Disclaimer: I do not own The Hobbit or any of its characters, the Tolkien's do.


They came from over the Sea,
Manwë the Windlord's secret police,
They patrol the skies above,
To maintain and keep the peace.

They are proud, smart and strong,
And as one with the wind,
Goblins, Orcs and Wargs alike,
They will gut to save dwarf- and mankind.


Friends of Dwarves and Men alike,
They are a magical race,
Rare, friendly and beautiful,
In danger they never lost face.

Their quick speech was hard to hear,
But it could understand anyone,
When one old bird whispered to Bard,
The end of the Dragon Smaug had begun.


Great comrades of Durin's Dwarves,
They are strong and long living,
They brought word of secret news,
And Dwarves did them much gift giving.

Believing in their heritage,
Their memories are good and long,
They pass on wisdom to their children,
And their stories ring like a song.

Crows (Crebain)

The carrion birds of Middle-earth,
They feast on the work of the Goblins,
As they are the birds of ill omen,
Their flight is as the throw of a javelin.

Inhabitants of Dunland and Fangorn they are,
The servants and spies of evil powers,
When they search for a wanted victim,
Every one of good heart to them cowers.

Birds of Middle-earth

Golden-brown, majestic and lovely,
Melodic and full of joy and peace,
Living long and mighty strong,
And gorging fat on their foul feasts.

These are the sapient birds of Arda,
And in the skies they are Middle-earth's gem,
For I, Radagast the Brown, Bird Friend,
Say that the earth belongs to such as them.