AN: Okay, so a new story. I was PM'd by Urau asking me to take a look at an story idea on her profile for a Luke/Percy story. I took a look and instantly saw the potential and loved the idea. So this story was inspired by Urau's idea, I just created the plot, for lack of better term, to write the story.

You'll notice a lot has changed. Percy and Thalia have switched roles, though while there are a lot of differences there are a lot of things which stay the same. Like Percy being the prophecy child will stay canon, the only difference is Percy is now a girl, daughter of Zeus, and Thalia is the daughter of Poseidon.

Their personalities will be nearly the same, though they'll also be majorly OOC as far as book canon goes because they are no longer the same in this AU. You might not even notice considering Percy and Thalia were always so similar to begin with.

So I hope you all like this story and for more information, you can find it on my website which is like always linked on my profile. I hope to hear what you all think so far.

Warnings: Fem!Percy.

This is a Luke/Percy story.


Chapter 1: The fact of the Matter.

She was selfish, Percy knew that.

Her mother had always been like that, but her mother was beautiful and beautiful people usually were (or maybe she'd just met all the wrong people). With her long curly blonde hair, fair yet sun kissed complexion and big baby blue eyes. Sally Jackson or as she'd been known on TV, Salane Grace (her mother always said those were her years of fame and grace so why not use an alias which matched her).

No one knew Salane Grace, the big 80's TV starlet, had been born Salane 'Sally' Jackson. A woman who came from a torn family and created a torn family. Her mother's father had been a cop, but had gone to jail a dirty cop – at the age of six she wasn't exactly sure what that meant for her grandfather.

Her mother's mother had been an alcoholic, something which seemed to be inherited. Ironic, Sally had gone years with only a drink occasionally, but not a year after her daughter, Proserpina Persis Jackson – Percy as she preferred to be called – was born she'd been on the brink of alcoholism.

Sally had her moments of being a great mother, when she was sober at least. Unfortunately, Percy could count those occasions on one hand, there could have been more she was to young at the time to remember.

She wouldn't hold her breath though, chances were she'd die of asphyxiation before her mother would change. That didn't mean she didn't love her mother.

She hoped everyday that she'd change, that she'd stop drinking so much and actually hold a steady job. That they didn't have to live in this run down home, which needed many renovations to actually be considered a home. Or safe to live in at all.

Paint was pealing off the walls, the house was never completely clean, she was pretty sure they had termites, and the windows were covered by, not curtains, but bed sheets which hadn't been washed in years. The fact they were black hid this pretty well.

It wasn't like anyone was going to come over to see the state of the home, besides the random house to house sells man. Or a strange mailman her mother was usually partially sober to great.

Percy had never been aloud to get more then a glimpse of the mailman but she'd always thought it was strange her mother would spend five minutes outside the house with him.

The fact of the matter was, Percy was bitter.

She had to take care of her mother while taking care of herself. It was rare her mother would leave the house for more then grocery shopping and the bank. Percy didn't even know where the money her mother did have came from. It wasn't like Sally could hold a job for longer then a month. Usually she was fired for missed days.

Percy didn't even know much about her father. She could safely say part of her blamed him for her mother's state. Sally was a talkative drunk and she'd been spinning her father's praises and damnations for years now. Six long years – she could only assume the first year, not like she really remembered anything before a year and half of age.

She knew her mother thought her father was a god, Zeus she'd called him.

In the beginning she hadn't believed her mother, but then she noticed the strange things. The man with one eye which scared her by following her during recess at her school when she was five. The fact she could swing really high and the one time she'd attempted to jump off like the other children she'd panicked and seemed to fly safely to the ground. Like the air had caught her in mid fall.

Then the way she could almost smell lightning in the air, or tell when a particularly violent storm that involved lots of wind, thunder and lightning would occur. The last straw was when she accidentally shot lightning from her hands when upset at a bully at school.

She'd begun listening to her mother then, but was still unsure if she'd wanted to believe it.

Everything seemed to change on her sixth birthday.

"Salane, may I come in?"

Percy peaked around the corner into the hallway where the front door was situated. Her electric blue eyes confused yet curious at the sight before her. The deep voice belonged to a tall man, much taller then her mother's 5'5 build.

He seemed to have black hair, not the same dark brown/black Percy had, but jet black. Like a raven she'd seen once. His eyes were light, but from the distance she couldn't tell much about his features or if they were gray, blue or green.

Just that he appeared to be twenty-five to thirty. Around the age of her mother.

"Zeus," she heard her mother whisper in a loving tone.

It was a tone she wasn't used to hearing unless her mother was drunk and rambling on about her father.

She canted her head to the side as she stepped closer. She could see the brow furrow on the man, the stern look coming about him and then he stepped inside as her mother stepped back to allow him to enter.

She hid a gasp of surprise when Electric blue eyes, the very same shade as her own met hers.

"You can come out Proserpina," the man said.

"Percy," her mother said, turning to Percy and back to Zeus in her surprise. "She prefers Percy, Zeus."

Her mother was obviously a bit intoxicated from the heavily lidded eyes, but she was much more sober then she'd been in a month.

"Percy then," Zeus muttered, looking at his daughter.

She was young but already pretty. A very light, almost nonexistent spray of freckles across the bridge of her nose. A sun-kissed complexion much like her mother, but a little tanner.

Her hair was dark, not black but close enough you'd think it was black in the dark or dimly lit room. Her eyes were big and flattered by thick lashes which framed electric blue eyes. His eyes, he realized with pride.

The state of the house was a bit unsettling and the fact he could tell Sally had been drinking didn't help matters. He could practically feel the uncertainty in both his daughter and old lover.

"Who are you?" Percy demanded, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes.

Sally's eyes widened and she gasped, stricken at how her daughter talked to the king of the gods. To her surprise Zeus did not get angry he simply smirked and let out a short chuckle. His eyes oddly soft as he approached and pulled a small canister of what appeared to be mace from nowhere.

"I'm Zeus child, your father," he said, knowing the girl would not be civil until she got her answers.

She was very much like himself but he could almost see a bit of his brother in her as well. A unpredictability usually associated with the sea. It wasn't exactly unusual, it had happened in the past with the big threes children. Even among the other gods children.

"Happy birthday, Proserpina," he said, handing her the canister. "Go to your room now Percy, I have to talk to your mother."

Percy didn't want to leave, she didn't even know why she should listen to this man. So he was her father, where had he been for the last six years?

Where had he been when she'd had to turn her mom over to stop her from drowning in her own vomit? Where had he been when those strange things had begun happening to her?

The monsters – as she'd begun to think of them as – and the strange ability she had with air and lightning?

She looked down at the mace canister, wondering what it was exactly. It didn't feel like a can of mace, it had a strange weight about it. Looking between her father and mother she bit her lip and turned, walking towards the stairs and to her room.

As she sat on the bed she turned the canister over in her hands, which were child like and made the canister appear bigger then it was. Putting her finger on the button on the top she made like to spray it and to her immense surprise it didn't work like that.

In her hand was a tall spear, probably a good foot and half taller then her. The shaft looked to be something sturdier then common wood and the spear head looked sharp and seemed to have a bronze glint to it.

Percy didn't leave her room for the rest of the day, and her mother didn't come to check on her. She woke the next day unsure what had transpired between her mother and the man that had visited the day before, claiming to be her father. But she was shocked to find her mother in the kitchen, sober for once in many months.