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Chapter 5: The Truth About Inomata

(& taking off clothes in the locker room. (oh yeah, that caught your attention.))

The Morinomiya parking lot was an impressive structure that made sure that the high luxury cars that belonged to the students and the teachers of the school were kept safe and bird poop free. It also provided an excellent shelter from the harsh blinding sunlight during summer, and the torrential pouring rain and or snow during fall and winter, the latter Ryuu was extremely grateful for at the moment.

"I'm s-soaked…" Ryuu mumbled as he swung his legs around and off the motorcycle. Hayato didn't say anything as he slid off on the opposite side, choosing instead to run his hand through his drenched hair.

Ryuu handed him the helmet that had kept the harsh winds and rain from whipping at his face, and Hayato took it without a word, clasping it to the motorcycle's handlebars. Internally, he was wondering what to do now. Last night, after carrying the redhead to his bed, Hayato had promised himself not to get too close. Don't talk to him in class. Don't acknowledge his existence in the hallways. Don't even look in his general direction.

Not even a day had passed and he had ended up breaking all three before lunch.

What was he getting himself into exactly? Wasn't he supposed to be opposing this whole stupid arrangement?

Ryuu chose that moment to sneeze then, and Hayato turned to look at him. From his neck down he was soaked, and now he was shivering and sneezing and—"We need to dry off before we both get sick."


Ryuu was looking up at him with that cute—no damnit! Not cute! Not cute!—blush dusting his full cheeks though, and Hayato knew that there was no way of retracting what he had just said. "I have the keys for the locker room…" he said with a small sigh, "We can probably just stick our clothes in the dryer or something."

Say no, his mind willed silently as he stared at the redhead.

"O-Okay..." Ryuu said instead, a shy smile pulling at his lips.

Damn it.


As they walked through the empty halls of the sports building, Ryuu could only shiver both from the cold of his soaked clothes, and also from anticipation.

Anticipation of what? Well, that he really didn't know, but wouldn't this be a perfect moment to get to know his fiancé? Sure, the date was fun, but really, all they did at the theme park was ride rides and discuss said rides to ride and… well, let's just say that they didn't really have a heart-to-heart talk.

Ryuu had read somewhere (in a gossip magazine his mother had left laying around) that the key to a successful relationship was communication. The perfect relationship was where a boy and a girl (or another boy in his case) were best friends first and lovers second.

If Ryuu compared their example of a perfect relationship to the semi one he had with Hayato, he was sure that their relationship would've fallen in the sham/and or falling apart section. Then again, yesterday was practically their first meeting—never mind their first date. Ryuu still had time to fix this… right?

Sighing lightly, he realized that he had to. Though they were forced into this, Ryuu didn't want to go into a marriage that would fall apart in the first year. Though he technically didn't have a choice in who he would marry, he at least wanted someone who would be nice to him. Hayato didn't even have to be his lover. He would just be happy with the other boy's friendship.

Clenching his fists determinedly, Ryuu nodded to himself. He would make Hayato his friend. Definitely. He would try hard and—

"Where are you going?"

Blinking out of his reverie, Ryuu looked at the hallway in front of him to only find it empty. Turning to the sound of the voice, he blinked at Hayato who stood in the doorway of an open room—the once locked door proclaiming it as the 'Boy's Baseball Locker Room'.

Ryuu laughed nervously as he stepped inside, ignoring his fiancé's raised eyebrow. That's a nice start to friendship there Ryuu, he thought to himself, using awkwardness to pave the way to your friendship. Awesome.

It was okay though, he reassured himself, he could definitely bounce back from this. Just start again with something—

"Take off your clothes."




Ryuu was sure that his face was on fire because he honestly could feel it burning. B-But WHAT?! Did Hayato just ask him here for—for what?! Did he just want to skip friendship and go on to being lovers!? Oh God, was his fiancé a number one pervert or something?!

"Whatever you're thinking, stop it right now."

Ryuu made to glance quickly at the taller boy, but when his eyes caught the other's faint blush he couldn't help but stop and stare. He watched then as Hayato muttered something under his breath, running his hand through his hair and making it even more disheveled than normal.

"For the dryer, Kashima," he said then, voice hoarse. He looked up and met Ryuu's gaze, his hazel eyes showing the embarrassment that he felt, but his face didn't show. "You need to take off your clothes so that I can put them in the dryer."

Ryuu blinked before disappointment sank in his stomach like a stone—wait, disappointment? Surely he wasn't disappointed that Hayato wanted him to take off his clothes for innocent reasons… right? No way!

friendshipfriendshipfriendsh ipfriendship

Shaking his head he stuttered out an, "O-Okay…" before looking away. "Do you have clothes I c-can change i-into…?

"Yeah…" Hayato, who had been currently trying to convince his traitorous mind that Kashima did not look cute at all, turned and moved toward one of the dark blue lockers. It fell open easily with a quick dial of the lock, and it was then that Ryuu, who had looked up to discreetly watch, suddenly realized that the locker was Hayato's own.

