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Chapter 2: Revelations

(a.k.a: 'I Hate Everything and Don't Touch My Baseball Collection You Crazy Woman' a book written by Kamitani Hayato)

When Ryuuichi arrived home, he hadn't expected his parents to be waiting for him.

Though loving and great (and sometimes crazy if it involved his mother), his parents were usually busy with something or another. His father had always had his hands full with their family's company, while his mother had her own worries considering that she too came from a rich family with a company that still needed to be run.

Despite this, they still tried to make time for Ryuuichi, and later Kotarou. Though they usually couldn't be home at the same time because of conflicting schedules, Ryuuichi understood. He, unlike the other kids his age whose parents left them to the maids, actually got to see his parents every day, and he understood completely when he couldn't.

That's why his time with them were always so precious, but at that moment… seeing them waiting—together—for him when he walked into their dining room… though it filled Ryuuichi with happiness, he also felt a tad bit wary at their faces. His father looked like he was about to cry, while his mother looked positively like a carnivorous eagle that had managed to finally catch her prey with sharp, pointy talons—and that was never a good thing.

His father he could disregard for the moment, but his mother...

"We need to talk," she said sweetly; Ryuuichi could only gulp.


Meanwhile, in the Kamitani household, Hayato arrived home tired and in need of a shower.

When that Kashima kid had bumped into him, he was already worn down from the brutal baseball practice that his coach had decided to spring up on them for the upcoming game. He understood its importance and hadn't complained like the rest of his teammates, but he was tired damnit.

Too tired to punch that kid who bumped into you? Something at the back of his mind asked him.

Hayato just scowled, it's not like he had to terrorize every person who got into his space. Plus it was an accident and that boy was clearly scared. That was enough for one day, he reasoned to himself.

"Aniki!" A shrill voice called, and Hayato instantly knew that his shower would have to wait.

Sighing, he looked down and glared at his little brother who was padding toward him with chubby legs. Rolling his eyes, he proceeded with taking off his shoes and shrugging out of his coat. Tossing it to a nearby maid, he walked past a pouting Taka, knowing that he was probably going to start yelling his head off again regardless if Hayato stayed there and asked him what was wrong.

"Aniki!" Taka's shout rang out mere moments later. Hayato heard tears in his voice though and that made him pause. Usually, Taka would pout and be angry for a while before the tears started pouring in, but this time his voice was thick with it and when Hayato turned, the toddler looked pained and betrayed.

Seeing Hayato pause, Taka took the time to run toward his brother, stumpy little legs tripping him but never fully bringing him down. When he got to Hayato, he threw himself onto his leg and clutched tightly onto his pants. "Dwon mawwy!" He screamed, voice desperate as tears and snot fell down out of his eyes and nose like rain. His words, usually so pronounced, was blurred as he shoved his face into Hayato's leg and cried, repeating "Dwon mawwy!" over and over again.

Hayato's brows scrunched up in confusion. 'Dwon mawwy?' he thought to himself.

At that moment, his father made his presence known with a clearing of his throat. Hayato turned to him, eyes narrowed.

"Let's sit down;" his father said calmly, "we need to talk about your future."


"So you see, once you and Haya-kun are married, mama and papa can sign the deeds to merge papa's company with Haya-kun's papa's company, and then mama and papa can move to the states and leave you and Haya-kun to make cute babies together!"

Next to her, Ryuuichi could only gape as his father burst into full out tears, leaning to bury his face into his wife's petite shoulder as she patted him on the head comfortingly.

"S-so," Ryuuichi stuttered, "I-I a-am…"

Kashima Emiko giggled, "Yep! You are Haya-kun are betrothed! Isn't it marvelous, Kotarou-chan?!" She exclaimed to her youngest son who was sitting on her lap, not fully understanding what was happening. "Aren't you happy for your beloved nii-cha, Kotarou-chan?" She asked excitedly.

Kotarou let his eyes travel from his mama, to his papa, before finally landing on Ryuuichi. "Happy fow you, nii-cha," Kotarou said firmly, nodding his approval though he really didn't understand why he should be happy.

Ryuuichi's eyes widened at his brother's words before he turned back toward his mother, "B-But I–" he stuttered, "Kamitani-kun and I a-aren't—we've never even talked!" He said vehemently, face turning a cute cherry red.

