This my second to the last story as I promised that the Lion King Twilight Zone would be the last. This is the first time I use the first person in point of view of the character. This will be short. Or not. Not sure. XD


Chapter 1. Mr. Smee's point of view.

I don't know what year it is anymore. Nor do I know if I'll find familiar seas or a true way home. No. I'm stuck in the cursed seas of this Never Land area, stuck in a blasted loop day after day, not getting older or dying. In fact, every time we have a chance to go home and live a normal life the capt'n is stuck in his looping curse, in killing the boy Peter Pan. We will never kill him but the capt'n can't give up because of the curse. You see there is a curse for stealing the boy's treasure.

How did we or I get in this mess? I'll tell you. I'll tell you of a time before the madness. Let me back up to the beginning. First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Joseph Emil Smee. I was born in a small shipping town called Belfast, Ireland in the year 1746. I dropped out of school at the age of 10 to see the world. I worked as a Gun Smith's apprentice when I was caught stealing from his home. Though I was a good apprentice I was never very good in paying attention when learning how to fire a gun properly.

One day in 1764 I was cleaning the floor when the blasts of cannons were heard. It was a raid of French buccaneers. I knew I wanted to see the world and felt this was my chance to do so and possibly become rich. So I decided to steal the master's newest blunderbusses pistol, and make my move. I ran towards the ship and snuck away that night till I was discovered the next morning below deck.

"Who are you!" demanded the French Pirate in his thick accent.

"Smee sir," I squeakily stuttered.

"Mr. Smee, you will work for us or die," the pirate said as he pointed his sword at me.

"Yes sir, I will work for your crew."

"Good. The captain would like to see you for assignment."

So there I was a pirate, as a lonely seaman that worked hard to be part of the crew. For another 10 years I would be swabbing the decks, manning the wheel at times, hoisting anchor, or whatever orders I received from higher crew members and the captain. I minded my business since I didn't speak French and nor they English. I got my shares of the loot plundered here and there but never got the chance to raid myself. I was always left on the ship working and I was getting angry. As it was I was already getting bald at a young age.

It was now 1774 and I was hearing rumors of the American Colonies rebelling against England, which made pirating easier. I felt it was time to either get more respect from the crew or leave and join a different one, perhaps British

I walked to the captain. "Capt'n I've been on the ship for some time now and I was wondering if I could get a better position than just seamen, something with greater responsibility," I said.

"Ha, ha, ha… you part of the crew?"

"Yes capt'n."

"You're not even French. There's no way you will get more responsibilities. No chance… no how."

"But sir I've been loyal to you for ten years."

"Mr. Smee, I'm sorry but the answer is still no."

With that the Captain left me as I was now – angry.

One night, we headed for the island of Tortuga a former Spanish island that became French and now the pirate capitol of the world with everything one can think of: Gluttony, thievery, adultery, crime, gambling, etc. You had to be alert, rough and tough on Tortuga. That's when I made my move. I left.

I spent two days enjoying myself, drinking and sleeping with women with the little money I had. Then I knew it was time to find a new brigand crew to join. There were so many to choose from. You had Edward Teaches crew, otherwise known as Black Beard, the most feared pirate of the Seven Seas. His crew was interesting, though I had a feeling I would end up low on the totem pole again.

Then there was Captain Ishmael's crew, but I didn't want to spend my life hunting a white whale. No sir. I wanted to be rich and happy.

Another option was Long John Silver. He looked okay, but was very similar to Black Beard.

Then came the day I saw a weird pirate. He walked like he was drunk or something and had a gold piece of treasure hanging from his bandanna. But the gold didn't change his weirdness, especially with his rum in one hand and not looking 100% good on the other. He looked liked he already had a first mate who was taller and seemed to babbling on about something.

"Come join the Black Pearl and help us find the cursed treasure of Cortez. You will be treated fairly and get your shares, each equal. All a fair day as a pirate scallywag ye-be," the first mate said then carried with his babbling.

"Hector, any reason the rum is gone again?" the weird pirate asked.

"Err… I'll get some, Jack."

"Well, scurry on and get some more rum." He waved his hands like a drunk. "Savvy!"

The tall one grimaced and left. Then the weird one noticed me.

"You there, young lad, how would you like to be part of my crew and find the cursed gold of Cortez?" he said while not entirely focusing on me.

"Me, sir? I… I don't know. How will we find it?"

"Easy! You see I have this compass that doesn't really point North, but to what you want." He showed the object to me.

"Oh wow, but I don't think I want to go looking for cursed treasure Mr. uh…"

"Sparrow, and that's Captain Jack Sparrow to you, sir."

"Well I don't think so. Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Are you sure? Maybe you're a eunuch," he whispered.

"That's Captain Sparrow and on your way then." He waved me off.

"Fine, good day to you sir."

"Fine Good day sir."

I was fuming as I marched off. Then I saw a captain dressed in pink and red with a mustache on the upper part of his mouth. He wore red hat on his head with red feather in it. He even had clocks all around him so he was definitely a clock lover. He smoked a duel cigar he'd somehow contrasted by himself. Something deep inside told me that this was the crew I wanted to join. It told me this was the right place to be and I would soon find that would be the biggest change in my life.

"Hello," said the strangely dressed captain.