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Chapter 9: Sounds Like a Promise

(a.k.a. fluff fluff sad fluff)

The motorcycle slowed to a stop in front of the high black, ornate gates that surrounded Ryuu's home. Ryuu scrambled to take out his phone from his pocket, turning on app that, after tapping in the code, allowed them entry.

He went back to hugging Hayato's back as the motorcycle moved forwards slowly, following the decorative brick driveway that circled the large fountain in the middle. They slid to the front doors before the motorcycle stopped fully, the kickstand set down and the engine turned off.

Ryuu, his front warm from Hayato's broad back, and his nose filled with the scent of the other's faint cologne, was loathe to move away. He had wondered, the whole way back, if Hayato doubted his decision to put in some effort into their relationship. He had seemed completely himself (aloof and quiet) when they had said their goodbyes to Usaida, and the walk through the dark park was filled with silence. And now…

"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning."

Hayato had said the words so quietly it was almost a murmur, but Ryuu heard him loud and clear. His arms, which were still around the other's stomach, tightened, and he beamed into the inside of the dark helmet on his head.

Hayato didn't say anything, but a gloved hand gripped his own for a couple of seconds before lightly tugging them off. Ryuu took that as a sign to get off and he slid nimbly off the motorcycle, the cool night air immediately chilling his front.

Slowly taking off the helmet, he shyly met Hayato's hazel eyes, a timid smile on his face and a blush dusting his cheeks.

"I'll text you the code for the gate," he said.

At this though, the smallest tug upward pulled at Hayato's lips. "Then I guess I'll give you my number."

Ryuu blushed deeper, but Hayato only smirked, watching as Ryuu pulled out his phone again. The raven-haired teen pulled it out of Ryuu's hands and tapped in a number, pressing call. There was a vibrating noise in his pocket as the boy gave Ryuu his phone back.

"Now you have mine, and I have yours."

The redhead smiled slightly, "Can I call you sometimes?"

Hayato raised an eyebrow at him, "Well," he drawled, "I have to talk to my fiancé first," he paused, "oh wait."

Ryuu laughed, the tension that was heavy in the air melting gradually like snow.

A hand landed in his hair, ruffling it as Ryuu looked back up into light hazel eyes, his laugh falling into a small smile. "You still want to try out this relationship?" He asked, voice soft.

Ryuu just nodded, "I want this– u-us… I want this to work."

Hayato nodded, "I've never been anyone's boyfriend before, so you have to tell me if I'm messing up somewhere."

The redhead blinked, clearly surprised, "You haven't been in a relationship before this?"

The fierce eyed teen just shrugged, "You really shouldn't look that shocked. I'm not really one for socializing remember? If anyone has had a relationship before this then you'd probably be the safer bet."

Ryuu's eyebrows scrunched together, "Why me?"

Hayato raised an eyebrow at him, "You have a fanclub too you know. All those girls that come up to you for help or homework questions, don't just want help or homework questions—if you know what I mean. Don't tell me you didn't—" he stopped himself when Ryuu turned his head, his face a bright red. "Idiot," Hayato half-chided, half-teased, voice more amused rather than cruel. "You're really not all that observant are you?"

The redhead puffed out his cheeks at that, "You don't have to be so mean about it," he complained.

Hayato let out a little laugh that caught in his throat when the front door to Ryuu's home burst open. Ryuu turned around horrified when his mother came rushing at them with a brightly flashing camera and squeals, and Hayato started to choke on the air that he had sharply inhaled.

Ryuu's dad stood in the doorway, face red with exertion. "Sorry, Ryuu!" He shouted, "I tried to stop her!"

Ryuu, at this point, had turned around to slap his fiancé on the back, trying to ignore his mother.

"Come on Ryuu-chan! Look this way and smile for mommy!" Emiko cooed, "You too Haya-kun! Look this way sweetie!"

"Y-You—!" Hayato snapped, voice raspy.