His mother smirked then, and Ryuuichi could only wonder why before she giggled once more. "If that's you're only argument against marrying Haya-kun, that could easily be taken care of Ryuu-chan!"

"W-wha—wait, no–"

"Don't you worry my little dragon! Let mama take care of everything!" His mother patted him on the head then, getting up from her chair around their small dining table. Ryuu's eyes widened when a loud thump was heard when his father's head hit the hard wood of the chair his wife had just vacated.

"I-I don't—" he tried once more.

But his mother was already dialing on her cell phone, his father was already crying, and Kotarou was sticking up his thumb in an encouraging gesture toward him– all of them confirming that this conversation was over.

Ryuu could only sigh as he clasped his hands together. Remembering his encounter with Kamitani-kun today, his face took on a deeper blush as he recalled how handsome Hayato looked up close. It was going to be hard to think of the cold beauty as his soon-to-be-husband.


"Do you understand?"

Hayato let out a loud 'tch' at his father's patronizing tone. "And you didn't even bother to think about how I would feel about all of this?"

"I didn't think your feelings would matter in the grand scheme of things," his father said evenly back.

"In the grand scheme of things" Hayato said, voice incredulous, "That's bullshit."

His father looked taken aback, "I will not have you talk back to me!" He snapped, temper flaring. "You are the heir to this family, Hayato, and so help me you will understand your position!"

"Marrying so that you can win your stupid game?" Hayato growled, "Did you honestly think that this would turn out well? Did you honestly think that I would even agree—"

BAM! Came the sounds of expensive doors as they slammed against the wall.

Having his words cut off, Hayato turned to glare at the incomer only to have that glare returned by his own mother.

"Talks of arrangements and marriages should be discussed with the whole family," Kamitani Shizuka said, a sweet smile on her lips and her voice chillier than a blizzard. "But it seems that the decision has already been made," she turned her full glare onto her husband, eyes narrowing as he shuddered.

"It was a once in a lifetime deal with Kashima—"

"Yes, but you should stop and think of others before you go jumping up and accepting offers, idiot husband of mine!" She snapped, stomping over to smack the man with the book she was holding. "And can someone tell me why Taka was crying his eyes out in the hallway?!"

"Oi, woman get him to retract the deal because I'm not going to marry some boy for this stupid company," Hayato said then, ignoring the last part of her sentence.

Shizuka turned to him and smacked him with the book too, something that Hayato barely flinched at as he glared at her. "Don't jump to conclusions, idiot son! You will marry one day, and if we get the perks of the Kashima company along with it then all the better!" She moved on hand to her hip, expression challenging.

While her husband looked contrite, Hayato however, glared back. "I don't even know the kid! You expect me to marry a strange boy—this isn't the Edo period woman. I have rights!"

Kamitani Shizuka just rolled her eyes, "It's a good thing that Emiko-chan called then," she said, "apparently her son wants to get to know you too, so that's taken care of—"

"Are you even listening to me?!" Hayato demanded, "I don't want to marry him!"

His mother said nothing though, crossing her arms as she pieced him with the eyes that he saw every time he looked into a mirror. "You will go on the date on Saturday, Hayato," she said calmly, "and you will treat Kashima Ryuuichi right, or I can promise that something horrible will happen to your precious baseball collection."

Hayato's eyes narrowed, "You wouldn't dare," he snapped.

Kamitani Shizuka just smirked, "Just wait and see."

Standing a little bit away, Yasuzou watched his wife and his son, eyes filled with apprehension. Watching them argue was like watching a dragon and tiger go at it in a fight to the death. For a second, he believed that Hayato would still argue vehemently, but then the boy let out a small sigh and Yasuzou could only pray to whatever god was on his side.

His son was extremely stubborn when it came to the things he cared about and the only person who could get him to relent or try something was his mother. If she had failed, Yasuzou didn't know what he was going to do.

"Just a date," Hayato then growled, as if knowing what Yasuzou was thinking.

Shizuka nodded, "A date, and then we'll see where we'll go from there."

Hayato frowned, "Don't get your hopes up woman," he said, temper flaring down into an icy bluntness. With those words, he turned and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Shizuka sighed as she watched him go before turning to her idiot husband, glare back tenfold.

"Now we need to talk," she said menacingly, "because apparently you still don't understand the concept of proper behavior regarding other people."

She raised her book threateningly and Yasuzou gulped, knowing that he wasn't going to leave the room without a couple of bruises.

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