Bonus: Chocolate Sex

Author's Note: Well it seems I'm constantly saying this but if you are not above the age of 18 you should not be reading this. Well as to this random chapter it is a practice run for a chapter in Come Sunday the sequel to Poisoned? Anyway the event takes place on Wednesday night after I cut the chapter in Come Sunday. So this is actually the bonus chapter of Come Sunday, you do not have to read Come Sunday to understand this. Anywho I don't feel it's good enough so I practiced and would love to know what you think. And since Poisoned? Is my catch all for practices I feel no shame posting it here. Well I hope it is at least good enough for here. Let me know how to improve other than lengthening it.

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Warning: Rated M for a reason.

When Kuoko had bought the chocolate melting pot he had envisioned things turning out with a slightly sexual tinge to them. He had hoped Murasakibara would use the chocolate pot for making goodies and possibly some edible fun in the bedroom. He had however not planned for the rest of his lovers to take a liking to the idea as well. They were all now currently enjoying the thoughtful birthday gift in the powder bluenette's second bedroom. Unlike the third bedroom this was was set up as a common area for his lovers and their differing tastes. It had a bed in the far corner, a couch in the opposite corner, a counter and mini kitchen area, as well as free space between the spaces so that nothing would get ruined in the heat of the moment. Something that had been corrected soon after Kagami had broken a lamp on accident.

Not long after entering the bedroom Kuroko's eyes were glazed and his cheeks flushed as his body tried to keep up with all of the movements his lovers were making as they prepared for the fun they would have with Murasakibara's new melting pot. Kise had given the powder bluenette an aphrodisiac as the chocolate had melted, something none of them had disagreed too. It left the powder bluenette with his thoughts drifting away with the feeling of his lovers hands on his body he did his best not to struggle as they tied him up by the wrists. A few minutes later he was brought back to reality and out of the sensations of his body by a heady moan from below. He was so hot and so bothered but it seemed they didn't want to release him yet. Even as he looked down he smiled wantonly already having trouble resisting their touches even though they had just started.

"Kuroko..." Murasakibara moaned sucking chocolate off of the bluenette's hard cock. He had made short work of buying melting chocolate and was now expressing the love of his gift in the best possible way. "You taste even better with chocolate." He smiled looking up into the lust filled blue eyes. His own purple eyes scanning the offering before him. They were all more into the foreplay than usual watching their lover beg as they teased him, something all of them enjoyed immensely.

Murasakibara thought it wasn't as bad watching Midorima run chocolate covered fingers over pert nipples only to lick and nibble it off, his actions slow and deliberate. Aomine was licking away chocolate he had poured between Kuroko's neck and shoulder, nipping readily at his pulse point. Akashi was pushing a chocolate dipped strawberry into a wanton mouth his other hand cascading down his side with his nails. Behind the powder bluenette Kagami was tightening the bonds on pale hands while simultaneously running his tongue over the pale back. It was better to watch in some ways Murasakibara conceded. Then made sure that Kuroko was watching as he closed rose tinted lips around his captives pale straining cock. He had already put a band around the pale shaft to stop the petite bluenette from cumming. They wanted this to last.

"I agree with Murasakibara." Kise smiled up at them from where he had been dipping a strawberry into the pot. Bringing it over he began using it to write his name on a pale thigh which he began licking up immediately loving the taste. It brought shudders down the bluenette's spine. Even though he wanted nothing more than to fuck Kuroko senseless he couldn't help but want to tease him even more.

"Please..." Pale lips begged juice and chocolate running down them his eyes watering with need.

The plea was caught in Akashi's mouth as he took over it with his tongue tasting strawberry, chocolate, and Kuroko as he pressed in further. When he released him the redhead wasn't surprised to find Aomine taking his place.

Only moans were heard as Murasakibara continued to tease and Kagami prepared his taunt ass as best he could pressing his fingers in and out. Midorima began sucking chocolate off his sides as well. Akashi was pressing his almost painfully hard cock into a pale thigh while Kise sucked chocolate from long toes. Aomine released his lips in favor of teasing his pulse point and the green shooter captured his lips. Soon they were moving as one the body between them withering and struggling against bonds on thin wrists. While they pushed closer and deeper wanting as much contact as they could get.

Finally pulling back from Kise's hot mouth Kuroko looked him deep in the eyes. His cock was straining against the band around it while Murasakibara teased beads of cum from him. "Please...fuck me.. " The powder bluenette panted his body well past his limit.

Akashi was the first to speak dragging his chocolate dipped strawberry along his collar bone leaving melted chocolate in his wake. "Murasakibara.."

Murasakibara was moving before his name had completely left the short redhead lips. He moved Kagami aside pressing into the smallest bluenette without a care moaning lowly against his pale back as he pushed all the way in. Around him he felt the others pressing into the lithe body he was inside as he began to move he felt them move as if they were one body joining with another. "Kuroko..." He moaned low and deep burying his head in the nape of his neck kissing it lightly.

"Murasakibara..." Kuroko groaned his cock straining for release already but unable to find it with the band around shaft. His hands were jerking Akahi and Aomine off as Midorima and Kise continued to tease his weeping cock. "More..." He begged as they taller male began thrusting into him. "MM..." He was cut off as Kagami shoved his cock into his mouth a small drop of chocolate on it for him to suck off.

"Kuroko..." Midorima took off the band a few seconds later allowing the pale bluenette peace as he came all over him and Kise. The others weren't far behind having teased themselves while torturing the powder bluenette.

A few hours later found them all stripped naked cuddled up in the far corner bed curled around Kuroko as best they could be setting the spare alarm for the morning. Poor Momoi was in her room unaware she had missed out on chocolate sex.

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