Summary: The Hunger Games were a place of blood, death, and misery. A place where you know your death was inevitable, unless you were a Career. Not a place for ridiculous love triangles and forced kisses. But obviously, Marvel and Cato did not understand that. At least to Katniss they didn't.

Rated: T, maybe M later on.

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"She is so small." Cato couldn't help the thought that crossed his mind as he spotted the already infamous Girl on Fire fumbling with the ropes at the knot station. She wasn't really that small really. Not like Clove, or that little girl from 11. But a bit tinier for a girl her age. 16, if he recalls. Clove was 14, and the girl from 11 a mere twelve-year-old.

It was because of the poverty in 12, he guessed. That or it just her naturally.

The self-proclaimed 'Killing Machine' snapped out of his inner thoughts when he felt someone clap their hand over his shoulder, with a light chuckle filling the air. Only one person would have that kind of guts to clap him, of all people, over the shoulder, when he was obviously in thought, and laugh about it.

He turns his head and glances next to him into the humorous green eyes of one Marvel Tarria, who was only a mere centimeter shorter than himself, but is leaner and lankier in size.

"It isn't often you go off into lala-land Cato." He muses amusedly, "And staring at Twelve like that too."

Cato frowns and growls somewhat and shakes the District 1 tribute off, "I was inspecting her Marvel."

"Why? She doesn't seem like any sort of threat." Marvel eyes her up and down. "She's a bit small, and the only reason we know her name was because of her fiery entrance earlier." He snickers slightly at his own joke, but halts when he meet's Cato's unamused gaze.

"You shouldn't underestimate opponents Marvel." Cato says, matter-of-factly. "No matter their appearances."

"Why not? You do it all the time."

"That's because I'm sure they are of no threat."

"And you think she is?"

Cato never had the chance to reply as Katniss's cold, silver gaze flickers upon them. They were deep, and glassy, with the light outline of blue circling around the pupil.

She doesn't glare, she doesn't linger. She blinks once, twice, then she continues with the knots, undoing them and repeating the process of tying them.

As soon as her gaze is gone, Marvel looks up at Cato with an uncharacteristic frown on his face. The tribute now understands what made the killing machine a bit wary of the Girl on Fire.

Her eyes were fire. Alight and burning. There was fear in it, of course, and nervousness here and there. But courage, determination. Like she was here for one reason, and one reason only. To win.

Later that night, Katniss never left the training center. Watching as the last teen, her fellow District 12 tribute, files out of the arena. Peeta turns back uncertainly, but Katniss waves him off. She wanted to be alone.

Peeta understood and continues on, planning to go get a good nights rest for the training score tomorrow.

When he left, Katniss immediately picks herself up from the 'Basic Survival' area and scurries over to the Archery. Only a few people had gone over here, Glimmer from District 1 had, and so did a tribute from 6.

Katniss tried not to pay attention to her beloved bow and arrows, she needed to keep a low profile.

She fingers the bows and fiddles with the arrows, until she finally picked one up and loaded it. She breathed in as she prepared herself. She became ignorant of her background, and she pretended she was back in the woods.

The dummy was a person now. The metal walls of the arena were replaced with the lush greenery of woods and forests. Katniss eyes the heart of the dummy, and in one swift movement, her arrow makes impact and the 'person' is dead.

Katniss's lips curve into what was going to be a smile, but melts instantly when she hears it.

The sound of clapping and footsteps headed her way. She freezes on the spot and spins around in shock and cation. She really didn't really know who had walked in on her, maybe a sarcastic Haymitch who was going to drag her back to their floor because it was late, maybe Cinna who had decided to stop by and check on me after Peeta had gone back. Hell, even President Snow was an option.

She didn't know exactly how to react when her gray eyes meet with forest pine green orbs with sparkling laughter in them, and messy brown locks that belonged to the lean, well-built Marvel.

"Well, well, well, Girl on Fire." He says, clear amusement dancing in his eyes and dripping all over his face. "I didn't know you could shoot."

"It was luck." She lies through her teeth. And Marvel looks a bit surprised. "Oh so she speaks! I was beginning to think you were mute." He didn't really, he saw her conversing with Lover-Boy back at the beginning.

Marvel leans against the rack that held all the arrows and supported the bows, watching Katniss with curiosity and amusement, the entertainment in his eyes only skyrocketing when Katniss visibly grows rigid and uncomfortable at the sight of him.

"Oh come on Katniss," She freezes even more and Marvel's smirk grows bigger, "I think you and I both know that wasn't just some flimsy luck."

"It was." Katniss insists in a deadpanned voice. Haymitch is going to kill her if he ever finds out that she revealed her knack for archery to another tribute. A career no less.

Marvel raises an eyebrow, his smirk slightly dying off but was still shining, a different glint in his eyes. A spark Katniss didn't recognize, or frankly, like.

"That's a hell lot of luck you've got there then." He finally says.

"Bad luck." Katniss thinks bitterly to herself. "I guess you can say that." She mutters. Then she gives a curt nod at him, placing the bow and arrow back onto the racks, trying her best to ignore his stare as she got closer.

Before she could high-tail it out of there though, Marvel darts out and grabs her arm, swiftly and soundless, and Katniss immediately spins her head around to glare at the tribute. "Good night there Girl on Fire." He teases with a grin. "And good luck tomorrow."

Katniss nods again, shaking her arm off and shuffling out, Marvel's eyes trailing after her with amusement, curiosity, and a slight edge of interest.

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