, one of the side effects of the toy. All better now though, dear." The Doctor said as if that sentence was in any way normal.

"I remember a splitting headache but I also remember having the best orgasm of my life."

"The Doctor did a sort of mind meld on you and then you went limp and we put you to bed." Rory said. "You're sure you're ok?"

I stretched and felt a few tight and over used muscle protest but other than that I felt fantastic.

"I'm good, Rory. Don't worry about me."

A flood of memories came back to me, sights sounds, scents and sensations and I felt a flush rise to my cheeks as I let a contented sigh escape my lips.

"The Doctor said that would happen too."


"Everything would come back to you in a rush and from the way you're grinning I think it just happened."

I laughed but didn't answer as I ran a finger down my husbands chest.

"So, did you boys enjoy yourselves?"

They both laughed, shyly but enthusiastically.

"Enjoy doesn't begin to cover it." Rory answered.

"I think after a shag like that the least I can do is get out of bed and go make you a sandwich." The Doctor responded cheekily.

"Boy's, if either of you can walk after that I don't deserve a sandwhich."

They again laughed heartily this time at my bravado and I joined them.

"But instead, I think I'd rather just have a rest." I said trying to suppress a yawn and failing. "I have to hand it to you, that's actually a lot of work."

"Tell us something we don't know."

I was exhausted, happy, but exhausted and I fell asleep between them, soundly. In fact I think one of them may have been mid sentence but I just didn't have the energy to keep my eyes open.

I awoke a few hours later, still halfway between dreams and consciousness.

The orgasm came upon me suddenly, propelled by nothing at all, it was full body, shaking. There was nowhere to touch myself because I wanted my hands everywhere. I arched off the bed, and tried to yank the covers down. My hands fumbled with the movement and finally I didn't care. I just allowed myself to sink into the waves of this unexplained climax and dfrift away with it.

When it subsided I was finally able to feel comforting hands and kisses on my face, neck, shoulders and breasts.

"Alright, Pond?" the Doctor said softly.

"Yeah...hell of a way to wake up. What was that?"

"That was the toy saying farewell." Rory answered. "Here, have a look."

He lifted the blankets and sure enough my cock was gone, like it had never been there at all. Honestly I felt a bit sad, I was gonna miss it. I ran my hand from my abdomen down to where it had been and felt nothing but my own skin.

"Ok, excitements over, nothing more to see. Back to bed, Ponds."

I snuggled between them both, satisfied and enormously pleased with myself.

"Doctor, we'll get to do that again, right?" I asked him.

"Yes, Amy."

"Rory, I'd like to have you on all fours as well."

"Yes, Amy." he answered.

"See how much fun we have, Doctor when you just listen to me? You should really listen to me more often."

He raised a finger to his lips and shushed me.

"You're so greedy." he said but I could see the twinkle in his eyes. "Goodnight, Pond."

"Goodnight, boys."

He was right of course, I was unapologetically greedy when it came to them. The way I figured it, Rory and I were pretty lucky. The Doctor never exactly advertised that this was on the menu, it doesn't exactly show up on the whole wibbly-wobbley-timey-wimey itenerary, but when he says he's willing to take us wherever we want, he's not kidding.

Well that was it, the third and final part of Futa-Amy. Hope you've enjoyed it, I know I did! Leave a review if you're feeling generous. :) And thanks for reading!