Chapter 7: Christmas Day!

'After Stan's successful holiday sales, Mabel got her wish to have a Christmas party after all! The final challenge: Her reaction to Tyrone's Christmas gift. Will she give him the reaction that he's hoping for?'

It's Christmas Day in Gravity Falls! Throughout Christmas Eve night, fresh snow was falling, continuing to coat the ground with a blanket of white and with the sun now up over the town, the sun's bright rays are giving the town that picture perfect Christmas day view. Upon seeing a view as breathtaking as this one, no one could have asked for a better day for the snow to blanket the ground.

The town is buzzing with holiday cheer and the full swing of the Christmas spirit, from the Northwest Mansion to the Gleeful residence. Let's check in to see how everyone is doing about the town.

Gideon's Residence

At the Gleeful residence, Gideon, his nervous mother, and his father are gathered around the tree as Gideon opens his numerous gifts. Having opened the first thirteen presents, Gideon now picks up his last gift.

"I can't wait to see what this is!" Gideon cheers. "Hopefully, it's the one thing that I've been wanting all year, considering my first thirteen gifts were a complete disappointment!"

Tearing the paper off the last gift, the boy now opens the box that contains his gift. The smile he was reserving for the gift he was praying for now falls upon seeing what is truly in that box.

"Another suit?" Gideon speaks calmly as he turns to his parents. "Don't I have enough of these already?"

"Now sugar pie, it was your mother's idea to buy you more suits." His father begins. "You know, for your performances."

"Did I say I wanted more suits?!" Gideon replies, raising his voice. "I have enough of these already! I told you what I wanted! I wanted the deed to that shack!"

"Now Gideon, we weren't exactly able to obtain that for you." Mr. Gleeful replies calmly to the enraged boy.

"You two are my parents and you're suppose to see to it that I'm happy no matter what!" Gideon continues shouting. "And as you can see, I'm not HAPPY!"

In a fit of rage, Gideon tosses his gifts aside as he storms off to his bedroom upstairs. His mother immediately begins cleaning up the wrapping paper and picking up Gideon's gifts.

"Awe, precious memories." His father says as he takes a seat on the couch and takes a sip of his coffee.

Northwest Manor

At the home of the richest girl in town, Pacifica and her parents are gathered around their ten foot tall Christmas tree in the living room as Pacifica opens her two hundred something gifts. Having opened ten so far, Pacifica is now opening gift number eleven.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see what this is!" Pacifica says, her anticipation spilling over. "I wonder if it's a new purse, or even that dress that I've wanting!"

Tearing the paper off the gift, the blonde now opens the box that holds an article of clothing. Upon seeing her gift, the blonde squeals in delight.

"Oh mom and dad, thank you!" Pacifica squeals. "I've been looking for this dress forever! Thank you so much!"

"Anything for our little princess." Mrs. Northwest replies with a smile.

"Why don't you open the rest of your gifts sweetie." Mr. Northwest says.

"I'm going to daddy, but I'm going to need a little help." Pacifica replies. "James!"

The butler now arrives in the living room, having heard Pacifica's call.

"Yes Miss Northwest?" James answers, now bowing to the family.

"I need a little help opening my gifts." Pacifica explains. "I want you to help me open them. If the gift contains a purse or a dress, immediately hand that gift to me. I don't want that gift wrinkled or smudged! If the gift is perfume, take it to my room immediately! Once all of my gifts are opened, I want them taken to my room!"

"As you wish, Miss Northwest." James bows as he heads to the tree to begin helping Pacifica open her gifts.

"We taught our daughter well." Mr. Northwest says to his wife.

As you can see, the holiday spirit is in full swing around the town, including the town's famous tourist attraction.

Mystery Shack

Having risen early, Mabel, Dipper, Soos, and Stanford Pines are gathered around their Christmas tree in the den to open gifts.

"Merry Christmas everyone!" Mabel declares

"Merry Christmas!" Everyone in the room declares in unison.

"I hope you like the gifts that I got for each of you!" Mabel says, now picking up Dipper's gift and handing it to him.

"I hope you like it Dipper." Mabel squeals. "I put a lot of thought into it."

"I know I will love it Mabel because it came from you." Dipper replies, giving his sister a sweet smile.

Gripping the gift, Dipper now tears the paper away and immediately opens the box to his gift. Smiling wide, Dipper reaches into the box and pulls out a knitted red and blue scarf with his name knitted into it spelling out: Dipper Alexander Pines. Turning to his sister, Dipper pulls her into a loving hug.

"I love it Mabel." Dipper exclaims. "I really love it. Thank you so much!"

"I'm happy to hear it and you're welcome." Mabel replies, returning the hug.

The twins now perform their awkward sibling hug "pat, pat" and separate.

"Ok now you gruncle Stan." Mabel squeals as she grabs his gift and hands it to him. "I got you something I know you will need and love."

"I can't wait to see what you got for me." Stan smiles.

Tearing the paper away, Stan immediately opens his box and pulls out a small knitted pouch. Giving the gift a once over glance, the man gains a dazed look.

"Um, what is it?" Stan inquires, turning to Mabel for the answer.

