Well, I lied, I guess I am back for one more; perhaps this one will be ten times better than the last one! I'm just in love with Martha, she's just amazing and didn't get as much screen time as I wish she could have, maybe in the second one we'll see more of her and Drac's love story because, to be honest, I liked their story more than Johnny and Mavis's, not saying I didn't like their story as well, just liked Drac and Martha's more.

I have no idea where this story idea came from but I really like it. Just kind of makes sense, you know what I mean?

Without further adieu, I give you "The Lady Lubode"

"Mavis, we really shouldn't be doing this."Johnny said as he kept looking over his shoulder, seeing if Dracula was anywhere in sight. He and Dracula may have been friends, but he knew that if he were to get angry, he would drain the blood from him and he would indeed look like a deflated whoopee cushion.

"It's fine! Dad's out doing I don't know what, but I'm sure he won't be back for a long time." Mavis said as she rummaged through her father's drawers. She couldn't help but be nosy, after finding the postcard, there was no telling what else could be in there.

As she dug deeper in the top drawer, she saw a small handle and she raised an eyebrow. "What are you hiding in here, dad?" She pulled it upward and saw that beneath it was a medium sized, black box.

"What's that?" he asked as she pulled it up.

"I don't know, it's kind of heavy." she replied.

She opened it and gasped at what she saw. It was a dagger made of pure silver and the hilt looked to be made of solid gold. She held it up and examined it with a worrisome Johnny looking on.

"Please tell me that he just keeps that for decoration." he swallowed hard.

"Look at this." she held it out for him to see and he saw just under the hilt on the silver was two letters engraved on it.

"M.L. I think that's-"

"Her mother's initials." The duo turned and saw that Dracula was standing in the doorway with a frown etched on his features.

"Dad, what is this?" Mavis asked.

"Better yet, why is it here?" Johnny asked.

"I was hoping you'd never find this." Dracula said as he walked to them and took the dagger from her hand. "But I guess I can't lie to you about your mother anymore."

"Dude, was she likeā€¦a serial killer or something?" Johnny asked.

"In a manner." he shrugged.

"Explain please." Mavis said.

"All right, but if I were you, I'd sit down for this story."

Martha moved her wrist slightly; the ropes that bound her to the chair were beginning to burn like fire. Damned, cursed things. They were enchanted so that if she lied, the ropes would start to cause her agony, but in the entire time she was being interrogated, she didn't falter, she kept a stone face and didn't let them see the pain that she was hiding.

"Why won't you just tell us, pretty girl? If you tell us where Dexter is hiding, we'll let go." The warlock asked.

"C'mon! Can't we do it my way?" His sister had a sadistic smile on her face. Martha curled her lip and rolled her eyes. "Hey!" The witch slapped her across the face, causing a red handprint to appear. "Don't you disrespect me!" she shouted.

"Aria! Behave!" he called.

"Aaron!? She knows where Dexter is and your niceness isn't getting us anywhere. Let's just do it my way. So much easier and I want to get that stupid look off her face." she hissed, looking back at Martha.

"I wish to know your way, dear Aria. Prove to me that you'll harm me if I don't tell you where Dexter is." she smirked.

"With pleasure." Aria stepped just within Martha's grasp and that's when she made her move.

Martha kicked Aria in the shin as hard as she could and sent her sprawling backward. Aaron looked stunned for a moment before rushing at Martha, but she was faster than he was.

She stood and swung the chair around, hitting him and causing him to land on his back with a thud. She looked as Aria had stood up and was about to attack her, but once again, she was no match for Martha. She swung around again with such a force that the chair broke when it connected with the witch.

She looked at the table that was at the far end of the room and made a mad dash to it, snatching her dagger from it and walking over to Aria, she didn't hesitate and slammed it deep into her chest. With a loud screech, Aria's body jerked and then her life slipped away from her.

Martha turned and noticed that Aaron was starting to sit up; he was clutching his head, attempting to make the world stop spinning. Martha contemplated going ahead and killing him, but he had been surprisingly kind to her, so she returned the favor.

With a swift kick to the face, he fell back to the ground. He'd wake up soon and discover that his sister was dead, but in the end, she was sure he'd be happy. From the three days that she had spent with them, she had been a real bitch to the both of them.

When she walked outside, the harsh December air swept over her. She sucked in a sharp breath through her teeth and wrapped her arms around herself. She was only wearing a strapless black dress that only came down to the middle of her shins, her shoes had long disappeared, she thought about going back inside and taking Aria's from her, but she decided against it and walked out to the stables.

