Ok this is an old story… but since you have to put your challenges into the stories I have to repost ^_^

Well challenge: I DARE YOU! This is a Schuldich + Omi. I love this paring – and there are too few of them out there. So get on with it, write some s+o.

BROKEN is my first contribution.

I don't have a plot you have to follow if you take up the challenge. And I do not request that Omi has to WANT to be with Schu ^_^ in this story he sure doesn't. But we know Schu… if there is something HE wants he will get it.

I have more stories with this paring and I am working on more. But don't let me be the only one ^_^

It could be interesting too with stories where Omi actually isn't raped but it interested in Schu ^_^ not that I don't like Omi+Nagi, but I read so many. Let's get the rest of Schwarz into it J I would love to read more stories with Omi+Brad and Omi+Farf too.

Well I have to get on with this don't I?

Here you go.


Part 1

Omi was lying on the floor, hands bound tightly behind his back. The kidnappers put down the phone and looked at him with false pity.


"Pretty cold parents you've got there... your father doesn't want to pay."


"No" Omi cried, trying to breathe between his sobs. "It's not true." He shook his head in disbelief, squeezing his eyes shot.


A smile spread across the face of the captor dressed in black. Even though Omi couldn't see his eyes behind the dark sunglasses, he could feel the kidnapper's piercing gaze. His smile widened as he started to walk over to the crying boy - taking out his gun slowly. He stopped right in front of Omi and looked down at him smirking coldly. Then, without warning, he kicked out and hit the blond in the chest knocking him down on his back. Omi's head hit the floor and he cried out in pain. The abductor sat down on the little boy's chest and when Omi looked up at him trying to catch his breath, the bad guy's face had changed... Omi was looking up at Schuldich's mocking smile.




Omi screamed as he woke up and bolted up right in his bed... or at least he would have, if there hadn't been someone sitting on top of him. Omi looked up and tried to see through the darkness, and he found himself staring at the same smirking face he just saw in his dreams.


~Good morning Sleeping Beauty, pleasant dreams?~ The Germans voice rang in Omi's head.


Schuldich smacked the boy hard across his cheek before he could even cry out. He then clapped a hand over the choked boy's mouth, and he pinned Omi's arms to his side with strong legs. Schuldich yanked Omi's head up to gaze into terrified blue eyes.


~I hope you haven't planned anything for the weekend, because I have arranged a trip to the Schwarz HQ~ Schuldich informed with his usual mocking tone, while he took out a gun and pointed it at the boy's head.

~Now, you'd better cooperate and be quiet, we don't want to wake up your friends now do we?~ Schuldich tightened his hold, pressing his palm firmly down over Omi's mouth.

ADVANCE \d4Omi didn't know what to do. He tried to scream and wiggle free, but Schuldich's smile just widened. He pushed the boy's head down into the pillow and lifted the arm with his gun, and he brought it down hard on Omi's solar plexus.

Omi had all his wind knocked out of him and found it very difficult to breathe with Schuldich on his chest and the German's hand over his mouth.

ADVANCE \d4"Omi?" Aya's voice suddenly sounded through the door. Both Schuldich and Omi jumped in surprise.

ADVANCE \d4Schuldich was fast. He pulled Omi up to a kneeling position in the bed, and moved behind him still holding his hand clapped over Omi's mouth. He pressed his gun into Omi's back giving him a simple order.


~Make him leave!~


Omi wouldn't think of doing such a thing, he wanted Aya to help him, but he didn't get a chance to tell him, because Schuldich didn't move his hand. And though Omi's arms were free now - he couldn't do much, with a gun against his back.

ADVANCE \d4"Omi?"... Aya called again, "Omi, is something wrong?" he turned the knob - but Schuldich had locked the door before he started playing with Omi's dreams.

ADVANCE \d4~Make him go away!~ Schuldich repeated and pressed the gun even harder against Omi's back causing him to whimper. But he still didn't remove his hand... he already knew that Omi would scream and tell Aya to watch out, and reveal the reason why there were noises coming from his room.

Omi prepared himself for a quick move, he wanted to turn his head quickly and roll out of Schuldich's reach, but he didn't even think the thought through before Schuldich moved his hand from Omi's mouth to his neck squeezing hard, causing Omi to gag. He tried to remove the hand using his own hands, but Schuldich just squeezed tighter.


~NOW!~ Omi heard Schuldich's voice again. But suddenly the pressure of the gun faded and Omi's eyes widened with horror when he saw that Schuldich was now pointing it at the door.

ADVANCE \d4"Omi, open up, is it something you want to talk about?"


Schuldich's finger tightened around the trigger, but he also loosened his grip a bit letting Omi breathe.


"NO... ehm it's nothing, j-just another nightmare" Omi choked, while trying to free himself totally from his enemy's grip - not succeeding though.

ADVANCE \d4~That's better - go on!~ sounded Schuldich's amused voice.

ADVANCE \d4"Are you sure? You screamed pretty loud... louder than usual" Aya sounded a bit worried.

ADVANCE \d4"No it's nothing, I-I just need some time, you know, to get over this whole Takatori-thing and the kidnapping… and Ouka." Omi tried to steady his voice. "Just go back to sleep, don't worry Aya-kun, please."

ADVANCE \d4Schuldich was still aiming the gun in Aya's direction, and he pulled Omi closer. Omi could now feel Schuldich's breath on the back of his neck. He shuddered, but didn't dare to pull away. The hand on his neck started nuzzling, and it was hard to fight the urge to rip the hand away, but he couldn't in fear of Aya's life.

~Good boy.~


"OK then - good night. We'll talk tomorrow then."

ADVANCE \d4"Yeah, goodnight Aya-kun." Tears were running freely now, and Omi heard Aya's footsteps move away along with his only hope of help.


When Aya's footsteps faded Schuldich yanked Omi's right arm roughly around behind his back before Omi snapped out of his depressed thoughts. The blond boy was forced around, down on his stomach and his head down into the pillow. Omi's sobs of pain were muffled, making only Schuldich the one to hear them. He just snickered and grabbed Omi's other arm pulling it behind his back as well.


Schuldich stood up beside the bed; he put his knee down on Omi's back to hold him down while he bound Omi's wrists together tightly. He quickly did the same job to the blond's feet and then grabbed Omi's hair and arm rolling him around onto his back to a rather uncomfortable position because of his bound arms. Schuldich quickly gagged Omi... and stood up again, looking down at his crying pray.

ADVANCE \d4~Aahh come on, don't give me that crap, at least I didn't kill your friend.~

ADVANCE \d4Omi just sobbed and closed his eyes.

ADVANCE \d4Schuldich bent down, pulled Omi up in his arms, and held him close ~Don't worry, I'll take good care of you.~ Omi whimpered and turned his head away from the German. Schuldich laughed, tightened his grip and carried him like a little child to the open window. He climbed out and down the staircase to the road below where Crawford and Farfarello were waiting in the car.