His assumption was only reinforced when the boy in question pulled out a pair of dark blue sweats and a baseball jersey that all had his last name printed in bold letters on it in white. "They might smell weird," he said as he handed them to a still blushing Ryuu. Scratching the back of his neck, "I haven't gotten around to doing the whole laundry thing in a while."

"I-It's fine," Ryuu replied, suddenly feeling shy.

Their eyes met and locked again, Hayato staring at him for a second before sighing at the now awkward air that flowed between them. "I'm going to change over there," he said, pointing with his thumb. Normally he wouldn't have had any qualms with changing in front of other boys, but Ryuu was already blushing and Hayato really did not want to make it anymore awkward between them.

Ryuu seemed to understand as he nodded, turning so that his back faced Hayato. Pulling off his shirt first, Hayato blinked as he watched the pale skin of his back was exposed. His blush was extensive enough to cover the tops of his shoulders like a bad sunburn, but what caught Hayato's attention were the small freckles dotting his creamy skin. For a second, thoughts of his tongue and connecting the dots filled his mind before the emote-less boy pushed them away like they were burning his mind.

This was already dangerous ground and there was just no way he was going to go there.

Turning, he made his way to his self-designed area, missing Ryuu as he brought a hand up to cover his cherry red face. Even after Hayato left, as he was changing, Ryuu couldn't help but shiver at the feeling of Hayato's fierce eyes watching his back.


After Ryuu finished changing, he couldn't help but despair at the bagginess of Hayato's clothes on him.

The drawstrings on the dark blue sweatpants were pulled as tight as it would go, and the white and blue baseball jersey that he had on was like a freaking dress. Ryuu knew that he was smaller than his fiancé, but this was just plain ridiculous.

Regardless of it all though… he didn't—couldn't hate it.

The unwashed clothes were claimed to smell weird, but Ryuu liked it. Even though his face was covered with the visor of the helmet earlier on the motorcycle, pressed up against Hayato's broad back Ryuu could smell the boy's scent. It was like the smell of the grass and the dirt after the rain had fallen, and something musky that he figured was the taller boy's cologne.

The clothes that Ryuu was wearing now smelt exactly like their owner, but stronger. It was also mixed with the smell of sweat, and though Ryuu had every reason to think that it was unattractive… it really wasn't. Hayato's clothes, with his scent and the bagginess, were warm and made Ryuu feel strangely safe and comfortable, and he couldn't help but wonder if this was just a taste of what it would actually feel like if Hayato actually held him.

He wanted to go up to the taller boy and ask him for a hug just to test it, but shaking his head, he rid himself quickly of those dangerous thoughts; friendship first, he thought to himself as he picked up his wet clothes from where they laid on the ground.

"Hayato-kun?" He said as he made his way through the empty locker room. Plodding through the empty rows, he walked until he reached a room in the near back where the light shone brightly through a small doorway.

"In here," Hayato's voice came, and Ryuu banished his hesitation as he walked inside.

The small room turned out to be some kind of laundry room, and Hayato stood in the middle of it wearing a baggy pair of unnamed sweats, a towel around his neck, and nothing more.

His skin was a weird yellow-y tan underneath the fluorescent light, but even the bad lighting couldn't take away the muscles on his stomach and upper arms. His fiancé wasn't anywhere near ripped, but he was fit and had the muscles to show for all the training he did. Seeing him shirtless sent something hot coiling in Ryuu's stomach, along with a shot of self-depreciation.

All those girls that fawned over Hayato had a reason. With a body like that and a face like his… and what did Ryuu even have? He didn't work out, he had no muscles whatsoever, and he was pretty sure that his stomach was getting flabby from all the eating he had been doing lately. While Hayato was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, Ryuu was a weird mix of everything that shouldn't be mixed. With a small stature, crimson hair, and green eyes, Ryuu was like a freaking Christmas elf or something.

From there it went downhill, and Ryuu's frown could only grow deeper—that is, until his thoughts were stopped by a hand ruffling his hair.

Looking up, he blinked at his fiancé who was looking at him with eyes that expressed an emotion he couldn't read. "What's wrong?" He asked after a second.

Ryuu cracked a smile, "N-nothing."

Hayato gave him a look, "Has anyone ever told you that you're a really bad liar?"

Ryuu pouted but his blush gave him away. "Nothing's wrong," he repeated. Nothing that I can't change with a little time, at least, he thought to himself.

Hayato just stared at him before sighing and giving a small shrug, Ryuu watching closely as his muscles rippled with every movement. Blushing when he realized that he was practically checking out his fiancé who he wasn't supposed to be attracted to, Ryuu looked away.

friendshipfriendshipfriendsh ipfriendshipfriendship!

"Here, bring your clothes over."

Ryuu moved at the command, handing Hayato his pile of wet clothes and watching out of the corner of his eye as the taller boy placed them inside the dryer with his own clothes. Standing upright, he pressed buttons and the machine started with a small rumble. "They'll probably be done by lunch," he said as he glanced around the room. Landing on the clock in the corner, he turned back to Ryuu, "If we leave now, we'll make in time for half of science, and history.

Ryuu blinked, "Will the clothes be okay though?"

"The earliest people who'll come in here will probably be around last period before practice. Our clothes have plenty of time and I'll lock the doors on the way out so that no one can come in here and steal them."

