Montine Clearwater lived in London after the London Blitz, though remembered it quite clearly, as it had only been a year ago. She remembered strange things going on in 1941, before the Blitz ended, of people with gas masks walking around crying for their mothers, though it couldn't be explained. A child came up to her, though someone yelled at her not to touch it, which confused her even more. It was now 1942, and Montine was serving as a nurse, tending to wounded soldiers sent back to England due to their bad wounds.

Along with Montine was her friend, Bette, who also remembered the strange events of the previous year. Bette had also come across a strange girl with blonde hair who dressed in what appeared to be materials that didn't exist. Currently, Montine and Bette were tending to a man who had had both of his legs amputated. The man was crying out in misery, as he could no longer walk, and all Montine and Bette were doing was trying to administer his medication. The young man suddenly began talking and saying strange things…

"And I saw… beings. I don't know what they were, but I saw them," said the man. "They had scales… and one big eye… They… they had what looked like tubes where their mouths should have been…"

"It's all right, sweetie, everything will be all right," said Bette as she gave him a shot. "We need you to take your medicine now." Montine was preparing a spoonful of a dark liquid.

"No, no! Listen to me! You all think I'm crazy, but I'm not!" exclaimed the man.

"You hold him down, Monty, I'll go and get the doctor," said Bette, and she left as Montine took over the job of holding the man down.

"I'm not lying! I'm telling the truth!" exclaimed the man, fighting to get out from under her hands.

"Shhh… of course you're not lying, dear, I know you're telling the truth," Montine lied, hoping to calm him down.

"No! No, you don't! You don't believe me! You don't believe me, but ask that man there!" exclaimed the man, pointing behind her.

"What man? You're the only…" Montine turned around and behind her was a man dressed in a brown jacket and a bowtie with slightly messy dark brown hair. Behind him was a dark blue police box, one that could be found on the street. "Wh-who are you? How did you get here?" Montine asked suspiciously, standing and cautiously taking a few steps near the man. The other man was silent for a moment before speaking.

"I, Miss… am the Doctor," he said. This greatly confused Montine.

"Th-the Doctor? Attending to this man?" Montine gestured towards the man on the bed. The man who called himself 'the Doctor' shook his head.

"No, Miss. I'm a different kind of doctor. Though I must say, it appears that this man has had quite the accident! My dear boy, what has happened to you?" the Doctor asked the man on the bed.

"Strange beings… one eye… a tube for a mouth…" the man said, staring ahead in utter fear. The Doctor nodded slightly.

"I think I know who you are talking about. You, Miss, come with me, please," said the Doctor as he started walking towards the blue box.

"I can't just leave, I'm working! And besides, I don't know you!" exclaimed Montine.

"What is your name then?" asked the Doctor.

"Why should you know it? We're barely acquainted."

"Your name?"

"Montine Clearwater, and yourself? Surely you have a name."

"Yes, I do! I'm called 'the Doctor'. And it's a pleasure to meet you, Monty. Now we are acquainted. Now, come on, then! You're about the only help I can find around here." The Doctor started heading towards his blue box again.

"How did you get that police box in here without me knowing?" asked Montine, carefully approaching the box.

"This thing? It's not just an ordinary police box, Monty…" He opened the door, which revealed a rather large room inside of it. "It's called a TARDIS. It stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space."

"A what?" asked Montine, clearly confused. The Doctor slowly lured her into it.

"A TARDIS. It's a time machine," said the Doctor, closing the door after Montine had stepped inside.

"A time machine? Now, you're really pulling my leg!" Montine exclaimed as she stared around in awe.

"Pulling your leg I am not, Monty," said the Doctor as he started pressing some buttons and pulling levers. "Now, I should probably fully introduce myself. I am the Doctor, as we have already established, and I am a Time Lord. I travel throughout time solving any major problems that need fixing. Often enough, I cannot do things on my own. And that, my dear Monty, is where you come in. Say, what year were we just in? 1942?" Montine nodded. "That's what I thought. How is London after the bombings? Swell?" Montine again nodded.

"You don't seem like you're from around here…" she said, watching him.

"I am, but I'm not. You see, I'm technically what you humans consider an alien. I am not a human, though I may closely resemble one. As I have stated before, I am a Time Lord, who travels throughout time solving any major problems that need fixing," said the Doctor.

"And that's your name? Just 'the Doctor'?" asked Montine. The Doctor nodded.

"Indeed. Now, where we're going is back to Victorian Germany, where I believe part of this strange alien invasion began. Do I know exactly what species is invading? Not quite. Do I have an idea? Indeed I do. However, we must get to the bottom of this," said the Doctor.

"Hold on, I told you, I can't leave, I'm working," said Montine.

"Ah, that is where you're at a benefit, Monty! Time travelling has its advantages, and one of them is the fact that you can travel to the end of the universe and back and only seconds will pass by here on Earth," said the Doctor. "I assure you, this will not be affecting your work day at all."

"All right…" Montine said, finding a chair and sitting down in it. Unsure of what to do while the Doctor messed around with his machine, she decided to learn a bit more about him. "How old are you, anyway?"