"It's a money pouch for all of the money that you earn from your tours." Mabel explains. "In case the register ever becomes too full, you'll have someplace else to put your money. Do you like it?"

Hearing that his great niece knitted him something that will hold the one thing that he treasures so dear to his heart brings a smile to his face, followed by happy tears.

"I love it!" Stan cheers, scooping his niece up into a bear hug. "Thank you so much! Thank you!"

"You're…..welcome." Mabel chokes out. "Can't….breathe..gruncle Stan."

Stan now releases the girl as Mabel begins catching her breath.

"Now I can finally keep my money in a safe place!" Stan continues cheering. "I'm going to use this everyday!"

"That's not all that I have for you gruncle Stan." Mabel continues, having caught her breath fully. "I made you a gingerbread Mystery Shack to remind you of the best Christmas of your life! It's in the kitchen."

Oh you're just too sweet Mabel." Stan smiles, now running off to the kitchen to see his second gift. A moment later, everyone hears Stan's happy cry along with him shouting: Best Christmas Ever!

"That's my sis." Dipper adds in. "Always bringing joy to the lives of others."

"Ok, next up is Soos." Mabel says, now grabbing Soos's gift from under the tree and handing it to him. "I hope you like it!"

"I know I will ham bone." Soos says with a nod.

Tearing the wrapping paper away from the gift, Soos removes the lid to his gift's box and peers inside. Smiling wide, Soos removes the gift from the box.

"Oh, this is such an awesome gift ham bone!" Soos cheers. "I've never had a tool belt like this before! Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome Soos." Mabel replies with a wide smile. "However, you might want to keep your hammer in your other tool belt."

"You got it dude." Soos says, his smile remaining.

"Mabel, why don't you open your gifts now." Dipper suggests. "I know there is one gift in particular that you're going to love."

Nodding to her brother, Mabel picks up a small gift with her name on it and reads the tag, seeing it's from her brother. Tearing the paper away, Mabel takes notice of the purple box her gift is in. Opening the box, Mabel reaches in and pulls out a snow globe.

"A snow globe!" Mabel cheers. Reading the small plaque on the front of the globe, her eyes now swell with happy tears.

"It's the town of Gravity Falls in the snow globe!" Mabel squeals as she shakes it, watching the snowflakes swirl around inside. "I've never had one of these before! Thank you so much Dipper!"

"You're welcome Sis." Dipper replies. "I knew you'd love it."

"I do, I really do!" Mabel continues squealing, now embracing her brother in a hug.

"And there is one more gift for you to open." Dipper says, handing her the last gift under the tree with her name on it. "I think we both know who this is from."

Practically snatching the gift from his hands, Mabel tears the wrapping away and quickly opens the box that holds an article of clothing. Upon laying her eyes on the gift, the cheery girl now breaks down into happy sobs.

In the gift box is a red and white knitted sweater that is the size Mabel wears. On the front of the sweater, Mabel's name is spelled out in metallic silver threads reading: Mabel Charlotte Pines.

"Why don't you look on the back." Dipper whispers to her. "There's more."

Mabel now pulls the sweater out of the box and looks on the back, more happy tears flowing. On the back of the sweater is a large white pine tree that is decorated with every symbol of Mabel's past sweaters. At the very top of the pine tree is the shooting star from Mabel's pink sweater. Proceeding down the pine tree, the next symbol is the meow wow kitten face from her glittery purple sweater. Next to that symbol is the rainbow from her light up sweater and next to that is a flower. Below those symbols in a row is a heart, the sunglasses in a heart, the strawberry, the llama, and the butterfly. On the second to last row is the umbrella, penguin, and the music note. On the very bottom row of the pine tree is the mushroom, lightning bolt, the four leaf clover and her scout's honor symbols. At the bottom of the pine tree at the base is a stitched pattern of waddles lying in front of the tree asleep.

Dipper begins to gently rub his sister's back as she continues happily crying over her Christmas gift.

"You were successful Tyrone." Dipper mentally says to himself. "Mabel loves it just as you wanted her to. Thanks for giving her a great Christmas buddy."

"It's beautiful!" Mabel continues sobbing. "I love it so much! I love it more than anything in the world!"

"Whoa, who gave you that?" Stan asks, giving Mabel's gift a glance over.

"A really awesome friend." Mabel chokes out through her sobbing.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you made that yourself." Stan replies. "Your friend has some real talent."

"We know." Dipper says to Stan as he continues consoling Mabel.

Bringing her happy sobs to a halt, Mabel places the sweater on over her purple nightgown, noticing that the sweater fits just like her others.

"It fits perfectly!" Mabel cheers. "This is going to be my all time favorite sweater!"

"Come on Mabes, let's go call your friend and thank him for your gift." Dipper gently speaks to Mabel, handing her Tyrone's gift from her. "Plus you have to let him know that he has to pick up his gift."

"Alright." Mabel agrees with a smile. "Merry Christmas everyone!"

Shack's Shop

Tyrone is sitting behind the counter in Wendy's seat going through a holiday magazine. He's lazily surfing the pages with no real aim in particular.