The redhead nodded at the answer, "Okay, let's go."

Hayato turned and grabbed an unnamed sweatshirt, slipping it on and zippering it up over his bare upper body.

As they were leaving, Hayato didn't say anything about the fact that Ryuu had been staring at him as he was putting on the sweatshirt. If they were going to play the ignorant game, he would win. Denying was his strong suit—right after punching idiots on the head.

Both of them didn't notice a packet of papers that were being destroyed in the dryer.


"So it's true then? They really are engaged?"

An elegant woman stood by a large window, an arm curled around her stomach and a frown set deep on her beautiful face as she listened to the person on the other line.

"Well," she said slowly, "this just won't do. We need the Kashima brat if we're even going to make a dent in the stupid Kamitani Corporation…" She paused and nodded at whatever the other person was saying.

"Yes, I know, I'm not an idiot!" She growled, "But that blasted Kashima woman hates me, how am I even supposed to get close if she tries to claw my eyes out every time I even get near her family—and no, I know! I'll figure something out. Don't worry."

She sighed, "Yes I understand, but you make sure to keep your eyes on those two kids! We can't have the falling for each other and merging the companies together, do you hear me!" She let out another growl, "We'll have our victory against that stupid Kamitani Corporation," she chuckled darkly, "just you wait."


"Do you think sensei will be—OOF!"

Along with Ryuu's pained groan, the crashing sound of the falling of a pile of books filled the empty hallway.

Hayato, who had been walking behind Ryuu at that time, caught the redhead easily as he fell backwards into his arms. Both of them stayed frozen in that position for a second as their eyes fell upon the figure of a girl who was lying on the floor amongst the fallen books.

Her uniform skirt was pushed up to reveal a pair of dark boy shorts, but the girl, when she came to her senses, still practically screeched bloody murder when she saw that both boys were looking right at her and the messy state that she was currently in. She stood up almost immediately, body shaking and face a bright red as she pointed an equally shaking finger at Ryuu.



"You clumsy oaf!"

"Says the girl who was walking around with a huge pile of books," Hayato said, voice chilly, "could you even see past that mountain?"

The girl got even redder—if that was possible, but Ryuu didn't notice the outrage on her face as he turned with wide eyes to his fiancé.

"H-Hayato-kun!" Ryuu said, his voice incorporating a tiny bit of scolding into it.

Hayato looked down at him, handsome face impassive but hazel eyes cold. "She's blaming you when it's equally her fault."

It took a couple of seconds for Ryuu to interpret what his words really meant, and it took even less time to figure out that Hayato was trying to defend him. Realization must've dawned on his face then there because, before he could even say a word, Hayato was already righting him back on his feet and looking away with a small 'hmph'.

Ryuu couldn't stop the giggle that escaped him this time, but all the happiness was suddenly drained out of him when the girl opened her mouth and spoke.

"Blaming others for their mistakes," the girl spat out viciously, "how typical of a Kamitani."

Hayato's glare turned dangerous, "What." He hissed.

Ryuu's mouth just fell open as he stared at the girl in shock.

"You and your whole horrible family!" She snapped, "I-It would just be better for everyone if you all didn't exist!"

At her words, Ryuu's protective streak surged up inside of him. He was just about to apologize for colliding into this girl, but then she starts damning Hayato and his whole family?! He opened his mouth to tell her how he exactly felt about her badmouthing his fiancé, but before he could, Hayato moved.

Bending down, he picked up a fallen book and opened the cover. The girl blinked before gulping when he read out the last name signed on the library take-out list, "Inomata."

The way she reacted gave everything away, and Ryuu watched silently as understanding filled Hayato's eyes. "I see," he murmured almost to himself.

"You see nothing than what your father makes you see," she hissed as she strode up to him and snatched the book from his hands.

He glared, "I'm not one of my father's mindless drones."

"Your father is a murderer," she snapped, "and looking at you now, I can say that you're going to be the same."

Hayato just tilted his head at her, gaze suddenly calm and face blank. "I'm not the one who can't discern between business and life. Work stays at work," he whispered, "your father should have known that before he decided to try and play in the big leagues."

Inomata recoiled at that, her face stricken with pain and her eyes filled with past memories. Then, as quickly as it had come, all that pain disappeared into anger. She shoved Hayato before running away, leaving the fallen books where they lay.

Hayato watched her go before she disappeared around the corner. A hand gripping his shirt made him turn to look into Ryuu's stricken green gaze. "Wh-what…?"

Hayato brought up both his hands to enclose the hand that Ryuu had gripping his shirt. "What do you know about the Inomata Corporation?" He asked slowly.

Ryuu blinked, "J-Just that they went bankrupt three years ago…"

The hands around Ryuu's own tightened briefly, squeezing subconsciously as the owner of those large hands looked away. "What many don't know is that the day after the company officially went bankrupt, the Inomata CEO died…" Here he hesitated before those eyes met Ryuu's once more, determination coating the hazel like steel upon armor.

"And it was my father who killed him."

Next Chapter: "Starting out in a world like that is like being thrown into a storming ocean without a life-preserver."

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