I hate to be political on the job, but the events of the past few days have driven me to it. R are Republicans (or Romney supporters, for that matter) and D are Democrats (or Obama supporters) and I are the Independents (we know who they are). Also, I'm Republican, so I may say we for some parts of the story

When we got Obama four years ago, the Democrats thought that life was sweet. We knew better. We watched as the economy crashed and taxes were raised and everything was made worse than it was. We did not like it. The Democrats were fine with it. Obama did one or two things right though. But he just wasn't right for the job. Then, Election Day came again, and we thought everything was going to change, that Romney would win, that we wouldn't have to see another day ruled by President Obama. But then the Sandy Storm hit, and everyone changed. Now we're back with President Obama. After years of "We picked the wrong president," , " The economy is gone," and "I can't wait for Election Day,"'s, we're back where we started. Right is wrong and wrong is right. One can only hope America is still in one piece by 2016.

D: The economy is fine and Obama is rocking it.
R: Obama has raised taxes and increased our debt
I: He can't help it and probably thought he was doing the right thing.

Sorry that it's so short but my brain is at war with itself right now. Make of this what you will. Please review. I am anticipating your responses to this.