"It's for the wedding scrapbook!" Emiko said, pulling away from her camera with a bright smile. "I need a picture of you both for the 'day they decided to try out an actual relationship' page!"

Ryuu's face turned redder, "H-How did you—"

"Who told you?" Hayato said, cutting him off, "Was it Usaida?"

Emiko grinned, "It was your mother," she paused when Hayato rolled his eyes, "who heard it from a little birdy with a crepe stand."

Ryuu turned to gauge his fiancé's expression, but instead of the anger he thought he would see, there was only resigned annoyance. "That damn woman, buying off my informant."

Emiko just kept on grinning, "Your mother also told me one other thing, Haya-kun," the grin turned into a smirk, "something about looking for a new home for you and my son?"

Ryuu blinked in surprise, eyes widening, "What?"

"Well, it was only a matter of time, Ryuu-chan," Emiko said calmly, "did you expect to live in separate homes after something as big as an engagement? Plus you two are going to get married soon! Newlywed couples need their space, I know your father and I—"

"EMIKO!" Atsushi reprimanded from the doorway, his face practically glowing with his blush.

"Anyways," she continued, grin back on her face. "Did you get a chance to pick a new residence?"

Ryuu turned to glance at Hayato who was resolutely looking at the bushes in the far corner. "I got drenched this morning," he said, his voice filled with everything but remorse, "there was a possibility that the papers got mixed in with the laundry trip, I'm not sure," he continued, sounding absolutely sure.

Emiko didn't look impressed, but Ryuu was pursing his lips together to suppress his grin.

"Your mother said that you would do this," the woman went on, sounding exasperated, "so she sent me the files and I made sure to make a copy with a few of my recommended places thrown in there as well! And this time, I'm giving it to Ryuu-chan."

"Don't trust me with it?" Hayato asked lazily.

Emiko grinned at him, "On the contrary Haya-kun, I don't trust this weather. You might get wet again, and we don't want to be sitting here constantly making copies for you—I mean, the weather, to destroy, do we?"

Hayato grinned something feral at that, his eyes filled with acknowledgement. Emiko grinned right back, and for a moment, Ryuu felt a stab of ridiculous jealousy at the easiness of their conversation. He couldn't go a whole conversation with Hayato without stuttering and blushing somewhere, what if Hayato wanted someone who can challenge him verbally? Someone who wasn't always stumbling over his or her words in his presence.

Then Emiko turned to him, "Come inside Ryuu-chan, this weather's bad for your lungs. You too, Haya-kun," she said, turning to his fiancé.

The boy shook his head however, "It's already late enough," he said, "I need to get home and argue with my mother for paying off my informant."

Emiko nodded, lifting her camera and taking another picture, "Alright," she said, "don't take too long saying goodbye Ryuu-chan. You both might be engaged, but know that I can turn on the sprinklers and let out the guard dogs anytime I wanted."

There was a hidden threat there, but Ryuu was sure that it wasn't aimed at him. Hayato though, stayed calm, simply rolling his eyes as Emiko walked away, disappearing back into the house. Atsushi, who had been observing the whole thing, smiled a small smile at them before following her inside.

And then there were two.


"Sorry for that," Ryuu said almost shyly.

Hayato shook his head, "Your fujoshi mother is crazy," he said.

"B-But you like her, right?"

The fierce eyed boy turned his gaze onto the petite redhead, taking in him with eyes that made Ryuu feel like an open book. "I-I mean, you guys were bantering so well…"

Hayato let out a snort, "Bantering?" He asked incredulously, "More like she was staking her distrust, and threatening to set her dogs on me if I loiter too long."

At that Ryuu laughed, a strange relief filling his chest.

"And just for the record," Hayato continued, "if I wanted someone who can banter with me, I honestly wouldn't be trying out this relationship with you." A hand landed on his head, ruffling his hair, "Idiot."

Ryuu's cheeks colored at that, but he smiled all the same.

