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Before the battle with Pitch, Jack would have done anything to get the other guardians attention. For more than 300 years, he had felt alone, abandoned, and desperate for any kind of interaction. Sometimes children would see and believe in him, but it seldom happened and was always cut short by adulthood. This lead him to perform attention seeking acts for the other guardians. He tried sneaking into the North Pole. He tried stealing some of Tooth's teeth collection. Once, he even tried to wake up an entire village that Sandy had just put to bed. Not to mention, the blizzard fiasco of '68 was a disaster on his part in trying to get Bunnymund's notice. Never would he have ever though he'd be sick of them…

Until now. Frustrated, Jack kicked a pile of snow, feeling satisfied as it crumbled to bits. It was early fall, and he had stayed with North for a while now. Slowly, he was becoming a permanent part of the guardian's lives. Somehow, after 300 years, he had a family again. He'd forgotten, however, that family is never perfect.

It had started a few weeks ago. Jack had just said good-night to North and was heading up to bed when he heard a rustle. He turned and expected to see one of the elves or a yeti behind him. "Ugh, what is it now?" he said aloud. There was nothing there. Shaking his head, he proceeded on the journey to his bedroom, lifting his eyes… straight into Pitch's leer.

Panic froze him. Jack was terrified. How was this possible? It wasn't. And yet Pitch was there, as solid as Jack's staff. He blinked.. Pitch was gone. Collapsing, Jack breathed heavily on the floor for what seemed like hours. In reality, it was only a few minutes. "God, I must be tired," Jack muttered, "No more peppermint hot chocolate before bed."

That would have been the end of his hallucination experience …except for the nightmares that came than night. Horrible twisted dreams haunted his every sleeping moment. They ranged from his death to being alone again to Jamie no longer believing in him. For three nights in a row, he struggled with his dreams before confessing to North everything.

"I think Pitch is back," he blurted out, in the middle of North's workshop. "I thought I saw him the other day, on my way to bed, and…I keep having these nightmares."

North raised an eyebrow, "Nonsense, Jack. Pitch will be gone for a century at least. It takes a long time for a being to reform, even for an immortal."

"I know but…," Jack started but stopped, as North was already off inspecting some issue with the yetis. It was beginning to be busy season after all. "He right," Jack assured himself, going back to his normal routine of pranking the elves, "I'm just being stupid."

A week later, the dreams were yet to stop. To make matters worse, Jack saw Pitch again on his way back from the forest. He had been carefully tracing frost on the forest pine branches when he felt a sudden chill that made even him shiver in surprise. "What was that?" he muttered to himself, cautiously scanning his surroundings.

"Hello Jack," a voice sneered. Jack gasped and spun around. Pitch stood, only a few feet from him with a cruel smile on his face. Without thinking, Jack clutched his staff and thrust it at the boogeyman. A thick bolt of ice shot from the air… and hit a tree that had been right behind Pitch. The king of nightmares was gone, he hadn't even left footprints.

Wasting no time, Jack ran back to North's workshop , running over a few elves in the process. "North!" he shouted, slamming open the doors into St. Nick's workshop, "He's back North! Pitch is back! I don't know how but he's…" Jack stopped to meet the stares of all four of his fellow guardians, "Oh uh…hey guys! I didn't know you were coming."

The guardians were seated all around North's desk, apparently waiting for him. Their cheerful smiles and joyous excitement was quickly fleeing their expressions. "Pitch is back?" Tooth was the first to break the stunned silence that enveloped the room when Jack entered. All the other guardians seemed to be still frozen.

"Uh…yeah," Jack said a bit breathlessly, "I saw him in the forest, right beside Holly's Hill. Only for a second, though. Then he disappeared."

All the guardians seemed to snap out of their stupor. Their eyes were wide except for Bunnymund, who looked skeptical, "Are you sure?"

"I'm positive," Jack insisted. When the guardians still didn't seem convinced, he tried again, "Come on guys! Do you really think I would lie about this? Pitch is back."

"Alright, alright," North amended, "We'll send out a search party. Bunnymund you go with Jack to search the Southern hills. Toothainia, take your fairies and search the west. Sandy and I will take the east."

They searched all day and into the night but no sign of Pitch was ever found. When the guardians returned they were all in foul moods, especially Bunnymund. Not only had he been lead into a wild goose chase, but had been stuck with the little monster who started it. " Just admit it," the pooka growled as he shook off his fur inside the cozy workshop, "You made the whole thing up as a prank."

"W-What?" Jack asked, hurt by Bunnymund's accusation, "No! I told you! I wouldn't lie about this."

"Come on Jack!" the Easter Bunny shouted, causing the winter spirit to flinch, "I have better things to do with my time then listen to your excuses. Us, real guardians, have real jobs to do."

Tooth gasped, "Bunny-!"

"You know what! Fine don't believe me. I am a real guardian and the others trust me, right Tooth?" Jack replied angrily, looking at Toothania for support. The sprite opened her mouth and closed it. Jack's expression changed for anger to disbelief. "Right, Tooth?"

"It…" Tooth began softly, her voice unusually gloomy "It does seem rather far-fetched, Jack."

Eyes widening, Jack stepped back from the fairy and pooka, to look at Sandman. "Sandy you believe me right?" Sandy suddenly found the ground very interesting. "North…?" Jack asked, afraid to hear the response.

North looked deeply troubled, looking out one of the many windows in the workshop. "It's impossible, Jack…" the man's voice was saddened, "Pitch cannot be back."

Jack stared at all the guardians in disbelief. He had thought they accepted him. He thought they were family. "Fine," he said stiffly, grabbing his staff and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" North asked, worried by the determination he saw in the eyes of the young teenager.

"I'm going to find Pitch," Jack said coldly, ignoring the gazes of his fellow guardians, "I'm going to prove he back and then I'm leaving for good," Jack opened the door, letting the dark and cold in, before looking back towards the legends, "I know when I'm not wanted."

"No Jack!" Tooth exclaimed. The guardians were extremely alarmed. They had not meant that they wanted Jack to go.

But he was already gone.


Shaking himself out of his memories, Jack turned to look at his surroundings. He had come to a clearing near the edge of a cliff, where a log was laid a few feet from the brink. Wearily, he wedged his staff into the snow and sat before the log, leaning against it like a backrest. He was exhausted. It was perhaps two hours away from day and he had gotten very little sleep the past week from all the nightmares. Yawning, he stretched his muscles and waited for the dawn.

His emotions were still churning from the night before but instead of anger, he felt grief. Already he could feel the suffocating loneliness that awaited him ahead. The guardians had confirmed his worst fears. They didn't want him around. He was only allowed to join them because then needed his help. Pitch was right. He really was useless.

Jack looked at the moon, tears bubbling from his eyes. " All those years ago you saved me. Why couldn't you have just left me alone?" he whispered, "I wish I did die. Why couldn't you have just let me die?"

There was no answer. Now days, there never was.

Breathing deeply, Jack clutched at his hair, running it through his hands. He had to calm down and think positively. For one he still had Jamie. He also would gain his independence back…

Who was he kidding? Jamie was great but, Jack couldn't stay with him for a whole year, much less all eternity. As for his independence…that was just what he called his loneliness to make it sound less…lame.

A sudden movement jolted from the cliff below. "What the-," Jack said, startled by the noise. Slowly, he pushed himself up and peered over the cliff below.

In retrospect, Jack would find his decision to look over the cliff very, very stupid.

For his last memory of that night was looking into the dark red eyes of a very angry fearling.

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