She took the first horse that she saw and only grabbed a bridle, a saddle and bare legs never were a good combination.

"I'm just picturing Scarlett Johansson right now."Johnny said.

"Who?" Dracula and Mavis asked in unison.

"She's a human actress, let me enjoy this fantasy." he said.

"Hiyah!" she dug her heels deep in the horse's side and it took off at a fast gallop, she had to grab a fist full of its main to keep her balance.

It took her a good two full days to return to her home, but the moment she did; she slid off the horse and began kissing the dirt, not caring that it was filling her lungs.

"Martha!" she looked up and saw her father, Edward and younger sister, Jacqueline, running towards her. "Here, let us help you." her father said as he grabbed one arm and her sister took the other.

"Let me look at you." he said as he moved a strand of hair behind her ear. She had a bruise on her right cheek and her lip was cut but other than that, she appeared to be fine.

"Don't worry, I did exactly as you told me to. Hey, kid." she looked at her younger sister and ruffled her dark hair. The two could pass as twins, the only difference was that Martha was eighteen and her sister was sixteen.

"I'm glad you're okay, Martha." Jacqueline said.

"Is Dexter inside?" Martha asked.

"Yeah, he's waiting for you. Go ahead." Edward said.

She went inside the large house, with their line of work, they were paid well. The Lubode's were a well off family, not only had her father struck gold, they all specialized in killing the magical creatures that filled the United States, most of the population never even knowing they existed.

"Dex?" Martha asked as she stepped into the sitting room. The young man turned towards her and a wave of relief swept over his face.

"Thank God, you're safe." he stood and hugged her tight, not caring that she was getting him dirty.

"It was all worth it." she replied as she pulled away. "I swear that you and Eliza are safe now and of course your future son." she said.

He gave her a puzzled look. "What?"

"Ask Eliza. Go on and head home, this one was free." she turned on her heel and went upstairs to clean up. If there was one thing she wanted more than anything else, was to have a long, relaxing bath.

As soon as her water was ready, she scrubbed herself clean. Nearly rubbing her skin raw, she made sure that all the blood and dirt was gone away from her. It took her a little longer with her hair. It was so thick that it took her about fifteen minutes to get all of the mud from her hair.

When she was all done, she put on a pair of loose pants and a white shirt. Most ladies would be frowned upon if they were caught wearing things like this, but she didn't care, this was what made her feel the most comfortable.

Walking into her room, she saw Jacqueline sitting on the bed, looking down at her hands.

"What's wrong, Jackie?" Martha asked.

"Nothing, just, I was worried about you." she said.

"Tell me what's really bothering you." she said as she plopped down next to her and draped her arm across her shoulder.

"Father started training me while you were away, but he won't let me go out until you think I'm ready. I don't want you going out anymore by yourself, please let me go with you next time." she said.

Martha sighed. "If something were to happen to you, I don't know what I'd do."

"That's the same way I feel about you! I'll never forget the time you came back half alive, knowing that I could have gone and helped."

"You were thirteen! You were too young to go out!"

"You were fifteen, what is a two years difference going to do? I want to help! I'll be ready by the next time! Please, Martha, please." she begged.

Martha shook her head and stood. "I'll think about it, but I'm telling you, you don't want this life. You'd be surprised at all the things you miss."

"I know. You want to get married, don't you?" Jacqueline asked.

"That I do, but I have yet to find someone. My "zing" as it were." she answered.

"Zing. Mother's favorite word. I love how she said that she and father were each other's zing. I wonder where ours are. He might be the next person that walks in the door for you!" she smiled.

She chuckled and Jacqueline's exaggerated expression. She was still like a child, not broken by the cold, cruel world yet.

"That may be very true but I hope you find yours before I find mine. That'll mean you won't have to do this."

"Here, I cleaned this off for you." she held out Martha's dagger and it was shining, as if it had never been used.

"Thank you, now, will you do me a really big favor?"


"Will you brush my hair; I had a little incident with a chair."

"So your wife was a hit woman. Dude, that is so awesome." Johnny said.

"That's not the end of it, but I think I'm going to stop for now. I don't think you're quite ready for the next few parts." Dracula said as he put the dagger back in the drawer.

"No. I want to hear more. Please, dad." Mavis gave him her pouty face and he groaned.

"Fine, but I warn you, it's going to get uglier from here."

If anyone can guess where I got the name Jacqueline from, I will give you a cookie. Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more!

-Chivalrous Gypsy