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Chapter 1: The Beginning

(a.k.a: this is what happens when your wife is a yaoi fangirl)

In a certain office set at the top of a glistening skyscraper in Tokyo Japan, a pen stopped scribbling on documents and a smirk pulled at the lips of a man who was soon going to be in direct power of all of the major corporations in the area.

"Will you take the deal?" The man who sat on the chair directly in front of the shiny, large table asked quietly. His handsome features were resigned as if he had given up hope—and in a matter of speaking, he had. He was about to sign over his corporation, after all.

The man who sat behind the big table simply leaned back, letting the pen roll out of his hands. "You're giving me power over your company and all of its assets," the man repeated, narrow eyes glimmering with glee, "I would be a fool if I didn't take up your offer, Kashima."

The man, Kashima, frowned, "It's not an offer Kamitani," he replied evenly, "it is a deal."

Kamitani sighed, waving his hand in mock understanding. "Yes, very well what is it that you want? How much percentage of the overall profit do you wish for?"

Kashima's lips pulled into a little smile. "My wife has her own profitable company, so no. I do not wish for more money."

Kamitani frowned, "Then what," he said slowly, "do you wish for?"

Kashima's smile grew, "My son," he said with affection, "I wish to unite our families. My eldest son, Ryuuichi, will marry into your family and we will unite our names. That is my deal."

The look that crossed Kamitani's face would have been one that could only be described as interest. Never before has anyone else wished for something so inane—something so… radical. Money was power and in Japan, Kamitani Yasuzou had it all. When his father had first started out with only a little company and hardly anything to his name, Yasuzou remembered how tirelessly he had worked; and in the end, he had won. Half of the surrounding companies had collapsed under his father's rule, and now, Yasuzou was simply finishing the game. By the fifth year of him as chairman, he had managed to attain the remaining companies.

That is, everything but the Kashima Corporation.

That man and his company and his ideals had been a thorn in Yasuzou's side this entire time. The Kashima Corporation was one of old blood and old rules, spanning generations all the way back to the samurais. It was an impressive company that was not to be taken lightly of; and Yasuzou fought tooth and nail with the chairman every time they were in the same room—it was hard to believe that he was the very same man who was offering him the deal now.

Yasuzou had almost won; he was so close to the right of calling all the companies in Tokyo his, he could almost taste the victory.

Therefore, there was no way he was going to say no.

However, "I only have two sons."

Kashima looked taken aback at this, his eyes showing surprise. Then he scoffed before rolling his eyes, looking defeated and annoyed all at the same time. Yasuzou could only wonder what was going through his head.

"That's fine," Kashima replied, voice dull.

Yasuzou's brows furrowed at the man's expression, but the thought of the companies of Japan being under his thumb pushed away any other restrictions he might have had about his eldest son marrying another boy and he nodded in understanding, "I will send over my lawyer with paperwork within this week's time."

Kashima sighed as he stood, "Yes yes, very well."

He still looked annoyed and Yasuzou would have found amusement in his long time enemy looking so flummoxed if he wasn't so interested in finding out why. In the end, they shook hands and Yasuzou simply watched his soon-to-be son's in-law walk away, muttering under his breath the whole time.


When Kashima Atsushi climbed into his car, the first thing he did as soon as the doors closed was whip out his phone.

Pressing two on speed dial, the phone rang three times before a woman on the other line picked up.

"Moshi moshi!" The woman said cheerfully.

"Emiko," he growled.

A giggle met his ears, "Yes, Sushi-kun?"

"Kamitani only has sons, and we only have sons and this was your plan all along wasn't it?" He demanded.

His wife didn't even hesitate with her bright, "Yep!"

At that, Atsushi's energy drained out of him like a river. "You and your yaoi ways," he muttered, "you know Ryuu isn't going to like this, right?"

Kashima Emiko let out a small "Tch," and Atsushi could imagine his petite wife rolling her eyes. "He's seventeen and he hasn't even had a girlfriend. Getting married to Hayato-kun just might be the best thing for him yet."


"Besides, have you ever seen Hayato-kun?!" She asked excitedly, "He's got that cold, unapproachable aura, and he looks so cool! He's like the perfect seme to our Ryuu-chan's uke!"

Atsushi thought about the tall, young man that accompanied Yasuzou to dinner parties sometimes. He wasn't blind to the boy's striking good looks, but he also wasn't blind to the way that Kamitani Hayato ordered people around. He was cold, mean, and ruthless, just like his father. If they didn't have so much power and money, Atsushi just knew that Kamitani Hayato would've been a regular bully.

Thinking of Ryuuichi, his own son, Atsushi could only chew on his lip in nervousness.

Ryuuichi was kind and soft and… naïve at the best of times. And that was being nice.

His wife liked to describe their eldest son as the perfect uke because, well, if he referenced off her yaoi mangas, he really was the perfect uke. Ryuuichi took care of his little brother, their youngest son, better than all their maids combined. Plus he knew how to cook and clean; and even though Atsushi would squeeze lemons into his eyes before he said it, he knew that his son had the makings of a freaking housewife.

Putting the kind Ryuuichi into the grasps of that blasted punk Hayato…

"Sushi-kun?" Emiko asked, done with her ranting of how Hayato would surely keep all the perverts away from their son's innocence.

"Emiko-chan," Atsushi said, his voice hysterical, "I suddenly know how a father feels when he's about to give away his daughter."

Kashima Emiko laughed and laughed and laughed.


Meanwhile, in Morinomiya Academy, a certain boy by the name of Kashima Ryuuichi sneezed violently as he turned a corner in the hallways.

Slightly disoriented, he stopped walking when he felt his body hit something solid.

Thinking that it was a wall, he gasped and stepped back in surprise when he looked up into the annoyed hazel eyes of one Kamitani Hayato.

"S-sorry," he said honestly, smiling nervously at the cold beauty.

Throughout the school, Kamitani Hayato was famous for two things. One was his painful punches– the ones that he gave out freely to whoever was annoying him at any given time, Ryuu's friends had warned. And two, was his handsome physique.

With piercing hazel eyes framed by thick, long eyelashes, and the lean, trained body of one who enjoyed their sports, Kamitani Hayato was extremely attractive. Ryuuichi knew that he had the biggest fanclub on campus, and, well, let's just say that it didn't really surprise him.

Though they were in the same class, Ryuuichi had never really interacted with Kamitani before. Of course he had seen him outside during galas and parties that his dad took them to, but they had never talked. Even though they were only a couple seats away from each other in class, Kamitani might as well been on Mars for all the distance between them.

Remembering his friends' warnings for his punches however, Ryuuichi could only wonder if bumping into him caused as an annoyance. Before he could think about it further Kamitani suddenly moved then and Ryuuichi let out a small 'eep' as he flinched, closing his eyes to ready for the punch that was surely coming.

After a few seconds of not feeling anything though, Ryuu opened his eyes and turned to see Kamitani walking away. "Watch where you're going next time," he said, voice strong but tone lazy, as if he couldn't even bother to beat Ryuuichi up.

Ryuuichi let out a small sigh as he watched the other walk away; something in his stomach squeezed as he watched the other disappear around a corner, but he shook his head to rid himself of his thoughts as he continued on his way home.

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