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"All humans will, without exception, eventually die."

Chapter 37: New World

A minute passed, then two. Nothing. Matsuda stopped covering his head. "We're... We're all still alive." Mikami looked positively flabbergasted. "But why...?" He turned to Kisuke. "God, I did everything you asked me! So why aren't they all dead?!" Kisuke simply hung his head. 'I see. So there is something I've forgotten along the way.' Before Mikami could make another move, Kanji quickly restrained him and handcuffed him. "Commander Rester," Near said, "The notebook please." Rester took the Death Note from Mikami and handed it over to Near. After looking at the names, he turned the notebook around so everyone could see. "I can confirm that the first four names written are the names of the SPK members. The next four are the task force detectives, followed by the Inaba team members. The only name not written..."

Kisuke adjusted his glasses. "Is mine. I won't hide it. Not after Mikami just called me God, and after declaring my own victory. Looks like somewhere along the way I screwed up. So yeah, I'm Kira. But before we move on, could you at least tell me how you were able to evade my plan?" Near nodded. "To be honest, you almost won. We wound up doing everything you expected us to do, and altered the fake notebook. But when I said I had the notebook modified, I was also talking about the real one. In the case of the fake, we replaced part of it. But with the real one, we replaced the whole thing." He pulled an exact duplicate of the Death Note out of his shirt. "This is the real notebook."

He set in on the ground, and Kisuke could see that it was an almost exact copy. "I don't know which of you made that, but I guess it was good enough to fool even Mikami." Near smiled. "Thanks. Gevanni does have a talent with these things. He was able to get it done in less than a day." Kisuke adjusted his glasses. "Well that explains why no one's died yet. But how did you even find the real notebook?" "It was because of Takada's death," Near said, "You see, Mello was actually helping us voluntarily when he kidnapped her." Gevanni stepped forward. "I've been following Mikami for the past month. He only goes to the bank on the first of every month. So when he took a second trip three days ago, I thought it was suspicious. This was the only time he ever seemed concerned someone might be following him."

Kisuke closed his eyes. "His safe deposit box." "That's right," Near said, "And inside we found the real notebook, along with this name." He picked up the Death Note and pointed out Takada's name. It had her dying one minute after the time Kisuke had written. "Of course," Near said, "Since I've touched this notebook, I could see the shinigami standing behind you." "Oh," Ryuk said, "I didn't realize. To be honest, up until now I was sure you were going to die. Nice to meet you, I'm Ryuk." "Hello Ryuk," Near said, "I'm Near." He held up the Death Note. "I see some pieces missing from the pages. Tell me, if you were to write someone's name on just a piece of the notebook, would they still die?" Ryuk chuckled. "Oh yeah, doesn't even matter how small the piece is, as long as you can write the person's full name."

Kisuke pulled of his watch and tossed it to Near. "That watch has a secret to it. Pull the middle knob four times in less than a second." Near did so and the secret compartment popped out. "So, this is how you were able to kill Higuchi four years ago. And how you were able to secretly kill Takada. I guess not telling Mikami about this watch was your biggest mistake." "No," Kisuke said, "My biggest mistake was killing Lind L. Tailor, the man L had stand-in for him during that media broadcast. That was the only time during this whole thing I ever lost my temper. If I hadn't done that, I could have continued my work uninhibited." Just then, Mikami stabbed himself in the stomach with his own fountain pen.

Kisuke sighed as he sat down on some nearby steps. "He must have realized the game is over. I'd imagine he's devastated at seeing his God defeated, even more so at seeing him admit defeat. So, what now?" Near considered it. "Well, we were supposed to have Kira put to death. However, you seem to have acknowledged your defeat. I was going to have these notebook burned anyway, and without them we can't prove you were Kira." Ryuk smirked. "Once those Death Note's go up, Kisuke's memories of them will be gone. Too bad, I was starting to enjoy it here. But hey, at least I relieved my boredom, even if only for a little while." "Near," Rester said, "If we're letting Kisuke off the hook because of his lost memories, then who do we say is Kira?"

"We can push the blame onto Mikami," Near said, "It's true enough, and he's too dead to care right now. We'll also say he hired Higuchi as the Second Kira, and killed him when he was no longer useful." Ryuk turned back to Kisuke. "Well, it's been fun, and I've definitely had some laughs. Guess it's good-bye forever this time, huh?" Kisuke nodded. "Yeah... I suppose so... Oh wait! There's something I never figured out. How did Raye Penber survive? I remember writing his name as well." "You can thank Teddie for that," Light said, "Since he's the Shadow King, he can have the shadows of others possess people to protect them from certain death. He also the same trick on L and Mello." Kisuke blinked, then giggled. "Oh man, your friends are full of surprises Light."

Misa was waiting at the hotel room that the SPK had set her up in. 'Kisuke... I hope nothing terrible happened to him.' Just then, she heard a knock on the door. Going to answer it, she smiled widely when she saw Kisuke standing there. After Near burned the only two Death Notes left in the human world, Kisuke's memories of the Death Note vanished, leaving Kira gone forever. "Kisuke!," Misa said as she embraced her fiancee, "You're safe..." Kisuke nodded. "Yeah. We managed to catch Kira. Weird thing, but for some reason a lot of the investigation is just a blur to me." Misa giggled. "Maybe you're just growing absent-minded. So, who did Kira turn out to be?" Kisuke walked into the hotel room and sat down. "A prosecutor named Teru Mikami."

Misa put a finger to her lips. "I think I know that name... Oh yeah, he was the prosecutor at the trial of the person who killed my parents." Kisuke nodded. "Yeah, but it turns out he went power-mad. If not for Near pulling out a little trick, Mikami could have killed us all." Misa started crying. "What's wrong?," Kisuke asked. Misa hugged him. "It's just, I remember this dream I had once. I don't remember everything about it, but I do remember killing myself because someone I loved died. I'm just glad... That it didn't happen in real life." Kisuke smiled as he returned her embrace. "I'm glad too. I love you... Misa."

Ryuk took one last look at the happy couple. 'One day I'll write Kisuke's name in my Death Note, but that won't be any time soon. It looks like he and Misa have many long years ahead of them. Whether they'll be happy years or not, I can't say. But I do know one thing. The time I spent with Kisuke was the most fun I've had in centuries.' And with that, he flew off back to the shinigami world. The following days brought joy and peace in wake of Kira's defeat. Under the title of L, Light had passed a number of new laws for the criminal justice system to combat the inevitable rise in the crime rate. The SPK formally joined with III, and Mello and L came out of hiding to join as well. The world began to wonder why it ever thought Kira's way was right. A new world had come, not quite perfect, but definitely changed for the better.

Yu returned to the Amagi Inn, where his wife Yukiko was waiting. As soon he got in, he heard a call of, "Daddy!" In ran Yu and Yukiko's two-year-old daughter Mayumi, who had Yu's hair color and Yukiko's eyes. Yukiko walked in after her daughter. "You're safe... Thank goodness." Yu smiled at his wife as he picked up little Mayumi. "Of course I am. It all worked out. Kira is gone, and now the world can start to heal." Mayumi hugged her father. "So Daddy, does this mean you and Mommy will be staying longer?" Yu smiled. "You bet sweetie. It looks like the future is looking bright. All we have to do is make sure it stays that way."

The End

"After they die, the place they go is Mu. (Nothingness)"

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