Summary: The Hunger Games were a place of blood, death, and misery. A place where you know your death was inevitable, unless you were a Career. Not a place for ridiculous love triangles and forced kisses. But obviously, Marvel and Cato did not understand that. At least to Katniss they didn't.

Rated: T, M-ish kinda, depending on my mood really.

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From the words in his numbed vocabulary, Cato is extremely... shocked. To say the least. Maybe its the "alpha male" within him, or maybe he's stressed, but he is the first out of his stupor and he glares at the surprised, almost scared, green-eyed teen beside him.

"Fuck you man."

Marvel snaps out of his own petrified gaze at the sound of his companions half-hearted insult.

"What the hell? The fuck did I do?"

"You were born you piece of shit."

"Are you seriously using those kinds of insults now Abtom?"

And so, yet another round of pointless bickering erupts between our two, oh-so haughty lead boys.

As to what exactly had possessed her to figuratively blow up on the two potentially lethal males currently arguing in the cart she had left just minutes ago, she hasn't the slightest clue.

"It's the stress. Definitely. Its the stress."

Katniss wasn't particularly to good on stress.

I mean, realistically speaking, she already has more stress than about 5 fully grown adults combined, but to her, that was stress from surviving.

To her, that is a necessary stress she had to go through in order to keep herself, as well as her loved ones, alive and healthy.

This stress, on the other hand, shouldn't even be considered stress at all. No. This should be considered temporary insanity.

Still silently fuming to herself, Katniss shuffles her way into her room, stipping of her sandals and leaping into the bed, relishing the cool cotton that hits her skin as soon as she does.

"UGH! You stupid, narcissistic, arrogant, bastards! Its all your faults! All of this happened because you guys got this stupid idea that I was the mouse in your stupid game! I hate you two!"

"I hate you two!"

"I hate you two!"

And she did. She really did.

But unbeknownst to her. That was only for now.

"Where are you going?"

Ah the sweet, honeyed voice of his dear sister.

Gloss pauses in his step, biting his lip and turning around, meeting the ever questioning face of his elder sister.

"Nowhere." He replies smoothly, his signature grin etching its way onto his face.

Cashmere frowns, crossing her arms over chest. "Don't give me that bullshit smile baby brother. Tell me the truth."

Gloss blinks once. Twice. Then his charming smile, the very smile that got Capitol women screaming, was wiped off his face, replaced by a thin-lipped line that gave out a cold aura.

"Well?" Cashmere demands lightly, flipping some of her golden hair over her shoulder.

Gloss shrugs, his head slightly lolling to the side. "Its a bit cold." He muses. "I was thinking about lighting a fire."

"Lighting a fire in a train cart? Isn't that a bit dangerous?"

Gloss laughs, another smile- no... a smirk, sprawling across his face. "I live for danger dear sister. I thought you knew that."

Cashmere's frown deepens. "Danger brother is something you and I both loathe."

Gloss shrugs again.

"And there are certain dangers that should remain untouched. Especially dangers that do not concern you."

Gloss's smirk falls at the statement. His eyes narrow as his voice goes slightly lower. "What do you know Cashmere?" He hisses somewhat, icy green eyes flashing.

Cashmere doesn't falter at her admittedly intimidating siblings glare. "I know that you are about to light the most dangerous flame you've ever lit."

Then she spins around on her heel, exiting the cart with an air of proud arrogance.

Cato shouldn't have been surprised at the statement.

He really shouldn't have.

But after his short argument with his district one counter part, in which Cato was livid enough to attempt to stab the green-eyed teen with a nearby butter knife, Brutus had intruded by hitting the two upside the head with a book that might have left a small bump on both their craniums.

After said mentor got them to shut up and listen, he coldly stated a, "No wonder Katniss hates you two.", before leaving the cart dragging a staggering Haymitch.

It was unnaturally silent for a bit before Cato decides to just up and leave the cart, ignoring Marvels surprised, "Hey! Don't leave me alone-".

Anyways, as he had been thinking, he really should not have been surprised at Katniss' sudden outburst of hatred.

He's gotten multiple other "I hate you!"'s before, not one of them have ever crossed his mind twice, let alone lingered. But for some reason... Katniss' was sticking.

Speaking of which.

Since when had he gone around calling her Katniss?

In the beginning, it had only been Everdeen. Or "Girl on Fire". Or some other stupid pet-name he came up for her.

When did this new revelation happen? Or better yet how?

Cato groans, grabbing the nearest pillow and stuffing it onto his face.

Maybe lack of air would snap him back to his senses.

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