Vegeta could feel Trunks' ki fluctuate rapidly. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling of the darkened bedroom, focusing on it as he monitored his son's energy levels. He needed to make sure that Trunks would wake himself up.

They spiked highly then dipped before spiking again, higher and higher and higher.

Vegeta realised that Trunks was going to scream the house down or blow it up if he allowed the nightmares to continue.

He climbed out of bed and padded across the bedroom he shared with his wife, making sure he didn't disturb her. He opened the door quietly and shut it, then set off in the direction of Trunks' bedroom.

His son's ki was fluctuating more than ever. This nightmare was the worse one by far.

He entered his son's room and ran over to him.

The young demi-saiyan was thrashing around wildly. Tears streamed down his face, his skin was pale and clammy. His star covered sheets twisted menacingly around him like a hungry python.

Vegeta flipped the bedside lamp on and gripped Trunks tightly by his shoulders.

"Trunks! Wake up!" he shouted.

Instantly Trunks snapped awake, gasping for breath, terrified of the horror he had seen vividly in his dream. His pale blue eyes were wide open, unfocused on his father above him.

"Deep breaths, Son," Vegeta urged him, "no one is going to hurt you, I promise."

Trunks recognised his father's voice and finally his eyes showed recognition towards the face above him.

"Daddy?" he asked nervously.

"You were having a bad dream, Trunks. The after images will pass," Vegeta told him.

Trunks nodded his head in agreement. He felt better with his father with him to help banish the terrors.

"Dad? Can you stay here?" he asked worriedly.

Vegeta smiled and nodded, which in turn made Trunks smile. Vegeta let go of his son's shoulders and let him get comfortable. Much to his bemusement, Trunks shuffled over so he could lie down next to him, not an easy task given that his sheets were still doing a hungry python impression.

Vegeta helped him untangle himself then lay down, encouraging Trunks to rest against him. Trunks threw his blanket over his father before snuggling up to him.

Once he was sure Trunks was comfy, Vegeta wrapped an arm around him, resting his hand on the back of his son's neck, making sure he felt safe. He used his other hand to wipe away the stray tears and their paths on his son's face.

"Want to tell me what happened in your bad dream?" Vegeta asked him.

Trunks took a deep breath before starting.

"It was terrible...everyone I knew was dead or was Buu...he showed no mercy..."

Trunks buried his head in his father's chest, unable to go into anyone detail.

"It's over, Trunks. He's dead. Buu will never harm you or your mother again."


"No buts. Now go to sleep. If anything dares upset you this time, it better be prepared to face me."

Trunks looked up at his father.

"But a nightmare can't face you, Dad," Trunks pointed.

"Then you won't have any then, will you, Son?"

Trunks shook his head and smiled.

"Very well, now go to sleep," Vegeta ordered.

Trunks nodded and rested his head against his father's chest, dozing off almost immediately.

Vegeta took a while longer to doze off. He monitored his son's ki. It remained level and calm.

He wondered if Buu had gone to hell or if he'd been completely destroyed. Then he recalled that he'd blasted Jeice to smithereens on Namek. The Ginyu had made it to hell in one piece.

He decided to make a call to King Kai at some point. He wanted to know for sure.