Part 11

"Your kidding right?" Nagi asked and looked up at Crawford.

"No, what is wrong?"

"You didn't switch the brat for this pile of junk!"

"Yes I did, what's wrong with it?" Crawford asked and frowned slightly moving closer to get a better look at the screen.

"It's empty – there are no files on this computer – they deleted it." Nagi said and couldn't help but titter.

Crawford turned to look at Schuldich who suddenly looked very innocent. "You said it was alright."

"I can assure you Aya haven't fiddled with it." Schuldich said and backed away as Crawford took a step forward looking quite angry.

Crawford closed his eyes, and took a deep breath to calm himself. Then he looked at the others. "Well then," he said after a short pause "we just have to call the boss and tell him that we can't deliver."

Nobody said anything.

"It's not like we desperately need the salary, there are lots of other missions." He said and adjusted his glasses.

Schuldich wanted to say something, but Crawford stopped him. "I hope you will listen to me the next time I give you a direct order to kill somebody without playing with them first!"

"And that you will take his predictions seriously." Nagi snorted and fumbled with his arms – good thing that he didn't need them to work with the computer.

Schuldich sighed and nodded, then quickly left the room.


After Omi had forced himself to drink some water and promised to drink the rest from the glass on the table, Ken and Yoji had left Omi's room, Aya sat on the bed next to Omi, he tucked him in leaning over to kiss his forehead.


"Shh, don't talk, just go to sleep." Aya said while caressing Omi's cheek.

It felt so nice when Aya did it – but Omi couldn't stop comparing it to the way Schuldich had done it, it gave him the shivers as images flooded into his memories. The bitter salty taste of Schuldich's seeds was still in Omi's mouth and he looked to the window.

Aya followed the boy's gaze. That was where Schuldich had entered about two weeks ago, and Omi tried to bury himself under the carpets and sink into the madras.

"He wont hurt you again, I will protect you, I promise." Aya said.

"Aya-kun… did you really… is it true…"

"Yes, I do love you, I wasn't sure, but now I know. I almost lost you - it was the second time… I wont let it happen again. I couldn't bare to live with myself if..."

"I love you too." Omi whispered, and looked at the redhead very seriously.

"Omi…" Aya kissed him again, on his bruised lips – and Omi returned the kiss. They shared a moment in peace forgetting everything around them. There was no pain, no sorrow as a strong bond was tied between them.

When Aya finally broke the kiss he got up and turned toward the door.

"Aya-kun… please don't go."

"I thought you wanted to sleep alone, I mean, I just didn't want to make you think I don't believe you can handle it…"

"Please stay… just this night?"

"I will stay with you every single night if that's what you want."

"If you would just sit with me until I fall asleep…"

Aya smiled and took the boy's hand.


Half an hour later Omi started to stir – he was asleep. Aya sat and looked at the boy and his peaceful face. He really was an angel. He looked so innocent. Aya smiled to himself – how could he have overlooked this wonderful creature all that time. Aya smiled and started to get up, to leave the room.

Aya felt Omi's hand tighten around his own. Omi was a light sleeper and he was now looking tiredly up at Aya.

"Do you want me to stay?" Aya asked softly.

Omi just nodded and Aya sat down on the bed. Omi sat up and snuggled into the older boy's arms. "Aya-kun." They just sat there for a couple of minutes without saying a word. It felt so right.

Aya smiled, it was the first time Omi ever saw his leader smile for real, and Omi returned the smile.

Aya helped Omi to lie down, and to Omi's surprise, Aya also dropped into the bed.

"I'll make sure you feel safe." Aya said and pulled the sheets over the both of them. "You are not going to face this alone. I will help you through this, I will make you happy."

Aya removed Omi's hair from his eyes and pulled him against his chest. Omi curled up and nuzzled closer purring slightly as he enjoyed the warmth. The boy finally relaxed, he felt safe knowing that Aya was watching over him.

"Thank you Aya-kun."

"You are strong enough to get through this… and I'll help you every step of the way."

Aya kissed Omi goodnight once more and the exhausted boy quickly went back to sleep. Aya stayed awake a long time – just looking at the wonderful boy not believing his luck. He was in love with an angel and the love was returned.


Right outside the window Schuldich was smirking smugly. Omi had so many emotions to play with - he couldn't wait. Schuldich put his hand to his left wrist; it still hurt a bit from when he had fought Aya the last time, when he was supposed to kill Weiss.

Schuldich bit his lip. He concentrated on making contact to Crawford.

"Schuldich, are you listening?" Crawford thought.

~Yes I'm here Brad, what is it?~

"Don't do it this time!"

~Brad, this is none of you business, can't I have a little fun?~

"Schuldich – this time you'd better listen to me, if you value your life that is."

~I can take care of myself…~

"Don't do it! Aya will kill you… he will - I saw it."


"Just leave them alone, you have had your fun, as far as I could see when I picked up the boy in the basement."

~I can deal with it.~

"Schuldich, Aya will kill you. You'd better consider it well."

Schuldich broke the contact and looked through the window. Aya was holding Omi's hand and had his other arm around Omi's waist.

The German moved away and leaned against the wall.

True - he had had a lot of fun, and now that he thought about Crawford's serious thoughts… Schuldich smiled to himself realising that it wasn't worth it.

The German looked into Omi's room a last time, and decided to let Omi go… at least for some time. And with that he left the flower shop's fire staircase, and he walked out into the warm night, finally letting Omi get some peaceful sleep without any nightmares in Aya's protective embrace.