In my last story, If This Be Godhood, I stripped Light Yagami of the Death Note via a dream sequence and gave him the power of Persona. But the Death Note has still dropped into the human world and someone new has picked it up. Thus this sequel, I Reject It, picks up where the last one left off. I'm going to start this off with my game plan for the story. You may remember in my last story how all the chapters were named for the Major Arcana, meaning that there would be twenty-two chapters (making some chapters longer than others). The chapters in this story will be named after episodes of the Death Note anime (that means there will be thirty-seven chapters total). Now since Light is no longer Kira, I've taken the liberty of interjecting an original character of my own design, based off certain events from the anime. He'll have the same mindset as Light, more or less, to facilitate him attempting to reign as the god of a new world. I'll be using specific quotations to indicate certain things:

"Ordinary talking"

'Character is thinking'

'Character is using a phone'

"Character is on TV"

"Shinigami is talking"

'Shinigami is thinking'

"Character is using a voice filter"

Naturally during the course of this story there will be some different events, most of them caused by Light being accompanied by his friends from Inaba. I plan on being a bit more descriptive when first introducing a character so people get a better idea of what they look like (might give me more views, who knows). I do not, however, plan on altering my writing style. It's how I do things. I've also decided to replace the "last time/next time" bits with "Death Note: how to use it" segments, two per chapter as shown in the anime episode of the same name. As a reminder, the pairing withing the Investigation Team are Yu/Yukiko, Light/Rise, Yosuke/Chie, Kanji/Naoto, and Teddie/Labrys. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that do not own anything from either Death Note or Persona 4, and just to be safe I will be reminding you every chapter. Well, enough exposition, let's get this chuck wagon moving.

"The human whose name is written in this note shall die."

Chapter 1: Rebirth

The Shinigami Realm. A place wrapped in eternal darkness, littered with nothing but rocks and bones. This world is inhabited by a number of bizarre, albeit humanoid, beings known as the shinigami. Many of these unusual creatures were lounging around, a couple of them snoring. Two of them, however, were engrossed in a small game of sorts. One of them, Deridovely, was a dirty gray color with a mummified body. He had several bandages covering his arms and legs and had bone coverings on his shoulders and face, with thick black hair that stuck out behind him. The other one, Gook, was fully wrapped in bandages. He wore fur coverings on his shoulders and hips with a crest on his stomach. His head resembled an antelope skull with red, piercing eyes.

As their game continued, Gook rubbed his head in frustration. "What is this? You get a pair of sleeping skulls now?" Deridovely chuckled. "Looks I win again Gook. Sorry, better luck next time." He adjusted the scythe he carried then looked over to another shinigami who was nearby. "Hey Ryuk, why don't you come join us?" Ryuk was covered up to his shoulders in a black, leather-like suit with tufts of fur on his shoulders. His head and neck had the appearance of being haphazardly stitched to his shoulders, and was pale white in comparison to the rest of him. His face was almost human-like, with his mouth stretched into a jester-like grin. His eyes were black-rimmed, and his hair was as jet black as his body and stuck straight up.

Ryuk looked over to the other two and said, "No thanks. I'll pass." It was easy to tell how bored he was. He looked out upon the desolate landscape and sighed. 'Everyday, the same useless crap. Even my games with Gook and Deridovely do little to relieve the boredom. There must be some interesting way to pass the time here.' He then got an idea. Getting up, he walked off. "I'll rejoin you guys in a bit. I think I'll go have a talk with the Old Man." Deridovely and Gook looked at each other. "You don't think he's gonna try and trick the Old Man into giving him a second Death Note do you?," Deridovely asked. Gook shook head. "No way. Even Ryuk's not that boneheaded."

Daikoku Private Academy, a school like any other in Japan. While most of the students in a philosophy class were talking to each or playing games on hand-held devices, Kisuke Kitamura was listening intently. He was average build and average height, with short auburn hair that was always neat and tidy. Behind his small rimmed reading glasses were a pair of deep green eyes. He wore the usual Daikoku Academy uniform for boys, light brown dress pants and coat, black dress shoes, white dress shirt and red tie. He was rather good looking, and often got more than a few stares from passing ladies. As the teacher continued his lesson, he said, "Light, would you please translate the following sentence into English?"

Kisuke looked behind him to see a rather bored looking individual, his rival Light Yagami. Light wore the same uniform Kisuke did, and had the same build though he was slightly taller. He had light brown hair that was more mopped, though still fairly neat, and had eyes to match. Unlike Kisuke he didn't wear glasses, and was considered to be just as good-looking as Kisuke if not moreso. Light stood up and picked up a copy of the book the teacher had been reading from. In perfect English, Light read, "Follow the teachings of God, and receive his blessings." The other students stared in amazement at Light's performance. The teacher nodded. "Very good Light, not that I'm surprised of course."

