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Missouri 1953 august 20th The normal quiet of the old potter house in Hannibal Missouri, rang in racket as the retired colonel rushed to the door to greet his 'daughter', he swung the old oak door open and engulfed Margaret in a big hug. "Oh Margaret, im so glad to see you are you ok you sounded pretty upset on the phone" Sherman asked pulling back admiring Margaret's etire, she was wearing a simple blue sun dress and her blond hair up in a loose pony tail, she had on light makeup and her skin looked more soft and glowing.

She sighed "im alright colonel, i just really needed a place to stay and you're the only person i could think of to turn to" her normally bright baby blue eyes, had a lost look in them and her face was sad.

"Oh come on Margaret, its Sherman now and im not the only person you can turn to, you have the gang to run to especially Peirce" he noticed how at the mention of Hawkeye she turned away to hide the few tears that ran down her smooth cheeks "Margaret whats wrong, you can tell me" he was worried for his honorary daughter, her father kicked her out because she resigned her commission because she wanted to go after the love of her life but couldn't. the reason she failed to mention "come inside Margaret, here give me your bags" he bent down and picked up the two big and quite heavy suitcases and led her inside the warm farm-house, he led her into a cozy living room with a fire-place on the far wall and a big window to the right that over looked the field surrounding the house and on the left side there was a yellow couch and beside it two big red puffy arm chairs, he set down her suitcases by the couch and motioned for her to sit. she sat down and crossed her legs and starred out the big window and watched the couple of horses buck and canter,as they ran freely.

Sherman sat in the red chair to her right and watched as she just looked straight forward. "alright Margaret whats wrong there is more to it then being kicked out by your father, you told me you were going to go after Hawkeye to tell him ... how you feel because he loved you back and he left you his mothers ring, what happened to doing that its obvious you want to marry him you're wearing the ring on your left hand" she continued to stare as more tears streamed down her face as she thought about the letter that had the ring in it, he put it in her duffel bag before she left and while unpacking at the 8063rd she found it and knew her answer immediately.

"please Margaret you can talk to me" he pleaded feeling sorry for her, she looked down and played with the ring on her finger, it was beautiful it had three diamonds, one big one in the middle, the colour of Hawkeyes deep blue ocean eyes, and two lighter blue and smaller diamonds on either side while held together by white silver entwined into three vines. she barely got her words out around the lump in her throat "im... im preg" she stopped herself

"your what?" Sherman asked almost knowing what she was going to say "im pregnant" she managed to choke out and she sobbed harder and hid her face in her hands, the ex colonel moved to the couch and sat beside her rubbing her back in reassurance,"are you sure Margaret" she nodded her head. after a while she calmed down and wiped her eyes careful not to smudge her mascara even more, "Margaret if I may ask...who is the father?" he asked concerned for her

She began to cry again but got it all out in one breath "Hawkeye..." Sherman didn't seem as surprised as she would have thought, and really he wasnt

she wiped her eyes with the tissue Sherman handed her,"you dont look surprised ... why?" she asked confused

"because at the beach in Inchon on the 4th i say you and Hawkeye sneaking away together hand in hand i kind of knew what you guys were getting up to" the colonel blushed a little

"Margaret is this why you came here instead of going to Hawkeye"

"yes" she sighed

"why you guys already would have a family started what a great start to the end of the war"

she took a deep breath "because i know what happened that night to him and why he was taken to Tokyo, and afterwards he couldn't even go near children, i saw how uncomfortable he was when i was holding kim, when the orphans were there he avoided them. how could i put such a burden on him like this, what a great way to reply to his proposal, what was i supposed to do,just show up on his door step accepting his proposal and telling him how much i love him then saying 'oh by the way im pregnant with your child' yeah he definitely won't think im marrying him because im pregnant" she caught her breath, because of the sarcasm pooring out of her mouth " sorry " she said short of breath

"it's alright Margaret, and your right you have a point but you have to tell him" she sighed again knowing he was right " you look tired why don't you go lay down and we can discus this again in the morning when you feel more up to it" she nodded her reply and followed him as he grabbed her suitcases, and walked out into the hallway and turned left, walking up the big staircase and entering a room two doors down at the end of the hall,she entered hesitantly taking in her surroundings. it was simple white but had nice big yellow curtains on the window on the back wall and a big queen sized bed underneath it with a green quilt and a couple of pillows to her right was a dresser and a closet and to her left was a big door leading into a small en suite. Sherman set her bags down at the dresser "goodnight Margaret sleep well" he gave her a reassuring smile and walked out closing the door behind him. she didn't even bother to change or do anything before climbing into the comfortable soft bed, she looked at her watch as it read 10:22 pm it was basically dark outside and the moonlight filtered through the curtains. she rested her head on the pillow and fell into a nightmare sleep.