The First Seven Colors

red ; aka


Otoya had a dislike for tears. It reminded him of the day he had cried endlessly. It reminded him of the rain that slapped against the windows of the van he rode to his mother's funeral.

orange ; orenji


Ren had always been ambivalent about his birthday – which exactly on Valentines. As a child, he almost always received chocolates as a birthday present, and, once he became popular with the girls, he received twice as much. He wasn't sure if he could stand the sight or taste of chocolate by the time he turned sixteen.

yellow ; ki


Natsuki felt a certain, indescribable feeling of completeness whenever he and Syo would enjoy a moment together. It filled a strange, empty gap in his heart, and he swore never to lose a friend like Syo-chan.

green ; midori


Cecil, like most royalties, lacked the freedom of regular children, regular boys, of his age. He would wistfully watch the children of Agnapolis climb trees and run around getting dirtied, not having to care about vigorous lessons about posture and conduct. He expressed his wish for freedom to his caretaker, who merely asked him if he would really be willing to sever his ties to the royal family for his yearning for freedom silencing him.

blue ; ao

– Milk –

It hadn't taken long for Masato to notice the pattern in the Hijirikawa Family's names – they all carried the kanji for 'truth', which was read either 'masa' or 'ma' in their names (his father was Masaomi; his mother, Mana; him and his sister, Masato and Mai.) He wondered vaguely if – when – he had children, he would follow the "tradition". As early as eleven, before his 'rebellious' stage, he decided that he would name a son, 'Masaki', and a daughter, 'Maaya'.

violet ; murasaki

– Devotion –

Tokiya gave his career and his dreams his entire devotion. He made a vow, to himself and to his mother, that he would, he will, one day, make a name for himself, and prove to his father than his dream was worth something.

pink ; pinku

– Comfort –

The first thing Syo had seen after his first ever attack – which was when he was just six – was his younger twin, Kaoru, pacing across the hospital room, his hair wild and mussed-up, mumbling worriedly to himself. However, as soon as Kaoru caught his brother's faint grin, he stumbled across the room and wrapped his arms tightly around Syo and broke down.

Title: Eighteen Colors, Fifty Shades - The First Seven Colors
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