"Most of the items in this magazine are not very good." Tyrone comments. "And gaudy! Who would buy this stuff?"

Continuing to go through the magazine, Tyrone is suddenly knocked off the stool by a blunt force pushing him to the ground. Focusing his vision, he now finds the source behind the attack with a smile forming on his face.

"I love it! I love! I love it!" Mabel cheers, embracing Tyrone in a bear hug. "I love it so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Getting a good look at Mabel, Tyrone notices that she is wearing his gift and smiles.

"I knew you would." Tyrone smiles. "Merry Christmas Mabel."

"Merry Christmas to you too Tyrone!" Mabel cheers, now releasing Tyrone.

"You should have seen the amount of tears that she shed when she laid eyes on your gift." Dipper adds in. "Your mission was successful buddy. Thanks for giving our sister the best Christmas. I owe you big for this."

"You don't owe me anything." Tyrone replies. "She deserved it."

"I have something for you as well." Mabel informs Tyrone.

Getting to her feet, Mabel grabs the gift off the counter and hands it to Tyrone. Tyrone gets to his feet and begins to unwrap his gift. Getting the wrapping paper undone, Tyrone opens the box that contains his gift. Reaching in, he pulls out a small bracelet. Bringing it into full view, Tyrone reads the blue metallic letters embedded into the front of the bracelet: To the Best Second Brother Ever!

"I don't know what to say Mabel." Tyrone speaks, now turning to the cheery girl. "I love it, Thank you."

"You're welcome Tyrone." Mabel replies. "I didn't know what to get for you so I thought something simple and sweet would do it."

"Simple and sweet did the trick." Tyrone nods. "This is without a doubt the best Christmas I've ever had."

Feeling tears form in his eyes, Tyrone now turns away from Mabel.

"What's wrong Tyrone?" Mabel asks with concern.

"Oh, I have something in my eyes, be right back." Tyrone answers, now running out of the shop with Mabel's gift in hand.

"Dipper, what..? Mabel asks, now turning to her brother in confusion at Tyrone's sudden actions.

"You may want to go check on him." Dipper suggests, winking to Mabel. "He needs the support of his sister right now."

Without question, Mabel runs out of the shop to go find Tyrone. Before Dipper can think of what to do next, he now hears the bell of the shop's door ring. Turning around, Dipper spots Wendy.

"Wendy!" Dipper cheers, running up to the teen.

"Hey Dipper and Merry Christmas." Wendy greets, now embracing the boy in a hug.

"I thought you were on vacation with your family and wouldn't be back until after Christmas." Dipper comments as he releases the teen.

"We got back a week early because my youngest brother got sick from drinking too much egg nogg." Wendy explains, giggling at the thought. "We told him it would be a bad idea to challenge our dad to an egg nogg drinking contest, knowing our dad would win. He wins every year."

Wendy now looks around the shop and notices that Mabel, Soos, and Stan are nowhere to be found.

"Hey where is everyone?" Wendy asks Dipper. "Normally I'd see them here."

"Oh Mabel is upstairs with Tyron—tying up a few loose ends and Stan is in the den watching television." Dipper replies, glad he caught himself before revealing his clone to her. "As to where Soos is, I'm not sure, but I have a Christmas gift for you."

"Oh yea? What is it?" The teen questions curiously.

"My gift to you is before me and Mabel returns to California in a week, I'll help you cover your shifts in the shop." Dipper explains. "When you don't feel like doing a certain chore, I'll do it for you."

Wendy smile and nods.

"That'd be great Dipper." Wendy agrees. "Thanks."

"Merry Christmas Wendy." Dipper says with a smile.

"Merry Christmas to you too buddy." Wendy replies, returning the smile.


Mabel has caught up with Tyrone and the two are currently in the twins' bedroom with Mabel calming down the clone.

"Sorry for running out of the shop like that Mabel." Tyrone apologizes, now catching gazes with his sister. "I was just so overcome with happiness at seeing your gift, I didn't know what to do and didn't want you to see me like that."

"It's ok." Mabel says warmly, embracing Tyrone in a hug. "After seeing your gift, I couldn't control my happy tears either. I really love this and I'm glad you love your gift as well."

"I really do." Tyrone nods. "Merry Christmas Mabel."

"Merry Christmas to you too." Mabel replies, still embracing her 'second' brother.


Stan is in the den with Soos watching his favorite television program, The Duchess Approves: The holiday special.

"You know Soos, having the kids here for Christmas has made this the best holiday ever." Stan declares. "Not to mention how Mabel's cookies helped bring in a lot of money this holiday season! I'm going to ask their parents if they can come spend Christmas with me next year. When Mabel makes her famous Christmas cookies, I will rank in twice the revenue!"

Soos nods at Stan's comment, having no words for the man as the two continue watching the program.

And there you have it! Stanford Pines has finally celebrated a holiday, despite using it as another money making opportunity! Mabel showed him what Christmas was truly about and even got a sweet money pouch out of the deal lol! On top of that, Tyrone followed through on his promise to give Mabel a great Christmas and was successful! This has truly been a great Gravity Falls Christmas and from me to you all, Merry Christmas!

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