-Tsukimiya Ringo-

Tsukimiya Ringo stared at his reflection in the mirror, still clad in a loose shirt and jeans, wondering how he should style his 'hair' today. It was then that he started worrying just how much this cross-dressing thing was starting to affect him.

-Hyuga Ryuya-

Hyuga Ryuya was very much aware of how deep Syo's respect for him went, even if he didn't show it much. As much as he was flattered by how much he was able to influence the young boy's aspirations and goals, he wanted Syo to grow up and stop trying to impress him now that he too was an idol now.

-Saotome Mitsuo-

Mitsuo knew his time in the past wasn't going to last, and that if he stayed any longer, the name he worked hard to create would fade into nonexistence, but he couldn't help but wish that he could live in that moment, with the wind blowing in his youthful face, forever, with the girl he had met who he had undeniably grown attached to.


Syo closed his eyes and murmured a wish as another shooting star flew across the clear, midnight-blue sky. Kaoru, just like the three other times a comet had flown by moments ago, was too busy admiring the way it streaked across the sky to even make a wish.


The eight-year-old heir stared critically at the fairly large portrait of his parents taken on the day they were married, then to his father, who was sitting quietly on his desk, several folders in his hands. Just when Masaomi thought his son would finally choose a young girl from one of the folders when he opened his mouth to speak, he was surprised to hear Masato say, "I want a girl that'll be as happy as you and Mother are in that photo."


Mai will undoubtedly grow up into a very likable young woman, Masato couldn't possibly deny that. She was a girl who was easy to like, charming in her own, sweet way. But that didn't mean that Masato wasn't going to have thoughts of punching the first man who even so much as tries to touch his sister.