Disclaimer: Star Wars comes from the mind of George Lucas. I make no profit, I just play with the toys he's given us.


A sentinel stands ready
A man armoured in white
A silent solemn figure
On guard against the night.

(He's young, so young
And his world was poor
He'd never had
This much food before.)

The helmet is forbidding
A stern and mighty mask
It makes him one of many
All doing the same task.

(He's not paid much
Or so some would say
But those back home
Will not starve, today.)

Imperial enforcer
For his Emperor's laws
Resolute and unflinching
Devoted to the cause.

(They told him things
A rallying cry
They taught him that
All Rebels must die.)

Together they are faceless
An endless stream of men
One falls? He's but a number
A place to fill again.

(He's young, so young
And he won't get old
For lies, he'll die
Doing what he's told.)