I stared at my computer screen for moment, contemplating the situation. I had never been so quick to choose a potential sub. Her profile was short and sweet. She was discrete, with no tit or vag pictures to be found - definitely not one of those girls who prostitute their assests to gain the attention of men on the site. That alone turned me on. And her eyes - her honey brown eyes looked as though they held a million and one secrets.

Nikola would probably ask me if I'd grown a vagina if he knew I was thinking of her eyes. It'd be best not to discuss said matter with him for now.

Nikola is my younger brother, and a switch in our world - meaning he likes to be topped just as much as he likes topping in the play room. Lately though, he has been distant from the clubs and munches. He says it's because he can't find his "one". When he asked my opinion a few weeks ago regarding the dilemma, my answer was - "Why have one when you can two or three?" This had of course earned a look of disgust from our big sister, Isidora, and her partner, Drazan.

Dray and Isa are the perfect Dom/sub combination. Isa is sassy and quick witted, which Dray loves. I will admit that I was not thrilled when I found out my best friend, of twenty-plus years, was interested in bringing my sister into our "world," so to speak. Granted, Isidora is fifteen months older than me but still, who wants to think about their sister bound and gagged by their best friend? It just makes me shutter. The only thing that has saved him from an ass kicking, is that I know he'd never do anything to hurt Isa, and when they look at each other there is nothing but love between the two of them.

Nikola and I are currently without partner - Nik looking for his perfect "one" and me trying to find someone to connect with and train. Traveling between countries doesn't help either of our situations. For all intents and purposes, home is Switzerland. We moved here as kids from Croatia, and everyone but Isidora, Nikola, and I stayed. The three of us, along with our best friend and partner in crime – Drazan Tomić , ventured to the States when Isidora decided she just had to go to college to study theater and dance.

We started off in California at Berkley - me double majoring in Astronomy, my first true love, and Conservation/Resource Studies. Nikola went into Business Development/Management, and Dray studied Environmental History. California, however, did not agree with any of us. Once we graduated school, we headed toward the gulf coast to New Iberia, Louisiana. It was in New Iberia that we developed our company, Rad-Tom International. Rad-Tom International is a not-for-profit business, developed to study the changes the sun cycles have on our environment. We also work on developing new ways to conserve natural resources.

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