Jagger and Trace's Awesome Adventures Ch. 5!

Magnezone floated in with Jagger, looking unamused.

"I believe this belongs to you." He said.

"So Jagger, how did you get out?" Trace asked.

"Well, it went somthing like this..."


Blaze burst through the wall with a cadelack.

"Get in!" He yelled.

"Blaze you can drive?"

"That doesn't matter! Just get in!" Jagger got into the car and Blaze sped away. Soon, many police cars were following them.

"Aww shiz mang! It da po-po! End of the line!" Jagger yelled. Blaze pulled out a pistol and cocked it.

"Not yet." Blaze replied, firing several shots at the cars, popping their tires, and causing some to crash into each other and explode.

"Hey, nice shot." Jagger said.

"Naw I wouldn't celabrate too early, we got three stars. Dat means dem helicopters gon be bustin our azzes soon.

"... Damn it."


"Eventually they caught us and brought me here."

"Not exactly..." Magnezone said.

"Actually a Lucario came in and explained everything. We decided to actually search him instead of just going by earshot and he was clean, so we brought him back here." Trace shook his head.

"Jagger, Jagger, Jagger... What am I gonna do with you?" Just then, a random Raichu burst in, smacking Jagger through the wall with his giant buster sword, as the giant words "9999 CRIT" appeared momentarily over Jagger's head.

"Haha yes finally! Dananana na na nananaaaa!" The Raichu exclaimed triumphantly. "Da na na nana nana nana, na na na nanaaaa~" he continued as he marched out of the room. Magnezone, confused, turned to Trace and said

"Does this happen a lot?" Trace sighed and replied

"Yes... Sadly, yes..."

Trace walked in, surprised to see Jagger at a desk, reading a thick book.

"Wow Jagger, you're reading a book. What's the occasion?" Trace asked.

"I'm studying. Got my finals fantasy tomorrow."

"Oh I se- wait, did you say-"

"Yeah. My finals fantasy. Trace what does a Phoenix Down do again?" Trace face palmed.

"Even an idiot would know what a Phoenix Down does... Who is your teacher anyways?"

"He's this giant black dragon thingy." Trace grew wide eyed.

"Your teacher is a CZAR DRAGON?!"

"He's a Czar Dragon? I thought he was just a normal, huge, serpent-like, black dragon thingy person." Trace face palmed again.

"Oh yeah, Blaze told me to give this to you..." Jagger gave Trace what looked like a can of repel.

"Well whatever it is, I don't want anything to do with it." Trace accidentally pushed down on it, causing a purple gas to spray out of it.

"Gah! What is this?"Trace yelled. The gas dissapeared. Jagger gave Trace a strange look.

"Jagger? Why are you looking at me like that? And did you get bigger?" Trace asked. "And why can't I feel my arms?.." Trace grew wide eyed. "Oh crap. I'm a Dratini. That spray reverted my evolution! Oh when I get my hands on that Infernape..."

"Uhh... You don't have hands..." Trace slapped himself in the face with his tail.

Jagger was in a classroom, sitting at a desk with a test paper in front of him.

"Oh man... It's on to Chocobos now... I'm horrible at those! Oh man I am going to bomb this test..." Jagger thought, clutching his forehead in one paw and tightly holding a pencil in the other. All that was on his paper were squiggles and other random scribbles, and poorly drawn pictures of a horse and and ice cream cone. He only really answered two questions. He answered the question what is the maximum number of items the player can have with "Yes." and the question what is Chocobo inbreeding with the lyrics to Like A Boss. Across the room, Jagger spotted the Raichu from earlier just finishing his test. Jagger angrily snapped his pencil in half.

"Grrr it's that jerk that smacked me through a wall earlier... I am so going to Ultima him later..." Just then a Wailord crashed through the ceiling, crushing everyone.