Their eyes met, and their gazes didn't break, even when Hayato tugged Ryuu closer to him. "I'll see you tomorrow?" Hayato asked.

Ryuu smiled through his blush, "Are you sure you haven't done this boyfriend thing with anyone else before?"

Hayato tilted his head to one side, pretending to think.

Ryuu puffed out his cheeks and brought up his hands to roughly ruffle the other's hair before he realized that he remembered that his fiancé didn't hesitate on punching people. Hayato didn't punch him though, instead, letting Ryuu do as he pleased with only a displeased look on his own face.

"That's what you get," Ryuu muttered.

Hayato hummed, "is that a backbone I'm seeing?"

The redhead spluttered as his darker haired counterpart let out a quiet chuckle.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Hayato repeated.

Ryuu nodded shyly, "Tomorrow."

The fierce eyed boy nodded before unwinding the arm that he had unknowingly winded around Ryuu's waist. Ryuu immediately stepped back when the other slipped his helmet over his head, obscuring anyone's vision of his face.

"I'll t-text you," Ryuu added over the roar of the motorcycle's engine.

Hayato turned to him and nodded before the vehicle moved, circling the roundabout in front of Ryuu's home and exiting through the slowly opening gates. The redhead stood there for a couple of moments, smiling to himself, before he turned and headed inside.


On the other side of town, a resounding slap sounded through a sparsely furnished apartment.

Inomata Maria stood with her head down and her cheek a blazing, angry red. She bit her lip as her mother's angry words rolled over her, her disappointment and her anger melting into a string of words about how worthless and stupid Maria was.

By this time, Maria practically knew all the words by heart. She didn't listen to the words though, she listened to her mother's emotions. Anger, disappointment, desperation, exasperation, disgust, it was all in her mother's tone.

"I-I'll try h-harder," Maria whispered.

Her mother's ranting came to a halt and there was silence in their house. Then a hand shot forward, gripping her chin tightly as they forced Maria to look up from her feet.

Her mother's shrewd eyes narrowed, taking in her daughter's blotchy face before releasing.

"You have my permission to stay for that club meeting," she said, "but there better be results, do you hear me Maria?"

Maria nodded, "y-yes mother…," she whispered.

The woman nodded before jerking her head toward the bathrooms, "Go wash up then."

Maria nodded again before turning on her heel, fast walking toward the bathroom. When she closed the door behind her and locked it, then and only then did she sink to the floor, covering her mouth as she cried her hurt away.

She didn't need to hear her mother's cruel words, they were already ingrained in her head, springing up whenever she failed to get the perfect score or made any kind of mistake. The slap, she barely felt anymore. No, what hurt her most was her mother's tone. The cruel, vicious way she said her words.

Every syllable she uttered felt like another knife stabbing Maria's back.


When his text ringtone went off just as he was about to go to sleep, Hayato growled lowly. He grabbed his phone that was set charging on his nightstand, squinting at the bright light it gave out as he unlocked the device.

The text bubble on the main page was sent from someone labeled 'fiancé' and he took a second before his brain connected it to Ryuu. Sighing he opened the text, reading it before relaxing back into his pillows, the smallest of smiles pulling at his lips.

'Sorry if I woke you . the code for the gate is xxxxxx. I'll see you tomorrow! Err, today?'

Pressing the reply button, he typed in his own message before setting his phone back, and lying back down.

Across town, Ryuu bolted up from his covers that he had been burying into in an attempt to find the sleep that eluded him. His phone had just gone off, and his hand moved to grab it, unlocking it and opening the message.

'It's a promise. Now go to sleep, I'll definitely see you in the morning.'

The redhead smiled broadly at the message before lying back against his mounds of pillows. Burrowing into his comforter, he rolled onto his side and set his phone next to him. Kotarou, who had wanted to sleep next to him, let out a small sniffle. Ryuu ran his hand through the baby soft hair before closing his eyes, his body relaxing as he finally fell into sleep.

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