Kisuke sighed. 'I'm always coming just second to him. Oh well.' As the class ended, Kisuke walked over to Light. "So," he said, "You going to cram school?" Light shook his head. "I promised my girlfriend I'd take her out for dinner." Kisuke looked at him. "Geez, ever since you moved out to the boonies it seems like you slack off more than usual. Yet your grades are as high as ever." "Just because Inaba is a rural community doesn't make it 'the boonies'," Light said, "Besides, living there the past year really taught me a lot." Kisuke had read all about how Light and his friends from Inaba had solved an unusual murder case in that town.

As Kisuke walked outside, he sighed to himself. 'He's dating a popular idol. He's able to keep his grades up no matter how much he slacks off. I'm always just one step behind him. I'm easily as smart as he is and actually pay attention in school. This contest of ours is getting boring, and I'm pretty sure he's not even paying attention to it anymore.' As he walked through the academy grounds, he found something that had dropped on the ground. Picking it up, he saw it was a thin black notebook. He noted the words on the front cover. "'Death Note', huh? I wonder what this is about." He opened up the notebook and saw there was more writing inside the front cover. "'The human whose name is written in the notebook shall die'. Is this some sort of prank?" He looked around, then stuffed the notebook into his bag. "I guess it couldn't hurt to take it home and examine it further." And with that, he walked off.

When Kisuke got home, he examined the writing on the inside cover more closely. "'This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore people sharing the same name will not be affected. If the cause of death is written within the next forty seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next six minutes and forty seconds.' Wow, that's pretty elaborate, even for a prank. So depending on the person you want to kill, you can either do it painlessly or torture them a little."

He leaned back in his chair. 'My curiosity tells me to try it at least once. But, on the off chance this isn't a prank, would that mean I'm now a murderer?' He decided to turn on the small TV in his room. "We're here with a live broadcast outside a local elementary school. Moments ago the teachers and children inside were held hostage at gunpoint by forty-eight-year-old Kurou Otoharada, currently unemployed. No motive has been given yet for his actions and negotiations are expected to begin soon." Kisuke put a hand to his chin. "Problems like this crop up all the time. It's like this world is rotting from the inside out." He looked at the picture of Otoharada.

The man looked middle-aged, with signs of wrinkles already appearing. He had dirty brown hair that seemed to cling to his face, and beady black eyes. "Write someone's name while thinking of their face huh?," Kisuke said, "Well, why not a criminal?" He took a pen off his desk and wrote Otoharada's name in the Death Note as it appeared on the screen. After he finished, he kept an eye on the clock. "Thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty." He then waited, knowing he wouldn't get his answer immediately. After a bit the newsman said, "Hold on. It... It looks like the hostages are coming out of the building. The special forces are moving in. We presently have no word if the suspect has been captured. Wait... Okay, I've just been informed that the suspect has been found dead. Witnesses are saying the suspect just collapsed on the ground and died."

Kisuke's eyes widened. "I don't believe it. He really died, and probably from a heart attack." 'Still, considering Otoharada's age, he probably received the heart attack naturally. If I'm gonna know for sure if this Death Note is for real, I need to test the other rules as well. However, I can't just go killing off people left and right. I need to pick my next victim very carefully.' He thought for a minute. 'Why not just kill another criminal? But it can't be one that's too well known, or his death will be covered up in the media. I need to see results right away. After cram school I'll walk around town. There's always one or two degenerates preying on innocent civilians at night.'

That night, Kisuke walked into a convenience store and waited. He made sure to hide the Death Note in a magazine and pretended to read it, careful to keep it out of view. It didn't take long for a prospective individual to appear. A man riding on a motorcycle appeared in front of a young woman, followed by his gang. The man was dressed in the usual biker gear, with the black leather pants and boots, black shirt, and biker jacket. He wore a bike helmet and black sunglasses as well. He had a slight muscular build but sitting as he was it was difficult to tell his height. His dirty brown hair came down to shoulder length and was rather unkempt, and he had a medium overbite. He eyed the young woman with an animal hunger. "Hey there little lady, why don't you come party with us big boys for a while?"

"That's Taku for you," one of the other gang members said, "He can always spot a hottie a mile away." Taku pulled down his glasses, showing his beady black eyes. "Name's Takuo Shibuimaru. How about you entertain me and my boys tonight?" Kisuke was glad Takuo had said his name out loud. Pulling out a pen, he wrote in the Death Note, "Takuo Shibuimaru, traffic accident. While attempting to assault a young woman, she escapes and dashes across the street. Takuo attempts to give chase, but is run over by a truck before he can reach her and dies instantly." 'Now to wait and watch.' It didn't take long. As Takuo tried to restrain the woman and have one of his boys strip her down, she broke free and ran as fast she could. Takuo started his motorcycle to give chase. But before he could finish crossing the street to follow her, a truck came barreling down the street and struck him hard, sending blood and scrap metal flying everywhere.

