Title: Into the Dark

Summary: Lauren takes Dyson's advice and leaves before a new Ash is crowned.

Rating: M for language

A/N: A sort of deconstruction of Lauren and Bo's characters. Don't know how it'll end though, so wish me luck. Inspired by a Murdoch Mysteries episode where Zoie Palmer guest starred. :)

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Chapter 1

Bill glanced at his partner and saw that he was still looking out the window. There were currently driving around the area for their rounds and so far it had been a quiet night. Still, he wondered what could have captured Aidan's attention so thoroughly. He didn't think that the night time view of downtown Toronto was that interesting.

But then again, he should be more than used to this behaviour. His new partner was the quiet, introspective type. Heck, in the last four months they've worked together, he still barely knew the guy.

Aside from his full name ("Lewis Aidan, nice to meet you."), and the fact that he was a damn good EMT, (intelligent and efficient, unflinching and also empathetic) his partner was still more than a stranger.

Well, Bill considered, he also knew that Aidan was a chick magnet. And that he was oblivious about his "game".

It was a bit maddening, actually, how effortlessly the guy had charmed the nurses and a few of the doctors at the hospital, without even noticing it.

He took another quick glance at his still-silently-brooding partner and admitted to himself that the other guy was good-looking. Okay, probably more than good-looking, with that light blonde hair and startlingly blue eyes that immediately captured one's attention. But it was more than that too. He knew a couple of handsome guys that didn't have half of Aidan's appeal.

Bill suddenly flashed back to a conversation he had with his wife, Sheila, regarding Aidan. She was a nurse at the same hospital they were working on and freely admitted to having a small crush at his partner. He was a bit jealous but hadn't really felt threatened, so he decided he was more curious as to why everyone liked the guy.

Sheila had looked knowingly at him but still explained, "It's his eyes."

"What?" he asked, confused. "Because they're so blue?"

He remembered how she had sighed heavily, as though it was such a test of her patience to have to deal with his slowness.

"No," she said abruptly and then paused, as a thought occurred to her. "Well, yeah a bit. He's physically beautiful, especially with those blue eyes, but that's not all."

It had struck him then how Sheila had chosen the word "beautiful" to describe a guy but realized that it was an appropriate word for Aidan. He was tall and lean, had no bulky muscles but strong; his face was somewhat of a contradiction with its sharp lines and soft-looking skin.

"When I say it's his eyes, I mean there's a look in them." She looked strangely distracted then and paused again.

"A look?" he asked dubiously.

"There's an air of mystery around him, and his eyes... they speak of loss."

He had been about to open his mouth when she glared at him and continued, "The girls actually have a debate about it. Most of them think he's lost a girlfriend or someone else significant." She paused again before finishing with, "There's just... I guess he looks sad and burdened. That's probably it. And you know that a guy in pain is practically textbook to us women. It triggers an instinct to comfort or something."

Recalling that conversation now, Bill found himself taking yet another glance at his partner when the light turned red. He wondered if he could see that "sadness" too.

"Nope," he concluded, not realizing that he was saying it out loud. Bill, still lost in his thoughts, allowed his gaze to wander. Well, even if he couldn't see that mysterious eye thing, he could still see the physical beauty thing. Not that he was into that, but hey, he's secure enough in his manhood to admit that he can find another guy hot. Right?

"Uh, Cooper?"

Bill's eyes shot up from where they had been lingering on his partner's lap and felt his face flush. He hurriedly transferred his gaze to the road and realized that the car in front of him was already far away.

"What's up?" Aidan asked. Bill stepped on the gas pedal a bit too hard and the ambulance lurched violently, throwing both of them against their seatbelts.



Bill heard the alarm and concern in Aidan's voice and flushed deeper. "Sorry! Sorry! Uhm..."

For a while he concentrated only on driving smoothly but then,

"Is there... are you okay, man?" Aidan's husky voice penetrated the silence.

He refused to think that the odd shiver traveling up his back was because of that voice. No, no. That was just him being embarrassed from getting caught while checking out his partner's um... physique. Yep. Embarrassment.

"Uh, yeah, you know. I was just thinking..."

"About...me?" A tentative, careful question.

"No! No, man, just, well, maybe?" Bill could feel himself sweating now, and the panic was making his voice sound shrill. "It's um, it's my anniversary soon!" It's seven months away but it's never too soon to plan for it. "Yeah, so I was wondering, since you're good with the ladies, if you could help me with what I should uh, get for Sheila, you know?"

Yes, good save, Bill thought as he watched Aidan's face clear in comprehension. He barely stifled a loud sigh of relief.

"Oh! I don't think I'm that good with ladies," Aidan protested, looking confused and a little self conscious.

"Come on, man!" Bill protested, suddenly liking this unexpected turn of tables. "You know you have them all eating at the palm of your hand!"

"What? No! I don't!" Aidan said, surprised. "I'm a good listener, I think so... seriously! Stop laughing!"

"Ow! No punching the driver!"

"If you don't stop laughing, I'm not gonna help you."

Bill saw the pout from the corner of his eye. Seriously, how could this guy pull off charming and mysterious one moment and then adorable the next? It's almost unreal.

"Okay fine. I'm sorry. Please help?"

It turned out that Aidan actually had some good ideas about what to do for his anniversary and Bill was a bit disappointed when they finally got a call for a vehicular accident near College. He resolved to pick Aidan's brain some more, next time.

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