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crab-apple cove 1953 august 21

Hawkeye sighed as he continued to stare at the photo of Margaret at the party for the orphans, she was wearing her Hawaiian shirt tied up high, and white shorts her golden hair flowing nicely over her shoulders. kim sitting in her arms, 'children' he thought 'children ... a family wih margaret somday is what I want'why hasnt she come yet?' he asked himself 'or called' 'she probably doesn't want me and just got rid of the ring she must have gotten my letter' 'no she would never do that she knows how much that ring means to me she would never do that to me and i swore from the look in her eyes she had feelings for me, or at least really cared, and that kiss goodbye wasnt exactly all my doing it was pretty mutual and how about the 4th of July on the beach what was that about if she didn't have feelings for me she would never have done that especially that look in her eyes was a clear give away' he sighed again.

"something on your mind son" his fathers soft voice scaring him, he jumped and turned around on the dark tan coloured leather couch to face him.

"yeah but nothing you could solve" he turned around and continued to stare at the picture,

daniel looked over his shoulder eyeing the picture he saw way to often, "you know son wishing Margaret was here wont exactly get her here, you have to go after her if you truly love her"

"dad I do love her with all my heart but i just don't know where she is, if I did ide be out of here and on my way to her in a heart beat"

"I know son, im sorry" he turned around and then remembering what he came in there for, he snapped his fingers and turned back around and spoke "oh son I forgot B.J is on the line he said it was important ... he also said something about Margaret" before he could turn back around Hawkeye had rushed past him and up the stairs to his office, slamming his door shut he picked up the phone off the receiver

"hello B.J you still there?" he asked wondering if he had hung up

"hey hawk yeah im still here" the Californian laughed "and I have news"

"well spill it beej" Hawkeye asked getting anxious

"alright well i know where Margaret is, she is with colonel potter, he called me telling me that she was on her way to you but she had found out something that had caused her to change course. apparently her intent was to marry you but this problem is big I guess, and she wants to resolve it before she goes to you because she didn't want to burden you with her problems"

"oh god beej ... do you know whats wrong?" he asked a little worried

"yeah i do but im sworn to secrecy, but if i were you i would head out on the next flight to Missouri and go to her"

Hawkeye dropped the phone not even bothering to say goodbye or hang up and rushed to his bedroom at the end of the hall,

"oh and hawk i got great news pegs pregnant!" he waited a few seconds for Hawkeyes reply, but it never came "hawkeye your there ...hello earth to hawk" realising he must have left, he hung up and continued to play 'dolls' with his daughter

when he entered his room, he rushed to the right side of his room and to the corner to his tall dresser, and opened up both doors, he grabbed his black suitcase from the bottom and a couple of pairs of shirts and pants from hanging on the rod inside. using his dresser instead of his walk-in closet because of his claustrophobia, he pulled out the drawer on the bottom and through a couple of pairs of socks and underwear into the suitcase on the ground beside him.

he continued to rush around and went into the en suite on the same side, and grabbed his razor and cologne, throwing them into his almost full suitcase,he snapped it shut and ran out the door of his beautiful bedroom and grabbed his wallet and keys on the way out. he rushed down the staircase and to the front door slipping on his runners

"dad im going to Missouri for a couple of days ill be back by next sunday" he yelled over his shoulder running out of the house

"the things you do for love" daniel said to himself as he sat at the table in the dining room and sipped his coffee

Missouri august 21st 12:00 pm

Margaret was quiet as the ex colonel talked to his wife about last night,she was out at bingo late and didn't come back until after Margaret was asleep so she didn't know what was going on.

Sherman sat down across from Margaret at the round breakfast table,he patted her hand in comfort as Margaret held her churning stomach, she was going to call Hawkeye and explain things to him and she was nervous. she was released from her thoughts as the doorbell rang rapidly,

"im coming im coming" Sherman said rushing to the door to meet the impatient person on the other side, when he opened the door he didn't expect who was standing there

"pierce?" the colonel asked a little shocked

"where's Margaret?" Hawkeye asked impatiently

"she's in the kitchen, come inside son" Hawkeye ignored him as he walked fast through the house through the living room to the kitchen, he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw her, she looked up to see who was there. the world seemed to stop and heart was pounding as she saw him, he looked good sort of, he looked tired and worn but he looked good physically in some ways. he was a bit more muscular his hair was less gray, he was wearing ripped jean shorts down to his knees and a white muscle shirt that showed off his body well.

"Margaret"he breathed in his words as he saw her glowing eyes, the next thing he knew Margaret was in his embrace and instantly he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and laid his head on hers and rocked her back and forth as she began to cry.

"oh Margaret my Margaret" he noticed his mothers ring on her left hand, and he gasped quietly, does she actually love him? he asked himself

"oh god it's good to be in your arms again ... I love you" she managed to get out before he kissed her lovingly,he reluctantly pulled away "three words I thought I would never hear you say, Margaret houllihan I love you with all my heart" he sighed a relieved sigh as she smiled up at him.

"why are you here?" she asked abruptly

"because you are here and I came after you, trying to prove my love, why are you here I heard from B.J that you have ... a problem whats wrong?" he asked concerned for his (somewhat fiancé)

she looked down "will you stick with no matter what it is"

"of course Margaret I love you I really do nothing can change that" he said lifting her head for her eyes to meet his

"alright you know that day on the beach in July?" she asked worried

"yeah how could I forget" he hd a smug smile on his face

"well I know what happened that night, and why you were sent to Tokyo. it was because of that baby on the bus"

"yeah" he said sadly, his smile completely wiped from his face as he remembers that poor baby

"well ... I didn't go to you because of that, afraid you wont want me anymore because of my dreams of a family with you and thouht you would be scared because of your new phobia of children"

"margaret you know im getting better, im making progress and by the time we are married i will probaly be recovered"

"you don't understand, it's really complicated"

"how?" he asked confused

"because ... I'm pregnant now, and its yours"

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