Jace pulled the covers up until they were tucked up neatly beneath their chins. He reached down and immediately found the body he was looking for. Clary had already fallen asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, still in her day clothes and everything. Once they had gotten home, Jace could see fatigue weighing down heavily on her eyelids and shoulders. Her body had been hunched forward and she rested against Jace for support. He had kept an arm wrapped around her tightly, allowing her to lean against him. Eventually he was the only thing keeping her up right.

After much calming down of Isabelle and resistance that came from her, he had Clary wrapped up in blankets and her shoes off.

Now she was sleeping peacefully, her red hair spilled all over the pillow and her back towards him. Jace gently placed an arm around her waist and pulled her towards him until her back rested against his chest. She stirred and blinked sleepily, turning her head slightly and looking at her angel boy from the corner of her eye.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you, love. Go back to sleep." He cooed gently, squeezing her gently and brushing his lips against her shoulder.

"Mmm… ok…" she whispered sleepily, rolling until she was facing him and had her arms wrapped securely around his torso and her head buried into his solid chest. She breathed in the scent of him, relishing silently in it. "Good night, Jace."

He pressed his lips to her forehead and mumbled, "Good night, my Clary." Against her brow.

Clary breathed in deeply and released it slowly, a soft smile growing on her lips as she realised Jace's arms were still around her. Sun filtered into the room and with that light, she could see Jace's peaceful expression, showing her that he was still asleep; a rare occasion to see.

She sat up slowly, untangling herself from her sleeping angel. Clary stood up and began walking to the bathroom. She stopped at the dresser and grabbed some clothes out to wear for the day before slipping through the door.

She pulled her tank top over her head and gazed at her stomach which now was beginning to stretch the material. She placed a hand over her growing belly before slipping her shorts on.

When she opened the door, her eyes were met with a pair of golden ones. He smirked and then his eyes found her stomach and seemed to widen. He barrelled off the bed and landed in front of her with ease and grace.

She took her hand in his and with their intertwined fingers, placed them over her stomach. He smiled and kissed her forehead, her lips and her nose. She giggled and raised up onto her tippy toes, so that she could reach her lips for herself. She removed her hands from his and cradled his face; her thumbs brushing gently along his cheek bones.

She moulded her lips against his as they moved in sync. Against her parting lips, Jace whispered, "I love you, Clarissa Lightwood."

She smiled and pulled away to stare into his mesmerizing gold eyes. Even after just waking up, he was beautiful. "I love you too, Jace Lightwood."

Before Clary's stomach could grow any bigger, they held their wedding in the institute, where everyone they loved and cherished could attend. They sealed their love commitment with a kiss and went on with their lives as soon to be parents.

On the day of their first child's birth, they both could see how their future was going to turn out. They had a family now, one that they had to look after. Clary held Jace and her's daughter in her arms, smiling down at the beautiful girl who had blonde, wavy hair and bright, green eyes. She glanced up at Jace who too stood smiling down at the baby. He wrapped his arms around his family and held them close. Promising himself that he would let nothing bad happen to them. This was his family now and his future. His perfect future.