Perfect Future
Chapter 1

"Clary?" Jace Lightwood called from inside their bedroom, behind the shut door. She stood by the sink in the bathroom staring down at the little, white stick that would tell her future. "Are you in the bathroom?"

She glanced up towards the door quickly, before returning her gaze to the object in her hand. "Yeah, I'll be out in a minute, Jace." She replied, her voice coming out shakily.

"Clary baby? Are you okay?" he asked, picking up on the slight waver in her tone of voice.

Placing the stick down into the basin, she turned around to face the shut door, leaning on her hands. "Come in here, Jace."

From behind the wall, she heard the bed creak as he stood up and his ever so soft footsteps, pad over towards the bathroom.

The door opened slowly and Jace poked his head in, his eyes immediately falling upon Clary. "Hey, what's up?"

She gestured towards the sink, where the object lay. "Why don't you see for yourself?"

His brow furrowed with confusion and worry, his gaze never leaving hers as he strode over there. His whole faced seemed to drop as he peered over the lip of the sink and noticed the two lines that were easily identifiable on the white stick. "What is this?" he asked, his voice husky.

Clary clasped her hands together and front of her to stop them from shaking. She stared at the floor as she answered, "I'm pregnant." There was no answer for a large amount of time. Her eyes darted up to his face, judging his emotions. His expressions read shock, fear and above all love. "Jace?"

A big grin spread across his face and before she knew it, the distance between them was closed and she was in his arms being spun around the small room. "That's incredible!" he exclaimed with joy. "We're having a baby, we're really having a baby!"

She nodded vigorously and buried her face into the crook of his neck as he carried her out of the bathroom in his strong arms and placed her on the bed lightly. Tears streamed down her face as Jace crushed his lips to hers in a passionate, loving kiss. His hands cradled her face, her own flat against his solid chest. "I love you." He whispered into her ear once they had pulled away for the much needed oxygen.

As always she replied back, with the answer that always brought a smile to his face and lightened up his mood for the rest of the day, "I love you too, Jace."

The smell of freshly cooked cake wafted throughout the house and up the hallways of the institute. Clary stirred the instance her nose picked up the scent. Sweat glistened across her forehead, sticking her red hair to her skin. Her stomach churned and immediately she felt it coming as she bolted towards the bathroom. As she slipped through the door of Jace and her's bathroom, she faintly heard the soft click of the door to their room closing. The next thing she knew, she was vomiting violently, with Jace holding back her hair and rubbing her back soothingly.

Surprisingly, it passed quicker than expected and she sat on the cool tiles in the bathroom, leaning against Jace's toned chest. Tears sprung to her eyes and ran down her cheeks as Jace lowered his head to her ear and whispered, "Are you ok now?"

She turned her head slightly, so her eyes could see the gold in his. "I…" she began and then nodded. "Just a bit of morning sickness." He kissed her cheek softly before apologizing quietly. She turned around in his embrace and stared at him incredulously. "Don't blame yourself. It wasn't your fault, it was both of ours." She thought for a second before grasping his hands in hers and tangling their fingers together. Clary placed both of their hands lightly onto her still flat stomach. "In fact, I couldn't be happier about this." She leaned forward to brush her lips against his perfect ones but stopped herself as she realised what had just happened. He stared at her with an eyebrow raised, questioning her sudden frozen composure.

"I can't kiss you." She confessed. "Not after I just threw up, that's gross." The corners of Jace's lips pulled up in a smirk as he rolled his eyes. Without warning he leant in and kissed her on the lips, not caring what had just happened. This was her Clary and he would kiss her in rain, through blood and demon ichor. Because he loved her.