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Chapter 12: A push, a shove, a move too far.

With Andre

Andre sprinted, heading as far away from the door as possible, a palm clasped over his lips. Eventually he got to his classroom, robotically excusing himself and sitting down. He ignored the concerned looks of his friends, opting to stare at his book as he sorted his thoughts out. His best friends were messing around behind the girl he loved's back. His loyalties were torn with indecision.

He wasn't an idiot, no doubt he couldn't even imagine what would be done if Jade found out, but to let them keep fooling around with her completely unaware of Beck's infidelity was not cool. Over everything, he couldn't believe Tori could ever, ever do this. He let out a soft grunt of frustration as his mind grew more chaotic by the minute. That's when the dark little voice inside of his head started to whisper.

'Beck clearly doesn't deserve her, make Jade yours.'

'If Tori's fooling around with Beck, no reason you can't fool around with Jade.'

'Why try to fix this and possibly get Beck and Jade back together when you would be so much better to her?'

Andre bit his lips, feeling enticed by the images of Jade in his arms, running around his head. Her laugh, her touch, her eyes on just him. His friends voices called out to him then, feeding his desires.

'I like Beck Andre, don't you wanna help a friend out?'-Tori

'Dude it's cool with me, we can share since you let me have Tori.'-Beck

'I'm no saint Andre, what Beck doesn't know won't hurt him.'-Jade

Andre took a deep breath, trying to purge the demons from his mind. He just needed to talk to Beck. That's it. He needed to figure out what the fuck was wrong with the actor and why someone as sweet as Tori was onboard with doing something like this to a friend. He would talk to the both of them at Tori's tonight.

With Beck

Beck dropped off a silent Tori at her Calculus class, trying for a kiss but Tori turned her head away so it brushed her cheek. Frowning Beck watched as she practically ran inside and shut the door. It seems he would need to ease Tori in once more, because he had stupidly lost control and crossed too many lines this time. They would obviously have to talk, and Tori would need to learn not to deny him. Resolving to talk at her place tonight, Beck went off to his own class, acknowledging the people who called out to him in the halls.

With Jade

Jade was picking at her nails, drowning out whatever babble the teacher was spewing now, as she thought to herself. Clearly Beck was hiding something. Things between them haven't been the same for a while, around the time Tori came, and it was getting to her. There had to be something going on there but she had caught nothing between them yet, and that was odd. She caught everything, especially sneaking. This may be a time where she would have to do some further investigating.

On a different note, Jade thought back to her locker. It was obvious Andre was flirting with her. The question was why? Did he know something? Maybe Beck wanted him to cover for them... it was plausible, those were Andre's two best friends, if anyone were to know, it would be Andre. Maybe by sinking her claws in a little, she could get him to spill. But first she would need to go to Beck's tonight, and have a little chat with him.

With Tori

Tori was at a loss. She had no idea how she was going to face Beck again after being violated by him. Her throat was sore, voice was horse, her head hurt a little from her hair being tugged and her knees were slightly bruised along with her hips with Beck's handprints. Not to mention a body-part that shall not be named was feeling extremely tender after all the man-handling it received. What she couldn't get over was that she told him to stop more than once and he simply took liberties with her body like she had no say. That wasn't something you do to someone you claim to care about.

Tori buried her face in her hands. She just didn't know what to do. She should stop whatever was going on between them but... every time she so much as thought about being without Beck her heart seemed to clench and her head hurt... the scary part though was that she wasn't even sure if Beck would ever let her go. Tori grit her teeth, determined not to have any contact with Beck till tomorrow, so she could sort out her feelings tonight.

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