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Mr. Smee's point of view

Chapter 7

We got closer and saw the treasure with Jewels and Gold brighter than ever.

"Mr. Smee keep Quiet…." The captain said.

AYE…SHHHHHH the caption put his new hook up my mouth. We tiptoed towards the treasure.

For a moment it was like the universe had frozen with all of its glamour of what was before our eyes.

As soon as we grabbed the treasure some bells woke one of the kids up.

"PIRETS! Yelled a lost boy.

"RUN! Yelled one of the crew members.

Then a lost boy threw a rock at one of the boarding party.

"Who threw that. As the crew shot at the boy."

Missed me. The boy stuck his tong out.

We ran as fast as we could and as we did we were being belted at with rocks. Then that blasted fairy came back and there was that boy.

"Oh Hook you've come to return my treasure I see."

"NO BOY this is mine for the payment of what you've done to me. The captain shook his hook at the boy.

"I don't think you understand the meaning of taking away my treasure Hook?"

"Oh but I do boy. I do indeed I do.

Ha ha I see your game." Okay Ill count to 10 and find it and you'll do the same. Very clever captain."

"What ever you say you stupid boy."

Peter pan still thinking it was a game counted to 10 as we ran back to the ship with the treasure.


HORAA! The crew said with a roaring cheer.


"Aye Captain." I responded. I was about to report back to what I was ordered when from the south that blasted Peter Pan was back. Along with the Tinker bell and those boys. How I hated those boys. They were smelly and dreadfully dressed in animal skins and sleeping clothing. And I though our crew was dirty. Oh no these boys were utmost disgusting.

The captain turned about and saw Peter pan grinning as he usually did.

"I found you captain." Peter said with a grin.

"I decided to bring some of my boys as well. Peter pan continued.

"Boy you don't get it! This now my Treasure!"

"You mean was now if you please Captain?

"Request denied boy. Means NO!"

"That's not fair game" Pan started to get angered.

"That's right I'm a pirate. And No prepare to meet you maker boy!" The Caption took out a blunderbuss pistol and Shot towards the boy. But He flew away from the shot.

"Oh more fun with swards ha ha. Come on boys lets play." Peter said.

NOT THIS TIME BOY" The captain hosted his sward towards the boy as Peter thirsted his little knife.

The lost boys all attacked while the crew and I attacked and fought the lost boys back and forth with our swards. Though the boys had sling shots and other Indiamen objects thrown at us. We kept going back and back fighting them in any way we could. Then we heard a noise and it was the Indians calling.

"Well Hook I got to go. You can Keep my treasure but be warned it must be retuned soon. Got to fly."

"We are not done BOY I will GET YOU!" The captain yelled.

"Good game Captain" But I got to go. Come on boys time for Dinner." HA HA . Peter pan yelled then took his hat off and bowed then flew off. Then the boys left.

"Not this time!" Turn the ship about!" The captain ordered

"Turn about!" I echoed as the helmsman turned back towards the island to catch peter.

"Sir we got the boys treasurer lets just go." I said.

"Nonsense Mr. Smee."

"But sir." We need to get home."

"We will we will after that boys head is firmly on my desk.

Just then were heard a crash. The ship had crashed into the rocks as we were arguing. Apparently the entire crew liked to watch us squabble.

"Were taking on water!" Said a crew member.

"Were sinking. Said another.

"GRAB the chest the captain barked.

Then before I knew it the next thing I remember is everything went black. When sight had returned I had realized that we were on the other side of the island.

"Mr. Smee I thought we were sinking then everything went dark now we are here."

"What's going on Capen?

"I don't know."

Its that boy who is using some sort of magic I bet on us!" The captain said.

"Are you sure about it Captain." A Crew member asked?

"Positive!" The captain responded.

"Sir I have to disagree with you and as your friend I have to advise you this is foolish."

Nonsense Mr. Smee. We will get PETER PAN!" Then we will go home."

"And so it began. The Madness." The repeated loupe of trying to get peter pan but always landing up here on this side known to others now was Pirate cove.

Weeks went buy as we pursed Peter pan. Then I started to lose count. I was starting to forget what day it was. It was the beginning of pure madness. Lost forever in this…..Neverland. The captain in prusit and forgetting where peter hangs around as we keep ending up at this part of the island. Then Peter stated to bring children to tease us with and so called play with us. Time was changing somewhere but not here as I could tell the styles of clothing these new children had and then peter somehow returning them.

Then one day Peter started to bring back a girl named Windy. Peter was found of this girl. Peter may have been slowly maturing, as now he was interested in girls. The captain tried to use This girl as a weakness by kidnapping her but he fail. Instead the captain got his shadow cut out in one of the fights as usual. Though the girl captured the shadow. She brought it home. I feel that this girl will return to us again.

Home I wish I was home again. I wish I could taste real food not this food that keep rearing in the ships galley. One flaw that this Neverland has aspired its probley just a trick to make us feel alive Who am I kidding this is madness. Not sure if I alive or Dead. The crew seem to be stuck in some sort of trance listing to his orders left and right but alas I sense they will buckle. The next time Pan brings that girl again. Though she will be older as Time has a meaning back on earth.

Well here we are again lost in a curse of madness in Neverland. Better fix up the captains shave again on another jolly day. Though even though I hear signing Im sure there frustrated inside. Oh well another madness I mean Jolly day in never land and time to give the Captain his shave…..

The End of Saneness.

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