Kisuke's eyes widened. 'Well that proves it. The Death Note is real. Which means I've just killed two people.' He waited until the gang had gone over to check on their dead leader, then ran out of the convenience store and into a nearby ally. 'This all seems so surreal. I really did it. I really killed those men. They were criminals sure, but who am I to judge the lives of others?' A heavy rainfall started, and Kisuke started to have an epiphany. 'Or maybe... Maybe I am in the right position to judge these people. When you start thinking about it, this world is full of people who commit these horrible crimes and ruin the lives of honest, hard-working individuals. People filled with hopes and dreams cut down by murderous individuals only out for themselves, business going bankrupt due to embezzlers. They all deserve to die, and I have the means to do it. With this Death Note, I can change the world!'

Misa Amane sat in a courtroom a few days later, attending the trial of the man who had killed her parents. Misa was a beautiful young woman, with blonde hair done up in pigtails and clear blue eyes topped with a modest amount of eyeliner. She was dressed in a black Lolita outfit, with a short frilled skirt and stripped stockings. Her blouse showed modest cleavage, and her lips were covered in thick red lipstick. She looked to the girl sitting next to her and said, "Thanks for coming Rise." Rise Kujikawa was Misa's best friend and a fellow pop idol. She was a little shorter than Misa, and had reddish-brown hair hair that was also done in pigtails, with matching eyes. She wore an white turtleneck covered in an orange shirt with puffy sleeves, as well as matching frill skirt and knee-high stockings. Unlike Misa she wasn't wearing any make-up.

"Hey, it's the least I can do," Rise said, "I just hope this ends in a favorable conclusion. I hear that sleazeball defense attorney the culprit hired is trying to get a lesser sentence of manslaughter. Still, you shouldn't worry. I sure he'll be found guilty." Misa nodded, but still looked forlorn. Unfortunately, it seemed the defense attorney was able to help his client, to a degree. The judge handed down a lesser sentence of manslaughter, and the defendant was led away in handcuffs, a smug, arrogant look on his face. That look soon gave way to pain though, as the defendant suddenly clutched his chest and collapsed to the ground. The bailiffs quickly sent for a medic, but it was too late. The defendant was already dead from what appeared to be a heart attack.

Misa stood there, not believing what just happened. "How could that have happened?," she asked aloud, "He's way too young to die like that." Rise narrowed her eyes, not liking the way things had turned out. 'A criminal dying of a heart attack. But how? I know for a fact Light wouldn't do this, not anymore. Could a Death Note really be involved?' She looked to see that the prosecutor was also in a state of shock, before giving a slight smile. It was as if he thought God had struck down the defendant in an act of righteous judgement. 'Something's not right here,' Rise thought, 'I think Light should know about this.'

In the Shinigami Realm, Ryuk sat at his usual spot. "It's been about five days now. I should probably get going." Deridovely turned his head to him and said, "You plan on going somewhere Ryuk? You do know our whole world looks like this right?" Ryuk nodded. "That's true, but I dropped my Death Note. I need to go find it soon." Gook and Deridovely laughed when they heard this. "You really are absent-minded sometimes Ryuk," Gook said, "But didn't you already trick the Old Man into giving you a second Death Note? Don't tell me you dropped both of them." "Nope," Ryuk said, "Just the one. And I dropped it in the human world." Gook and Deridovely looked at each other in surprise.

Ryuk approached the column of light that was the portal between the human world and the Shinigami Realm. Normally shinigami were forbidden from ever entering the human world unless they had a very good reason, and dropping one's Death Note in the human world qualified. However, unless a human had picked up that Death Note the shinigami could not stay in that world and had to return after seventy-two hours. However, Ryuk felt sure someone had to have picked up the Death Note he dropped by now. Growing a pair of black wings out of his back, he flew through the portal and into the human world. "I wonder what sort of human picked up my Death Note. I gotta say, I can't wait to meet them."

Kisuke got home and took of his shoes before entering the hallway leading to his bedroom. Under his arm was the result of the nation-wide exam. 'Light beats me yet again. I always come second place to him. Still, there is one thing I have he doesn't.' He walked into his room and turned on his desk lamp, then opened one of the drawers in his desk and took out the Death Note. Opening it up, he smiled and chuckled to himself as he gazed upon the large amount of names he had written in it. "You seem to have taken quite a liking to that notebook," came a voice from beside him. Kisuke turned to see Ryuk standing there in the room. "Gah," he screamed as he tripped over his chair and fell to the floor.

