Jagger and Trace's Awesome Adventures Ch.1!

Jagger was wandering aimessly around the house, while Trace was inventing some crazy gadget that would be awesome at first but would be able to potentially destroy the universe.

"It sure is boring around here." Jagger said. Trace ignored him as he continued working on his invention. Jagger waved his hand in front of Trace's face.

"Helllooooo? Didnt you hear me? I said I'm bored!"

"Jagger please! This requiers extreme cocentration!" Just then, Trace put the wrong peice in the wrong place. The macine started beeping rapidly.


"MUHUHAHAHAHAHA!MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The entire room was destroyed.

"Dammit Janet!" Jagger yelled.

"Whos Janet?"

"I have no idea, but damn it to hell if I cant find out!" About 30 minutes later, Jagger came back in hlding a Whimsicott named Janet.

"Grrrr... Lemme go!" Janet yelled.

"I found Janet!" Jagger exclaimed.

"Uhh... Jagger? You seem more stupid than normal... And you're not that stupid normally..." Trace stated.

"Oh yeah! I think I know why!" Jagger said


"Hey Jagger... Want some Rare Candy?" Blaze, an Infernape said.

"Would I! Thanks Blaze!" Jagger happily ate the Rare Candy, while Blaze laughed evily to himself.


"I think that Rare Candy stupifeid me..."

"Ah, I see..."

"Oh yeah! That reminds me of that one time!"

*NOTHER FLASHBACK (Yaaaaaayyyy!)*

"Hey Jagger... Want some apple juice?" Blaze said.

"Ah no thanks! I like orange juice better!" Jagger responded.

"Well, than it is orange juce!"
"Oh golly gee willeckers! Thanks Blaze!" Jagger said as he started drinking the orange juice.

"Aha! I lied! That was apple juice!" Blaze said as he took out another cup.

"THIS is the orange juice! Ohohohohoh!" Jagger whimpered as Blaze drank the orange juice. Just then, a random Ponyta walked by and said

"Excuse me! Have either of you seen my urine sample? I'm getting tested for AIDS!" Blaze grew wide eyed.


Jagger sighed.

"And I still never got to have that orange juice..."

"Oh brother... What an adventure this will be..." Trace said.

"Ahem! Would somone please mind telling me where the hell I am?" Janet said, annoyed.