Jagger and Trace's Awesome Adventures Ch.2!

Trace was sitting down at his wooden table, about to enjoy a delicious cake when

"Noooooooooo!" Jagger dove across the table knocking away the cake.

"Jagger. Why did you destroy my cake."

"The cake is a lie." Jagger responded. Trace face palmed.

"Great. Now I have to make another cake."

"Cake! I want some!"

"But I thought the cake was a lie.

"It is a lie."

"Then why do you want the cake?"
"Cake! Where?" Trace headdesked. Then Blaze ran in.

"Oh great. What do you want Blaze?" Trace asked, unamused.

"I want a girlfriend, but no one likes me..." Then Blaze started sobbing "I'm so alone!" Jagger walked over to Blaze an put a hand on his shoulder.

"Son. You don't need to feel down about yourself. Here, lets go get some ice cream. Would that make you feel better?" He said. Blaze wiped his eyes and said

"I... I would like that..."
"Lets go then." And so the two happily skipped down the road, going off to get ice cream. Then Luna, Jagger's girlfriend, also a Lucario, walked in, she saw Blaze and Jagger skipping down the road, and thought Trace had something to do with it.

"Trace. What did you do." she asked.

"It wasn't me. Jagger said that Blaze gave him a Rare Candy that made him stupid." Trace responded.

"Oh Arceus. Lets hope Rena doesn't find out then."

"Find out about what?" Rena said, the Roserade appearing from out of nowhere. Luna groaned.

"Oh Arceus damn it. Rena go away."


"Because I don't want you here."


"Because you're annoying."


"Why...WHY?! JUST GET OUT IF HERE ARCEUS DAMN IT!" Luna punched Rena in the face, causing her to cry and run away.

"Damn, Jagger must be lucky to have you around." Trace said.

"Yeah. Freakin plant wont stay away from him." Just then, a random Tangela walked by and said

"Hey, that's insulting to some of us."

"Man, this day just keeps getting weirder." Luna said.

"I'd get used to it if I were you." Trace sighed.

"You want some cake? Was gonna make more in the first place"

"More?" Trace pointed to the wall, the cake sticking the plate to it.

"Let me guess, Jagger?"

"Yep" Luna sighed.

"Eh, I guess I'll have some." Just then Jagger and Blaze walked in, eating ice cream.

"Who are you? What's that? Oh what's that? What's thaat? Ohhhhh, that thing has numbers on it. Oh look! There's the lady from the test. Hi! Where are we going? Do you smell something burning?" Jagger said curiously. Seeing Trace and Luna in the same room, Blaze whispered something into Jagger's ear. Jagger fell to the ground and said

"No... No... That's impossible NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !" In a Luke Skywalker wannabe voice. Trace and Luna headdesked and Blaze smiled mischievously, as Jagger was still shouting at the sky. Suddenly, a random pokeball was thrown at Jagger's head. It bounced off and landed in his hand.

"What the deuce? That mildly hurt my head." He said. Just then, Jagger was sucked inside the pokeball in a flash of red light. Then Ash Ketchum ran in, and grabbed the pokeball.

"You didn't see anything..." Ash said as he ran off with Jagger still inside the pokeball.

"Should we go get him?" Luna asked Trace.

"Nah, let's wait a bit, I've had enough of this insanity for one day." Luna smiled.

"I like the way you think Trace."