Challenge: 100 different pairings competition, Character Drabble challenge, Loved And Hated ships competion.

Prompts: Loop and Cinnamon,

Pairings: James/Lily (Loved)

Thanks to Being A Wallflower for beta-ing and the title.




"Pretty please?"

"Still no!"

"Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

"You think that using a Muggle phrase will be enough to sweet talk me into getting on that death trap? I don't think so, Potter."

She had to give him points for trying, at least: he certainly was persistent. She chuckled and shook her head at the thought. Six years of asking her out - 'persistent' didn't cut it. More like determined, unstoppable, and completely out of his mind.

"But Li-ly!" he whined like a child. Lily bit her lip to keep from laughing. Once upon a time this would have infuriated her, but now it was made her laugh.

"Pouting? Really James? We're going in circles here, you know. One giant loop. You beg, I say no. You beg some more, and I still say 'no.' Are you starting to see the pattern?" she asked, amusement lacing her cinnamon sweet voice.

"C'mon, Lils! It'll be fun, I promise I won't let you fall. You have nothing to be scared of." He smirked and sent her a wink. She blushed, cursing the effect he had on her and wishing she didn't suddenly have the urge to 'jump his bones' as her best friend, Zanna, would put it.

Lily narrowed her eyes at her boyfriend of almost six months. He knew exactly what made her tick. She scowled at him, making her displeasure well known. She was Lily Evans, Head Girl, potions extraordinaire, and most of all, she was a Gryffindor. She was not scared of a bloody broom.

There was no way in Hell she was backing down now.

"Fine. On one condition." She glared at him as he raised his eyebrows.

He took a step closer so that she could feel his warm breath on her face, and she inadvertently shivered. As he bent down to whisper in her ear seductively she almost lost any sense of self restraint she once had.

"Name it."

"Eat cinnamon." He raised his eyebrows but didn't comment, instead choosing to step even closer. She took a step back and found the wall at her back.

The corner of his lips twitched in amusement, automatically her eyes dropped to his mouth and her blush deepened. Unfortunately, that small detail didn't escape his notice. He smirked and she watched his eyes darken with desire.

"I have a much better idea, and I'm sure you'll agree." He stepped closer still.

He was so close now, she stepped back again feeling the cold stone wall of the castle against her back. They could be no closer together even if they tried. His hands were tangled in her fiery mane of red hair and his lips were on hers, smothering them, caressing them, loving them. They kissed like the world was going to end and this was the last time they'd ever see each other. They kissed like they were in love.

The last coherent thought she had before giving in to her desires was that he tasted like cinnamon.