A/N: Numbers in parenthesis are the main chapters that inspired me. :)


1. Superhero – Simon Curtis (1-2)
2. Remember the Name – Fort Minor ft. Linkin Park (3-6)
3. Hero – Skillet (7-9, 22)
4. Je te donne (I Give You) – Leslie & Ivyrise (10)
5. I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin (11-12)
6. Give Me A Sign – Breaking Benjamin (13)
7. Stronger – Kanye West ft. Daft Punk (14)
8. I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift (15-16)
9. One Night in Paradise – Baptiste Giabiconi (17)
10. Just A Dream – Nelly (18-20)
11. Dirty Little Secret – All American Rejects (21)
12. No One – 78violet (Aly & AJ) (23)
13. Monster – Meg & Dia (24)
14. Love Story – Taylor Swift (25, 27)
15. Mirror – Barlow Girl (26)
16. Numb – Linkin Park (28)
17. No Plan B – Manafest (29)

1. Superhero by Simon Curtis (1-2)
I chose this song because it shows how the original sidekicks (Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, and Black Falcon) and Superboy are essentially not "need[ing] [the Justice League] to believe in [them]", and how they're going to be superheroes all on their own, with or without the Justice League's help.

2. Remember the Name by Fort Minor ft. Linkin Park (3-6)
I was a bit wary using this song for so many chapters, but it's setting up how the Team is actually a team now. Especially with the addition of Artemis (someone the Team has never heard about). It's also like a warning of how the villains should "remember the name".

3. Hero by Skillet (7-9, 22)
Chose this for Chapters 7-9 because of how the Team try to find a way out of those tough situations, and while they still do their best to hold their own, they are still young and do rely on their mentors to an extent. It's repeated in Chapter 22 again due to the fact that their mentors are gone, and they're "need[ing] a hero", who are their mentors.

4. Je te donne (I Give You) by Leslie & Ivyrise (10)
Chapter 10 was mainly to get a glimpse of Verena's past and her relationship with her current family. Though her family (sort of) isn't dead, she still moved to Gotham City. She's completely truthful to Alfred, Bruce, and Dick, as you know, and I feel like in this chapter, she's "giving herself" to them, regardless of her flaws, and they accept her fully, regardless.

5. I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin (11-12)
I like the concept of this song, which to me, suits the Team. They never give up, against the odds, and that's why I think this is perfect for the Team in Chapters 11 and 12, when they are fighting against their lost memories while they're stranded in Bialya and even though there's a rift in the Team, they still work together. So they essentially "will not bow" to anything, even themselves.

6. Give Me A Sign by Breaking Benjamin (13)
I like Breaking Benjamin. Expect future songs by them to appear in other soundtracks or one-shots. Anyway, remember how the nature around Dick and Verena was "talking" to them? That essentially was Verena's mom, Zinda, giving them some kind of "sign" to go on in life. Even though Zinda is gone, Verena realizes that she also has Dick, as well as her other family and friends, and she comes "out of the light in the sun".

7. Stronger by Kanye West ft. Daft Punk (14)
Ugh. I don't like this song. I prefer the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged version. But I found this song suitable with the idea that even with the Injustice League teaming up and trying to stop the Justice League and the Team, they don't let them do that. In fact, they get stronger and work together and try even harder to prevent the Injustice League from taking over the world.

8. I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift (15-16)
I like Taylor Swift's music. Don't judge. BUT HEY. Can you imagine? When Zatanna's walking in? That song just plays in Verena's head? Because essentially, Verena's insecurity and jealousy and Dick's flirting essentially caused their relationship to fall apart because of Zatanna, so she was "trouble when [she] walked in". Then there's also Roy feeling that way with Verena because… well… she's twelve.

9. One Night in Paradise by Baptiste Giabiconi (17)
Who's seen the Artillery one-shot in the One-Shot Series I have? Raise your hands. No? Well, I used this song, and it basically reflects Roy's thoughts on Verena, and how he hopes to be Verena's love, but as we all know, Dick holds her love and Verena just holds a platonic feelings for Roy. And this was his "one night" with Verena. (Well, not really. Oops. Spoilers, but THERE WILL BE MORE.) [Fun Fact: This is my ringtone!]

10. Just A Dream by Nelly (18-20)
Originally, I was going to use the Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie version, but that felt too harmonious, and I wanted a sort of "dream-like flashes" that this song just has with its rhythm. Because one, Chapter 18 was a simulation/dream. And two, Chapter 19 and 20 were the endpoints of Dick and Verena's fight, and they just wanted to go back to the time that they were happy together. (Well, they got happier now.)

11. Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects (21)
Secrets. Secrets. Secrets. This refers to Artemis's lineage and M'gann's true form… with a hint of Dick and Verena's secret identities, but it isn't as extreme as Artemis's and M'gann's. I felt like they had this "dirty little secret" (well, they do) that they keep from the Team, and it eventually becomes "just another regret".

12. No One by 78violet (Aly & AJ) (23)
Even though Wally's part of Coldhearted wasn't shown in the chapter, this reflects more on Wally than anyone else. He wants to work with the Team and the Justice League, but is forced to deliver a heart instead. And he's basically searching for what he really wants to do (without intentionally doing so). Eventually, he finds what he wants: to help people.

13. Monster by Meg & Dia (24)
Another one based off of M'gann more than anyone else. All she asks is for people to "love [her]" but she feels like a monster, even though the rest of the Team doesn't think so. It focuses on how she's insecure, and reluctant to tell the Team about her true form and foreshadows her main insecurities that are later revealed.

14. Love Story by Taylor Swift (25, 27)
Who read The Robin and The Falcon chapter titled "Love Story"? Wally ends up singing a line from the song at the end of the chapter, and of course, this is a love story, and I thought it was suiting how the two in the end confessed their love for each other. Yay for happy endings (even though it's not the ending).

15. Mirror by Barlow Girl (26)
This one focuses more on Artemis than anything else, especially since the Team encountered both her father and her sister. She defies who they think she should be, and instead, makes the decision on who she thinks she should be.

16. Numb by Linkin Park (28)
This song just suits the Team so well, it's amazing. Seriously, have you guys seen the music videos on YouTube? But besides that, I totally think this suits Verena as well, especially when it involves her family. All she wants is to be "more like [her] and be less like [Luthor]", because he wants her to work for him, but she refuses to, taking the path that Bruce had led her on. But of course, Batman leaves some pretty big footsteps to fill in, so she just strives to be the best hero that she can be.

17. No Plan B by Manafest (29)
This is like, 50% I-Love-This-Song-So-Much and 50% I-Think-This-Suits-The-Team-So-Much. Essentially, this is the Team going against the Justice League, who have trained them. There "no turning back" for them, because it's up to them to save not only their mentors, but also the world and they "can't turn around". Because it's their lives on the line, this isn't training for them, and they essentially have "no plan B" to fall back on, so everything must be executed perfectly. Because of that, they can't let their fears to "hold [them] down".

And these are the songs that helped me write (other than you guys) Black Falcon. Some of these songs will be making a return in other seasons of Black Falcon, but you guys will have to stick until the very end to see which songs truly motivated me to write.

See you guys in Black Falcon: The Next Chapter!

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