"Hey now, there's no need to get so worked up. I am the shinigami Ryuk. That notebook you have used to belong to me. Judging from your laughter, I'm assuming you already realized this is no ordinary notebook." Kisuke calmed down and got up. "I see. A shinigami, or god of death. I had a feeling you'd show up sooner or later." "Oh really?," Ryuk said, a little surprised. Kisuke nodded. "At first I thought it was some sort of elaborate prank. But after testing it a couple times, I know. This Death Note is for real. So, Ryuk, now that you're here what happens next?" Ryuk chuckled. "That's up to you now. I don't know if you were expecting something crazy like I take away your soul or anything, but that Death Note is rightfully yours now. Of course, if you don't want it you can always give it to someone else. But if you do, I'll have to erase all your memories of the Death Note."

Kisuke picked up the Death Note. "So this is mine now, huh? That means I can use it without any consequence?" Ryuk nodded. "Almost. Let's just say you will feel the pain and sadness that only those who have used the Death Note feel. Also, any human who has used the Death Note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell for eternity. So you have something to look forward to when you die." Just then, the door to Kisuke's room jiggled. "Huh?," came his mom's voice, "That's strange. Why is the door locked? Kisuke, are you in there?" Kisuke looked a little worried about answering for fear of his mother seeing Ryuk, but Ryuk said, "It'll be alright. Go ahead and answer it."

Hiding the Death Note under his bed, Kisuke opened the door for his mother, Yuna Kitamura. She was rather pretty for a middle-aged woman, wearing a green blouse and matching dress skirt. Her long auburn hair was similar to Kisuke's, but she had dark purple eyes. "Why are you here in the dark Kisuke?," she asked her son, "You keep that up and you'll need new glasses." Kisuke seemed surprised. Yuna was looking into the room behind him and seemed to ignore Ryuk, despite his size. "Anyway," she said, "I brought up some fresh apples from the market. You should try some." Kisuke nodded and took the basket of apples from her. He closed the door, locked it, then set the basket down on the desk before sitting in his chair.

"So what was that all about?," he asked Ryuk, "My mother acted like she couldn't even see you." "She couldn't," Ryuk said as he picked up one of the apples, "Don't forget that used to be my Death Note, so the only one who can see or hear me is you. Basically the Death Note acts as a link between Kisuke, the human, and Ryuk, the shinigami." He bit into the apple and his eyes lit up. Greedily he began munching on the other apples until they were all gone. "Ah, that hit the spot. Apples in the human world are worth the trip. There so... What's the best word... Juicy?" He looked at the Death Note and picked it up. "Interesting. I've heard of Death Notes finding their way into the human world before, but you're the first person to write this many names."

Kisuke looked at Ryuk. "Can I ask you an important question? Why drop your Death Note in the human world in the first place? You even took the time to write specific instructions." Ryuk looked at him. "You really wanna know? I was bored, that's all. These days the shinigami have nothing to do. We usually spend our time sleeping or gambling. If a shinigami takes the time to write a name in his Death Note, he gets ridiculed for working too hard. We can't kill each other using our Death Notes, and since we can't normally see into the human world it brings us no joy to kill humans. So I finally decided to come here to the human world." He looked back at the Death Note and noticed something. "Say, why'd you only write the cause of death for the man who was hit by the truck?"

Kisuke smiled. "If you don't write the cause of death the person will just die of a heart attack right? That may be the best thing about the Death Note. You see, I've been bored too. So I've decided, I'll use the Death Note to cleanse this world of all criminals. I'll get people to notice me, to see who I am. It won't be long before the people of the world take notice. They'll see that there is someone out there who is passing righteous judgement upon the wicked. I started with the worst criminals I could think of, and eventually exhausted the list of the world's major criminals. Eventually I'll kill them all. And when that day comes, the world can start to move in the right direction. It'll be a brand new world, populated by those I have judged to honest, hard-working individuals."

"What's the point of all that?," Ryuk asked, "If you did that, there would still be one bad person left, yourself." Kisuke laughed gently. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm just your average high school honor student. One of Japan's best and brightest." He smiled. "And I intend to become the god of a new world." Ryuk smiled as he clenched his fist. 'It's as I thought. Humans are such interesting creatures. Now I know coming here was the right decision. Very well Kisuke, I'll sit back and watch you go about your work, maybe even assist every now and again. But when it's finally time for you to die, I'll write your name in my own Death Note. We'll see how long that takes, and if you succeed before that time.'

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"This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore people sharing the same name will not be affected."

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