"It varies," replied the Doctor. "And yourself?"

"Eighteen…" Montine replied. "Do you have a family?"

"Used to. They don't exactly exist anymore," replied the Doctor. "And yourself?"

"My father went off to war and so did my elder brother… I have a sister at home, and a mother. What happened to your family?" Montine asked.

"War, very much like what could possibly happen to your family, only in a different way," replied the Doctor.

"Oh… I'm sorry to hear…" said Montine. She was quiet for a few moments. "Do you have a girl?" The Doctor stopped what he was doing and looked straight ahead. He was silent, and Montine looked away, afraid she had asked the wrong question.

"I did," said the Doctor. "Could I say that I loved her? I'm not quite sure… From my past, I've had female companions, such as a blonde named Rose and a redhead named Amy, though they weren't exactly lovers. Now, if I really had a love, it would be the TARDIS herself. Now, a little bit about myself. I am what is called 'the eleventh doctor'. This is my eleventh out thirteen regenerations before I officially die." Montine looked at him with curiosity.

"Regeneration? You mean…"

"When I died the first time, I was regenerated into the second doctor. Then I died and regenerated time after time again until I became the doctor that I am before you. Each time, I've had a different personality and a different appearance, though I remember everything quite clearly. I haven't truly met any of my past regenerations, but only time will tell!"

"All right… Er… might I ask what happened to this Amy and this Rose? If you don't feel comfortable telling me, that's quite all right," Montine said to him.

"No trouble at all!" exclaimed the Doctor. "Rose left me after my tenth regeneration and Amy left recently with her husband and baby. I chose you for a companion because you seemed worthy of it, you seemed much less annoying than your friend in there, and you're actually a pretty girl. It appears that I have a habit of choosing pretty girls as companions."

"All right…" said Montine. As she was about to speak again, the Doctor announced their arrival in Victorian Germany.

"Here we are! Germany during the year 1886! Now, stay close to me. Don't want you wandering off and getting lost, now, do we?" said the Doctor. "Now, we're off to see an old friend of mine who may be able to help in this case of alien activity!" Montine followed him closely behind, giving people looks that looked at her funny due to her clothes. "Don't mind them. They're most likely jealous that they can't wear comfortable clothes like yourself!" The Doctor led Montine to an old brick building and up the steps. He knocked on the door and casually stood there, waiting for someone to answer the door. As the door opened, a young man possibly in his twenties stood dressed in the usual Victorian gentlemen's clothing.

"Ah, Doctor! How wonderful to see you again! Do come in!" the man exclaimed, stepping aside as the Doctor and Montine went inside.

"Even more wonderful to you see you, William! I must say, your place is looking a whole lot neater than it had the last time we met!" said the Doctor, admiring the household. He turned and saw William admiring Montine.

"I see you've got yourself a new companion, then?" said William. "My, my, what a pretty thing she is. Where'd you pick her up?"

"London in 1942. Now, William, might we discuss things over a cup of tea? I fear we have a crisis on our hands that might require your help," said the Doctor, leading William away from Montine. Montine casually explored the house, stopping at a mirror. Reflected in the mirror was a girl of eighteen with brown hair and earthly brown eyes. Montine's hair was up in the classic 1940's waves and rolls, which looked rather strange among the Victorian hairstyles of women in the area. Let alone the fact that her dress a good foot and a half shorter than the dresses that women wore! As Montine rounded a corner, she was frightened by the Doctor, who appeared with a smiling expression and a cup of tea. "Tea, Monty?"

"Er… certainly," said Montine, taking the teacup and following the Doctor into the parlor and taking a seat next to him on a small sofa.

"Now as I was saying, William… Men back in 1942 have described seeing alien figures. Alien figures that are described to have a single large eye and a tube in place of their mouth. Might you tell me what you believe that might be describing? I have an idea, but I could be wrong," said the Doctor. William thought a moment.

"I'll have to check my books. Wait a moment, will you?" he said, and got up in search of his books.

"William Burke is a fine man to go to when you're looking for an alien species! Especially one that you've never seen before! At our first meeting, we came across a small army of Daleks. Now, I know you do not know what they are, but they are creatures that live inside this robotic suit that are bred to hate, and we do not want to come across any. But anyhow, William and I came across a small army of Daleks. We met when I was trying to fight them off a few regenerations ago with one of my companions. At our last meeting, I had brought him some books describing every possible alien species from far, far into the future. And that leads us to where we are now!" the Doctor explained. Montine just looked at him with a confused expression.

"Let me get this straight… Daleks are hateful creatures that live inside robotic suits?" she asked.

"Indeed! And maybe on our travels, we will come across one. Maybe on our travels, we will not. After all, only time will tell, am I correct?" asked the Doctor. Montine nodded and shrugged at the same time with a confused expression glued to her face. "This is all new to you. No worries! It'll all make sense in the future!" Just as the Doctor finished his statement, William came back in with his book.

"I think I may have found the type of alien we could be dealing with…" said William, and he set the open book down on the table in front of the Doctor, who seemed slightly shocked.